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Q&A Expert Answering Guidelines

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1 Q&A Expert Answering Guidelines

2 Welcome to Chegg! We are excited to welcome you as a candidate for our Expert Answering network! Being an Expert Answerer is a great privilege, and you are responsible for working directly with our student users. Students post questions every single day on Chegg Q&A. You can help them by providing solutions with clear explanations and step-by-step processes. Our team is committed to providing the best quality solutions to our students with your help as a subject matter expert. Our In House team keeps an eye on the quality of your answers, ensuring that students receive the best answers possible. This deck will give you instructions on how to answer on our Q&A boards. Please contact your territory management team if you have any questions. -The Chegg Team

3 Chegg Study Honor Code

4 Chegg Study Honor Code Chegg Expert Q&A helps students with their toughest questions while maintaining the highest standards in academic work. In doing so, Experts will not participate in academic dishonesty. As Experts, please adhere to our Honor Code and notify your management team if you have any further questions. Students may break our Honor Code by posting exam or quiz material. When this occurs, please do not answer the question and skip the question as “Abusive/Spam”- “Other” Do Not Answer Questions with terms like “Final Exam”, “Examinations Institute”, “Div Ched”,  “ACS” etc.  – Skip with Abusive/Spam reason.  Chegg reserves the right to not pay EAs for questions answered with terms like “Final Exam”, “Examinations Institute”, “Div Ched”,  “ACS” (and other similar terms that denote a question is from a test or examination—those terms are not exhaustive). Chegg also reserves the right to revoke your Expert Answering privileges should you answer any questions that break our Honor Code.

5 Chegg Study Honor Code – More Examples
Do Not Answer Questions with terms “ACS Exams” – Skip with “Abusive/Spam” Reason

6 Chegg Study Honor Code – More Examples
Do Not Answer Such Questions – Skip with “Abusive/Spam” Reason

7 Chegg Study Honor Code – More Examples
Do Not Answer Questions with terms “Examinations Institute”, “Div Ched”,  “ACS” – Skip with “Abusive/Spam” Reason

8 Answering instructions

9 Basic Rules Read questions carefully to understand what the asker wants When skipping a question, follow our protocols very carefully Be thorough- clearly explain each step of the solution in a well-organized manner Highlight key points, important steps, and common points of confusion wherever possible Use new lines and spacing whenever possible to improve structure and readability of an answer The Enter key and Spacebar are your friends! Use diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate solutions COPYING answers (fully or partially) from other sources is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED

10 Homepage: http://www. chegg
Homepage: Login: your Expert Answerer login credentials Useful reminders! Our team keeps a close eye on skipped questions- especially the Abusive/Spam and Different Subject reasons. Your stats are broken down by day, week, and month. They reset at the beginning of each month Note: you will see a message about your Trial Period. Please use this to get accustomed to the Chegg Q&A ecosystem. Feel free to reach out to your coordinators in case of queries. Your answers will be reviewed very frequently during the Trial Period. Use the feedback to adjust your Answering Quality accordingly. This message will disappear once our internal review team approves consistent good quality in your work.

11 There are 2 answering methods:
Typed with proper formatting Your answering page features a built in editor and math type tool Work done in word processors or math tools can be copy/pasted into your editor Screenshots of work in other tools, spreadsheets, and software are fine Please make sure to take screenshots of anything external to preserve formatting Handwritten* *This option is ONLY allowed for those with neat, legible handwriting Answers must be printed- no cursive- on blank white paper Images must be clear, focused, and rotated properly in the answer to read left to right Answers must be uploaded as an image in your editor Issues with handwritten answers may put your expert privileges at risk Typed and handwritten When you draw diagrams by hand, you may type the answer and upload a hand-drawn diagram

12 Example of a good typed answer
Typed answers are always preferred With our built in Equation Editor or external math type tools, it’s even easier to type out different types of symbols Students provide great feedback on clearly typed out answers!

13 Example of a good handwritten answer
Handwritten answers are useful for situations where: You need to draw and label diagrams Create graphs Use many equations Combine equations and diagrams Make notations However- please keep in mind that neat, legible handwriting and good image quality is key *Students will report issues with poor handwriting or image quality

14 Possible actions: deciding and answering pages
Review the question carefully- decide to skip or answer the question on your screen You have 10 minutes to decide to: Answer – you will be directed to the answering page and given 120 minutes to submit a solution. If you exceed this time limit, your question will automatically go to a different expert. Skip & Get next question – select the most applicable reason. Exit – clicking on this button exits Chegg Q&A. You can come back again by using You have 120 minutes to submit your answer The countdown at the top of the page shows you how much time remains Once your answer is submitted, you will be shown the next available question in your area of expertise If you realize that you are unable to answer, you may elect to skip on this page

15 Skipping questions If you decide to skip any question, you must select a reason: Question is in a different subject- PLEASE be careful moving questions Important note: Communications is not an Electrical Engineering subject More information needed- you must specify what is missing with detail Abusive/Spam- if there is spam, solicitation, or other abuse Do not have the subject knowledge to answer Important note: our team monitors skip reasons and will penalize you if we find misuse. Because skipping questions delays answering and can change question routing, we take these actions seriously.

16 Our text editor Uploading images
For symbols, equations, and formulas, the Equation Editor is built into the Answer window To access this tool, click on the fx button on the left of the Bold button in the toolbar You may also use other math type tools to generate images that you can upload as a screenshot into your solution Uploading images Step 1 - Click the image icon. It will open a pop-up window. Step 2- Click the ‘Upload’ tab in the pop-up Step 3- Choose your file ONLY jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif files are accepted File size should not exceed 2 MB per file Step 4- Send it to the Server --to upload multiple images, repeat steps 2-4 Step 5- After you have finished uploading your image(s), click OK to complete the image upload

17 Important tips for answers with images
Focused image – stabilize and then click ONLY the answer – no notepad pages, margins, background items Zoom in or crop if necessary VERTICAL orientation – rotate and save before uploading Clear printed handwriting Proper brightness – ensure sufficient lighting before you click Avoid flash spots Top view only Single sided only – do not write on both sides of the paper One image per page – upload multiple images for multiple pages

18 Examples of major image uploading errors
Unnecessary blank space Unprofessional backgrounds/surroundings Bad handwriting Unfocused/blurry photos Important: issues with images will result in mandated typed answers or immediate removal of your answering privileges

19 Mistakes to avoid Things To Avoid / Check

20 Plagiarism Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work and representing it as your own in any way Chegg follows a zero tolerance policy against plagiarism DO: Write your content/answer in your own language Explain your answers step by step Support your answers with explanations and examples ABSOLUTELY DON’T: Don’t copy/paste, screenshot, or take photos of any work that isn’t yours Don’t use any search engine Don’t post links to external sources Don’t use any images, graphs, charts, diagrams that are not yours Don’t make any attempts to pass off work as your own by altering slightly

21 Commenting Post Answer Submission
Some times students comment on your answers for further clarification. You can provide short clarifications in form of comments to bring more clarity to the student. DO’s: Keep comments short and to the point, addressing the concern. Maintain decorum and be respectful to the student, even if you don’t agree with the comment. STRICT DON’Ts: DO NOT share personal details. If a student asks for your personal details; you must share such instances with your coordinator. DO NOT post irrelevant comments. This can lead to revocation of your answering rights. Arguing / conversations via series of comments is a STRICT NO. Reach out to your coordinator with details to address any concerns. DO NOT blame or bad mouth a student. If you have any concern regarding ratings / comments / etc.; reach out to your coordinator with details.

22 Actions to strictly avoid
Do not submit an incomplete answer No guessing- if you are unsure, SKIP the question Don’t forget to explain! Don’t post just a single value or letter Do not use slang, abbreviations, or shortened words Absolutely never post comments, suggestions, or questions in place of an answer Don’t forget any diagrams/images needed for your answer Personal and company details are prohibited Do not respond to student requests for personal information or help outside of Chegg Do not post any answer on an invalid question ***If you are found to be abusing your expert answering privileges for any reason, we reserve the right to deactivate/close your account immediately and closely review all of your work for payment validation.

23 Reasons for immediate account deactivation
Plagiarism Saving questions using a placeholder You may not save your place and come back later Placeholders are not allowed, even if you return to finish or fix your answer Why? Students think the post is spam! We will receive abuse reports and we will deactivate your account Posting a third party URL in place of an answer- this is YOUR work Posting a comment instead of an answer- SKIP the question

24 Important reminders You will be paid for every legitimate answer
Our review team will be monitoring the answers to ensure that they are accurate, correct, and well-explained We are here to help students learn and not just know the answers! Questions can be skipped for: Questions in the wrong subject More information needed Abusive/spam Do not have subject knowledge to answer Unnecessary skipping is an abuse of your privileges! Our team is keeping a close eye on this, so please be careful and do not get revoked! Keep the things to avoid always in mind Ensure images are uploaded properly

25 Question types

26 Multiple choice Students often post multiple choice questions
Multiple choice questions deserve full explanations Our purpose is to help students learn how to solve problems – please show all work and the steps/explanation to get to your final answer! Question Answer

27 Questions with multiple sub-parts
Minimum protocol: At least the first 4 parts must be answered Example question: Mandatory: a, b, c, d Suggested: e, f *UNLESS the student asks for a specific sub-part to be answered MANDATORY SUGGESTED ***Note that this is only the minimum requirement. We strongly encourage you to solve all the parts asked for within reason, which results in the most helpful answer possible- and good student feedback!

28 Multiple questions posted at once
Sometimes, multiple questions are posted at once Mandatory: first full question UNLESS a student asks for a specific question to be answered E.g. “answer question #3” or “answer the second question” Please pay attention to the requests and answer appropriately Suggested: all questions within reason MANDATORY SUGGESTED

29 Other types of questions
Case studies If the full case is provided, free to answer! If it is missing, provided by name, or linked to an external source, SKIP IT You should SKIP such questions for ‘More information needed’ Comment: ‘Case study must be provided for answering.’ External links If a student posts a question from an external site, SKIP IT You should SKIP such questions for ‘Abusive/Spam- Other’ Comment: ‘Question is linked to external site.’

30 Examples of excellence
Great work by our Experts!

31 Step-by-Step solutions are a must
Students rely on us to receive accurate solutions AND to understand how to arrive at the solutions. As an Expert, it is absolutely crucial that you explain to students how you have arrived at your conclusions Not helpful. Helpful!

32 Example of a great step-by-step solution
Points to note: Introduced properly All variables stated, when applicable All equations clearly shown Every single step clearly separated Calculations done & shown thoroughly Final answer well highlighted

33 Accounting

34 Economics

35 Finance

36 Computer Science

37 Civil Engineering

38 Mechanical Engineering

39 Mechanical Engineering

40 Electrical Engineering

41 Statistics and Probability

42 For any queries – please write to your Management Team

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