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Presented by: Joaquin Bustamante Recycling Program Manger.

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1 Presented by: Joaquin Bustamante Recycling Program Manger

2 Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) recognized the single most significant risk to most residents was represented by the lack of adequate solid waste handling and disposal facilities on Colville Indian Reservation (CIR)-- resulting in chronic illegal dumping. 2004 Nespelem Open Dump and Transfer Station

3  In March 2008, a sixth month Pilot Recycling Program funded by an EPA General Assistance Program Grant launch the birth of the Recycling Program.

4  In 2009, Electronic and Household Hazardous Waste Events were held on the Colville Indian Reservation.  By Sept. 2011 over 80,000 pounds of E-Waste has been Recycled.  Household Hazardous Waste Events collected: oil based paints, pesticides, lead acid batteries, developing chemicals and other items.

5  Waste reduction efforts are taking shape at the Nespelem Transfer Station. Metals have been picked up and removed by a contractor. The remaining debris was put into containers and transferred off Reservation to Okanogan County Landfill, Okanogan, Washington.

6  In 2010, the Colville Confederated Tribes received a Grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to recycle tires on the Reservation. Over 450 tons of tires were collected within a 10 month period.

7  Environmental Trust program paid for our equipment in 2010  We receive all refrigerators from Tribal members free of charge.  Non Tribal members are charged a $40.00 discharge fee  Local furniture stores use this program on a regular basis.

8  Borrowed Man Hours  Trustee  Work experience program  Vocational Rehab  Summer Youth TANF Program

9  20051,738 Tons  20061857Tons  20071,897/1982 Tons  20082,305 Tons  1 st year of our recycling program  20092,082 Tons  20102,021 Tons

10  Sensitive documents  Shreddable 21,460 lbs.  $15.00 service charge  Cardboard82,031 lbs.  $40.00 service charge for non Tribal programs  Smoke shops, Furniture stores, hardware stores, …  Office paper52,505 lbs.  Newspaper760 lbs

11 Reclaimed Asphalt In 2010 Our Recycling program utilized asphalt that was removed. The asphalt that was removed from the project was all reclaimed and used throughout the Tribal campus.

12  Currently only our Public Works Program uses the site.  Grass clippings, wood chips, leaves from the campus Tribal area.

13  Earth Day  In 2010 we had our first Earth day event 86 people attended  In 2011 we had over 600 attend our event  Schools  Our Pilot program started in the schools.  Special events  Believe and live what you do

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