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This orientation will give you an overview of our services and help you answer the questions on the back of your Tutorial Application. If you are unable.

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2 This orientation will give you an overview of our services and help you answer the questions on the back of your Tutorial Application. If you are unable to answer any of the questions, our tutors will be happy to assist you. WELCOME!

3 Use the left mouse button, or spacebar to advance to the next slide Tutorial Center – Library/LRC A214 Now with Online resources available 24/7 through *** (

4 Drop-in Tutoring Drop-in Tutoring Lifeline Tutoring Lifeline Tutoring Appointment tutoring Appointment tutoring Workshops Workshops Conversation Groups Conversation Groups Supplemental Instruction (SI) Supplemental Instruction (SI) Online material and resources through Etudes ( Online material and resources through Etudes (

5 Drop-in for help with English, ESL, Spanish or math courses. You pick the time and the tutor. Work with our tutors as much as you like each semester; there is no limit on drop-in assistance.

6 Drop-in and Workshop schedules are at the tutoring log-in desk. If you dont know who the tutors are, the front desk person will introduce you to them. If nobody is at the desk, see the coordinator. His office is in the back of A214. Tutorial Schedules for all campus sites can be found on Hartnells website at :

7 Sometimes our Drop-in tutors may be busy helping other students when you arrive. Let the tutor know you are waiting for their assistance and use the wait time to do some homework or organize your questions.

8 If you dont have time to wait for assistance, ask which hours will have more than one tutor available or visit us in the afternoon when there are fewer students in the center. You can also ask the coordinator to schedule an additional tutor. Morning Afternoon

9 WRITING WORKSHOPS Offered upon instructor or student request More than a dozen different topics (Topic Sentences, Paragraph Development, Proofreading Tips, Formatting, etc.) Workshops are free and open to all students, no appointment necessary. Ask your instructor to contact the coordinator and schedule a workshop or series for your class! For more information and schedules visit our website

10 CONVERSATION GROUPS Provide an informal setting for students to practice their English, Spanish, or ASL conversation Make new friends Learn about other countries and cultures Improve you listening and speaking skills Have fun while learning! Conversation groups are forming now! Ask your ESL, Spanish, or ASL tutor or see the coordinator to join!

11 SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION (SI) If your course has an SI leader, he or she will make a presentation during the first week of class. The SI leader is an experience student that will attend the course with you, schedule 3 – 5 study sessions each week, and provide review sessions before each exam. SI participants are more likely to succeed in their course and average a ½ grade higher than non-participants. If you would like an SI leader in your course, ask you instructor to request one during the first week of class.

12 ONLINE RESOURCES Registered students have access to our Tutorial online site at Shortly after completing your Tutorial Application and registering for INS 301, you should receive an email with information about joining us online. Our site is filled with PowerPoints, discussion boards, helpful links, and schedules.

13 TUTORIAL SUPPORT PLAN Frank Henderson Or Call 831 755-6738 Or Email - To develop a tutorial plan, learn about all the centers resources, arrange help for other subjects, schedule additional tutoring hours and 1-to-1 appointments, or just to say Hi, stop by my office in the back of A214 (A213).

14 Available to offer you help with any special needs, questions or concerns. Guides the efforts of the tutors through training and evaluation. Hires and trains new tutors. Looking for a job? Can act as your exam proctor if you miss an exam. Frank Henderson, Coordinator (phone 755-6738) A213

15 They are instructor selected and trained to help you learn how- to-learn and what-to-learn. They are experienced students, prepared to share with you what they have learned. If you have done well in some of your courses, you should apply to become a tutor! (pay ranges from $9.04- $11.65 hr.)

16 OUR TUTORS WHAT CAN THEY DO FOR YOU? They can help you with study strategies, note- taking skills, problem solving, vocabulary and test preparation.

17 OUR TUTORS WHAT CAN THEY DO FOR YOU? They can strengthen your academic ability, enhance your classroom experience and help you earn higher grades.

18 OUR TUTORS WHAT CAN THEY DO FOR YOU? They can help you find your mistakes. They can help you learn how to make the corrections. They can explain and guide you through sample problems, so you can do your homework. They can suggest study and time management techniques.

19 ENGLISH TUTORS WHAT THEY CANNOT DO FOR YOU. They are not here to make the corrections for you or re-write your papers. Tutors are not allowed to make any corrections on your English papers.

20 MATH TUTORS WHAT THEY CANNOT DO FOR YOU. They are not here to do your homework for you. Tutors are not allowed to help you with take home tests.

21 SOME POINTS TO REMEMBER You are welcome to use the center anytime it is open. You can choose to work with a tutor or on your own. Your tutors job is to actively involve you in the course material with activities, practice, and discussion. You should come to sessions prepared by: Attending class Taking notes Reading assignments Attempting all homework problems

22 Our computers are for academic and tutorial use only. Web surfing, watching videos, visiting Facebook, texting, blogging, and emailing friends are not allowed. You must ask permission from the Tutorial Staff if any of the activities above are necessary for a class assignment. Always save your work to a USB Flash, Keychain or Thumb drive, email it to yourself, or use your Google Drive. Ask any tutor how to access it! Documents saved on our computers may be deleted when the computer is turned off. Food and drinks, except bottled water, are not allowed in the Library or Tutorial Center

23 First of all, you must have a CatCard and money on your card in order to print. When you print a job the Pay for Print window will pop up. Enter your student ID number in the box labeled account. Enter your PIN number in the box labeled pin. Your PIN number is the last 4 numbers of your student ID, unless you have changed it. Click on the print job button to print. 10 cents will be deducted from your balance for each page you print using. NEW! All printing, scanning, and copying is now done on the multi-function device located near the coordinators office.

24 This picture is old, but the message is the same. Please log in and out when using our center.

25 o Tutors are hired and hours are scheduled based on the number of students needing their assistance. o Failing to log in may result in less tutors or your tutor having fewer hours for you and others in the future. o The college receives additional funding for the hours you are tutored in our center.

26 Tutorial students must registered for Supervised Tutoring (No Credit, No Grade), so that the tutoring hours can be reported and the college can receive funding. INS-301SUPERVISED TUTORING (NG) Course provides tutoring through the Academic Learning Center's Tutorial Program. Course offers opportunities for study skills assessment and development, individual and group instruction under peer tutors, and other assistance to help students fulfill their course requirements for a variety of college courses. Counselor or instructor referral required.

27 TUTORIAL CENTER POLICIES In order to use the center, you must complete a Tutorial Application and enroll in INS 301 (Supervised Tutoring). You will be given an Add Code, so you can use Add Code Registration to register through PAWs. Any tutor can assist you with this process. You can still use the center during your first visit if your application has not been signed. However, your application must be completed and signed, by an instructor or counselor, when you return for your second visit.

28 TUTORIAL CENTER POLICIES Be courteous to your fellow students by turning your cell phone on silent or vibrate. Children and students who are not enrolled in Hartnell classes are not allowed in the center. Our computers are for academic use only. Computers and other equipment cannot be moved without permission from the coordinator. Please bring Bottled Water only, no other food or drinks (Re-usable bottles can be filled with filtered water, hot or cold, in the Student Center. Its green and free!)

29 Please finish answering the questions on the back of your Tutorial Application and take it to any tutor. He or she will review the questions with you, answer any questions you might have, and help you register for INS 301 using PAWs. If you are completing your application online, email for an add code and instructions to register for INS 301. Thank you for choosing to use our services!!

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