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2 ACOUSTIC POLLUTION Acoustic pollution, also called noise pollution, is an excessive noise that may disrupt the activity or balance of human or animal life. CAUSES Traffic noise is the main source of noise pollution caused in urban areas. Low flying military aircrafts landing over the national parks, and other vacant areas. Plumbing, boilers, generators, air conditioners and fans create a lot of noise in the buildings. Household equipments, such as vacuum cleaners, mixers and some kitchen appliances are noisemakers of the house.   EFFECTS Deafness, temporary or permanent. Noise pollution acts as a stress invigorator. People can be victims of certain diseases like blood pressure, mental illness, etc. Most plants require cool & peaceful environment to grow. Noise pollution causes poor quality of crops. Animals are susceptible to noise pollution as well. It damages the nervous system of the animals. Noise indirectly weakens the buildings, bridges and monuments.

3 SOLUTIONS 1. To restrict vehicular horns up to a certain frequency
3. Educate students, employees, drivers of all vehicles about the noise pollution in masses. 4. Start off huge rallies against noise pollution 6. Punish those who violate this rule by imposing fine. 7. Keep factories far from cities areas.

4 LIGHT POLLUTION CAUSES EFFECTS Light pollution is caused by
Light pollution, also known as luminous pollution is any illumination of the night sky caused by obtrusive artificial light. The problem began with the light bulb an invention developed out of necessity about 125 years ago. Light pollution is caused by uncontrolled emissions and reflections. Some causes of this pollution: Light trespass  Over-illumination Glare Light clutter Skyglow Neurological disorders such as insomnia, migraine and depression. It interferes with the biological cycle of nocturnal animals, altering their feeding, migration and reproduction activities. Light pollution causes waste of energy and puts a strain on the already depleting resources on earth. CAUSES EFFECTS

Some species like the belugas or the dolphins might be affected when migrating by acoustic pollution produced by all the vehicles from above

6 SOLUTIONS Use lower wattage light bulbs.
Replace used lights. Don't use any lights when you don't specifically need them. Buy fixtures that fully encase bulbs so all the light is shining down where it's actually needed, not shooting off in every direction. LOW VOLTAGE BULBS

7 WATER POLLUTION It´s the contamination of water bodies.
It occurs when pollutants are discharged into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds. CAUSES The industrial processes. Urban waste. Oil spills, Modern agriculture The emission of pollutant gases. EFFECTS The death of aquatic animals Disruption of food chains, Deseases Destruction of ecosystems.

Occurs if a water resources are mined or extracted at a rate that exceeds the recharge rate. - CAUSES -The excessive use of water in the agricultural sector, the industrial sector and is also caused by the urban use of water. -The hydraulics directed at massive catchment or regularization of water. -EFFECTS - The scarcity of water, changes in climate and soil, floods, droughts and desertifications.

9 Water Overexplotation
SOLUTIONS Water Overexplotation Water Pollution Inside The Home: Conserve water whenever possible. Do not deposit any harmful chemicals or medications down the drain. Recycle and dispose household waste properly. Outside The Home: Refrain from using fertilizers or pesticides on lawns or gardens. Preserve our forest, which are natural water purifiers, by reducing paper use and by supporting reforestation. Don't deposit any waste or litter in any water system. Keep all boats and water crafts well maintained. The utilization of the wastewater, through debugging techniques such as ozonation or chlorination among others, for reuse in certain types of irrigation. Rationalize it’s use. Stop the waste. Take it to places where it is still lacking. Collect rainwater and make it drinkable.

10 DEFORESTATION It´s the removal of forest, normally due to human activities. The main causes and effects are: Causes Effects Explotation of wood for furniture, paper, etc. Loss of biodiversity Explotation os minerals and resources under the forest Erosion of soil Expansion of urban areas and transport infrastructures Less absorption of carbon dioxide and less production of oxygen Clearing land for agricultural use Loss of the way of life of natives


12 SOLUTIONS Use different agricultural practices: Forest are not cut for free space for crops. Curb the felling of trees: By employing a series of rules and laws to govern it. Reforestation: Try to restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted through deforestation. Creation of wildlife santuaries or reserves: Where animals cannot be caught or hunted Reduce greenhouse effects: To prevent temperatures from rising

13 LOSS OF BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity refers to the number of different species of living things that inhabitat a specific area. -CAUSES Global climate change -The introduction of genetically modified especies. -Pollution and contaminations -Habitat loss and destruction -Alteration in ecosystem compositio The camalote and transgenic corn

14 SOLUTIONS -Protecting Areas: Creating protected areas where human activity is limited or none. -Preventing Species Introduction. -Slowing or erradicate Climate Change. -Promoting Sustainability: Sustainable agriculture is much better for the environment than grazing and cropping,

15 AIR POLLUTION Air pollution is the contamination of air at its different levels. There are several problems: -Smog -Acid rain -The hole in the ozone layer We are going to focuse on acid rain

16 ACID RAIN Acid rain is one of the consequences of air pollution. When any type of fuel is burnt, various chemicals are released into the air. The factory´s smoke, also have a lot of invisible gases highly harmfull to our environment. CAUSES It´s formed by sulfur oxide plus oxygen : S+O2 = SO2 Much of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emitted into the atmosphere comes from natural emission is produced by volcanic eruptions. However, a source of SO2 is mainly from general industries. EFFECTS The destruction of forests due to the effect acid rain causes in the leaves of the trees. The contamination of sensitive forest soils making them infertile. The contamination of lakes and rivers.


18 SOLUTIONS Reducing the maximum sulfur level in different fuels.
Conversion to gas vehicles and government business enterprises. Do not add many chemicals on crops. Extension of electric transportation system. Follow kyoto protocol

19 DESSERTIFICATION Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry land region becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife CAUSES Droughts Climatic shifts Growing populations that increase pressure on fragile land resources Removal of vegetation EFFECTS Soil becomes less usable Vegetation loss No crops can be grown

20 CONCLUSION We are destroying a wonderful planet. And the choice to stop this madness is in our hands so little by little we have to start to create a better world for us and for the comming generations.

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