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Chattanooga CCTV Early Deployment

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1 Chattanooga CCTV Early Deployment
Jim Floyd, Volkert & Associates Steve Meyer, P.E. Volkert & Associates Purpose: to examine necessary considerations during the process of constructing a CCTV system, and how TDOT solved problems along the way.

2 Hamilton County CCTV (There is one picture with numbers and one without, which do you want?)

3 Overview of Design Concept
63 Camera System First System in Tennessee to Utilize Ethernet Protocols to Each Field Device Field Hardened Routers Leased T1 Lines Dome Cameras Demarcation Points Layout of Temporary TMC

4 Design Concept 63 Camera System Ethernet Protocol Dome Cameras
Ultimate system designed to include 148 cameras Included in Regional ITS Architecture. Chattanooga’s system is the first to use Ethernet protocols down to the camera. Allows for interoperability. Field hardened equipment, no HUTS.

5 Design Concept At each Demarcation Point Field-hardened routers
Single and dual-camera demarcations Routers could be configured to serve 2 cameras Camera has 360 degree pan visibility and 184 degree tilt visibility, compare to GA Navigator at 160 degrees. Each camera is IP addressable. Reduction in number of Routers needed. Possibility of router to serve more than two cameras, only two currently proven to work. Demarcation point allows termination of camera inputs and outputs to interface with the power and communication utilities.

6 Design Concept BellSouth provides leased T1 lines
TDOT Plans Future Fiber Backbone TDOT’s future fiber backbone will allow for a system which includes Dynamic Message Signs and Roadway Traffic Sensors, and Camera Video Surveillance (info taken from TDOT web site)

7 Design Concept Layout of Temporary TMC
System Fully Equipped to Assist Incident Management System has all components to assist Incident Management. (?Keep in notes or in slide?)

8 Design Plans Contract Let, Bid Awarded for $3.8 Million
Construction Began March 2006 Due to the complexity of the project, TDOT decided to select a firm to oversee construction, and selected Volkert and Associates Inc. to provide CE&I services.

9 Considerations in Construction
Site Selection Factors View from Camera Constructability Utility Service Future Maintenance Field changes may impact ideals of design. Example: South side of Chickamauga Dam Consider the seasons when selecting a site, if the site is chosen in the winter when there is no foliage, keep in mind that when Spring comes around you will encounter increased vegetation. Utilities: limited power and communication service in remote areas. Advantage of using BellSouth. Maintenance example: Signal Mtn.

10 Considerations in Construction
Coordination with Other Agencies City of Chattanooga TVA Avoid Conflicts Wherever Possible City: Electric permits and inspections TVA: Chickamauga Dam, Special provisions due to overhead power lines and archeological permit. Design avoided railroad conflicts.

11 Considerations in Construction
Equipment Technological Advances Discontinued Equipment Flexibility in Pole and Camera Configuration Some equipment may be obsolete by the time the construction phase begins. Some equipment may be hard to obtain because it is so new: field hardened equipment practically coming right off of the assembly line. Pole and Camera Configuration: Visibility- take into consideration obstacles in the line of sight of the cameras.

12 Considerations in Construction
Equipment (cont.) Compatibility of Communication Protocols Tech Involvement with Specified Equipment Communication and coordination with techs involved in use of final product/spec’d equipment. Bring them into planning AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE

13 Considerations in Construction
Utility Coordination Schedules for Placement & activation Provisions for Future Costs/Financial Projections Current costs for communications alone are $20,000 per month. Electric costs are minimal. Each site has a meter.

14 Considerations in Construction
Adjacent Project Impact Environmental EPSC QA/QC Stabilization of work site after poles and cameras have been installed, trenching.

15 Considerations in Construction
TMC Coordination Architectural Coordination TMC Construction Contractor Coordination Design of TMC building was not included in scope of work for Prime Contractor, and was build by TDOT.

Conditional Acceptance: End of September 6 month Burn In Period Camera images will be available to public through TDOT’s website



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