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Remaining Landfill Life in Years (updated 2009)

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3 Remaining Landfill Life in Years (updated 2009)




7 Waste Gasification Waste to Energy Pay As You Go Garbage Disposal Recycling Incentives to Reduce Disposal

8 Strengths: County has a permitted contained landfill County has a transfer station with scales – scales aid in charge to citizen, hauler, or as a check form tonnage sent to contained landfill Lower disposal fees if: county hosts/owns a contained landfill or has a contract with a landfill County provides free disposal for bulky items on an on-going basis or on specific dates; i.e. once per month, once per quarter, fall and/or spring cleanups, litter cleanups, etc. County will assist landowners with tipping fee for those who eliminate illegal open dumps All waste collected in the county must be delivered to county facility Several landfills are in vicinity, competitive, and have capacity A CD&D landfill is available (either privately or county owned – can be greater than or less than one acre Construction, Demolition and Debris) Invoke KRS 68.178, if desired, for any non-county owned solid waste management facilities Weaknesses: County has no transfer station No provision has been made to collect large bulky items Solid waste ordinance is dated and inadequate County has no control over the destination of the waste collected Landfills in the vicinity have little capacity County does not own/host a CD&D landfill



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