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Secure gas supply for Europe > Henning Kothe, Project Director, Nord Stream AG – Berlin, May 21, 2010.

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1 Secure gas supply for Europe > Henning Kothe, Project Director, Nord Stream AG – Berlin, May 21, 2010

2 Energy infrastructure for Europe > Nord Stream: >TWO PARALLEL OFFSHORE PIPELINES of 1,224 km (transport capacity 55 bcm/p.a.) >A DIRECT LINK to Russias vast proven gas reserves >AN ADDITIONAL route complementing existing network and other planned pipelines Gas transported by Nord Stream can: >COVER 25% of the extra gas imports needed in the EU by 2030 >PROVIDE 26 million European households with electricity and heating fuel >MAKE a substantial contribution to EU climate protection goals 2

3 Project overview – right on track > Nord Stream already: >UNDERTOOK the most comprehensive survey of the Baltic Sea environment >IDENTIFIED the optimal route, minimising impact on the Baltic Sea environment >COMPLETED technical design of the pipeline, ensuring safe transport of natural gas >CONCLUDED the Environmental Impact Assessment and largest international consultation process (Espoo) to date >OBTAINED all permits for construction >SECURED financing for phase I >STARTED construction of the first line 3

4 Permits granted – construction started in April > Water Permit received EEZ Permit granted EEZ Permits granted Construction Permit granted Munitions clearance Permit obtained First and second Construction Permit granted 21./ Water Permit granted 2010 Final Espoo Meeting – Closure of Espoo Process

5 Committed to preserving the environment > Nord Stream ALREADY: >INVESTED more than 100 million euros into environmental studies, planning and route design >SURVEYED 40,000 line kilometres of the Baltic Sea in comprehensive geophysical, gradiometric investigations >CONCLUDED comprehensive EIA and environmental studies that found: Environmental impacts are temporary and of minor significance Fishing can be impacted during construction, but fish stock are not affected >ESTABLISHED a Data and Information Fund >SET UP environmental monitoring system 5

6 Project players – a true European endeavour > 6 2 Nord Stream and Shareholders Nord Stream AG OAO Gazprom N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie BASF SE/Wintershall Holding GmbH E.ON Ruhrgas AG Port of Sassnitz-Mukran Port of Kotka Port of Hanko Port of Slite Port of Karlskrona Nord Streams Logistical Hubs (weight coating, marshalling yards, stock yards) Gazprom Marketing and Trading Ltd, UK DONG Energy A/S Gaz de France S. A. WINGAS GmbH & Co. KG E.ON Ruhrgas AG Nord Stream Gas Purchasers Nord Streams Contractors (Surveys, EIA, design, production, logistics, pipe laying) Marin Mätteknik AB Rambøll Saipem Services S.p.A. EUPEC GmbH PetroValves S.R.L. DNV ERM PeterGaz ZAO OMK EUROPIPE GmbH DoF ASA IfAÖ Global Maritime IVL Italy France UK Denmark Germany Russia Sweden Finland Netherlands Switzerland Norway

7 Time schedule > Feasibility Study Conceptual Design Detailed Design Laying Line 1 Commissioning Line 1 Laying Line 2 Applications & Permitting EIA Commissioning Line 2

8 Three vessels guarantee a timely construction > >Castoro 6 Saipem Services S.p.A. Anchor positioned (deep waters) Lay rate: appr. 2.6 km/day Installations: Offshore installation; construction of Russian landfall and offshore construction towards German landfall 8 >Castoro 10 Saipem Services S.p.A. Anchor positioned (shallow waters) Slow installation in Greifwalder Bodden area, near the German landfall > Solitaire Allseas Group S.A. Dynamically positioned (no anchoring) Lay rate: appr. 2.4 km/day Installations: Offshore construction in the Gulf of Finland

9 Laying the first line 2010/2011 – construction schedule > 9 KP1196KP675 KP420 KP300KP7.5 KP350 KP1039KP April May June July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. 2011Jan. Feb. March Castoro Sei (C6) Solitaire Castoro Dieci (C10) * KP = Kilometre Point

10 Pipe-laying process > 10

11 Contact > Nord Stream AG >Grafenauweg Zug / Switzerland Phone: Henning Kothe >Project Director

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