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International Education and Resource Network 20 th Anniversary Video

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1 International Education and Resource Network 20 th Anniversary Video

2 The Pulse of iEARN 2,000,000 Students 40,000 Educators 130 Countries 200 Projects 30 Languages

3 A safe, secure environment for teaching & learning with the following goals:

4 To facilitate teacher & student-directed collaborative project work

5 To create and maintain global, national and local support structures to sustain project work

6 To demonstrate that project-based collaboration can enhance teaching and learning and improve the quality of life on the planet.

7 Projects in all Curriculum Areas: Arts & Literature Social Studies Math & Science Languages & ESL Adaptable to meet national (state) standards

8 Collaboration Centre for communication and sharing

9 My Name around the World Where are you from? What is your name? What does your name mean in your native language and in other languages? Why do you have this name? Who gives you this name? Who was the first person in your family, which has/had the same name? Which famous persons had your name? What is the nonofficial version of your name? Students can create different visualizations of their name: posters, handicrafts, drawing, etc… Project web page

10 One Day In the Life Students describe a day in their life. In addition to written descriptions, students are invited to share visual images of their days through the "A Day in the Life: Photo Diaries," a digital photography exchange in which students share captioned photographs about their own lives. Students accompany each digital photograph with a short, written explanation of what is depicted in the photograph and its significance. Project Web site:

11 (OF)2: Our Footprints, Our Future! is an international initiative that encourages youth from around the world to use online tools and resources to measure their carbon footprint and develop ways to reduce their carbon usage. The goal of this project is for one million students to work together to collectively reduce their (CO)2 emissions by 35,000 tons in one year, reducing global warming. Project Web site:

12 YouthCaN Project Students write about and interact on environmental issues facing their communities during the year. Since 1995, a youth planning committee has coordinated an annual event, which brings together youth of the world to share how they are using technology in environmental projects. Project Website:

13 Debunk Stereotypes Stereotypes are often not true because they are based on exaggerated generalizations or false assumptions. In this project, students conduct research and collect information in an effort to raise this sensitive issue in a friendly way and begin to change the negative, false images of people around the world. By doing so they are also strengthening the ties of friendship among people in the global community by bridging the cultural gap.

14 Kindred Project In the Kindred project, students research events in the lives of members of their family or local community to find the impact of world or local history. Students are asked to interview member of their immediate family, extended family, neighbors or friends in the local community. They should ask them about experiences in their life that have been affected by the events of world or local history. Events may include war, natural disasters, migration, important discoveries, monuments and famous places. Project Website:

15 Project Web site: Laws of Life Laws of life are the rules, ideals, and principles by which one chooses to live. The Laws of Life Project invites young people to express in their own words what they value most in life. Participants submit essays about their laws of life in which they describe the rules, ideals, and principles by which they live, and explain the sources of their laws of life (reading, life experience, religion, culture, role models, etc). Friendship, My Law of Life Life is so difficult sometimes! But, for our sake, we need to have some principles, which should guide our way. For me, one of these principles is the friendship. Friendship is the most beautiful thing, it's something that will remain forever in our hearts, is something good for us- Coasa Florica (A section of work of a student from Romania).

16 A Vision is global literary magazine that teaches tolerance and mutual understanding. It is an anthology of students writings on various literary genres - essays, stories, and poems, which aims to showcase the youths thoughts, and insights of the things around them and across borders, regardless of cultural and racial diversity. Project Web site: A Vision

17 My Identity, Your Identity Students are encouraged to explore and research the elements that form their identities. These elements include the traditions and the famous landmarks, which are part of their cultures and identities. Students talk about the traditional celebrations they have and how they celebrate them. What kind of clothes they wear and what kind of food they cook on those special days and what kind of music. We want to help the students to realize well the importance of their traditions and the monuments that occur in their country.

18 World Youth News World Youth News is an global online news project for secondary school students from around the world. Adhering to the highest journalistic standards, secondary school students from around the world select the issues to be reported, and write, edit and publish their articles on the web- based news service. Project Web site:

19 Increased communications and analytical skills Enhanced cross- cultural awareness Changed attitudes; enthusiasm for going to school, on intl exchanges I felt the [iEARN/Global Nomads Project Voice: After the War US-Iraq school] video- conference was very successful and it gave me an insight on how students, all the way across the globe, felt about the war. It was amazing to hear their thoughts. I enjoyed the conference and cant wait to do the next one. --Alicia, high school student, Connecticut

20 Increased interest in other cultures educational systems Improved technology skills Greater teacher morale Increased interest in intl exchange programs … through iEARN, my students collaborated with students from Orman School in Cairo, Egypt, in a media literacy unit …. As US troops closed in on Baghdad, students from both countries shared articles, photos and news clips from their respective regions. They found a much wider spectrum of viewpoints and coverage than they had anticipated. Being pushed to verify facts as reported by news sources, students on both sides of the ocean experienced first hand the need for critical thinking and active inquiry. One and all changed from strictly passive consumers of media to more active, discerning students of electronic and print information. --Sarah, high school teacher, Spokane, Washington

21 Professional Development Face-to-face Online Courses Webinars Train-the-Trainer Annual Conference iEARN is…

22 Membership Resources include: Access to 300 online curriculum-based projects School partners in 125+ countries Native speakers of 30 languages Searchable online database of partners and projects Videoconferencing and chat opportunities Project description booklet & other teachers resources Newsletters and twice monthly online newsflashes Online and professional staff support Face-to-face & online professional dev. opportunities Annual Intl Teachers' Meeting & Youth Summit

23 iEARN is… The largest project-based K-12 network in the world! 25,000 schools and youth organizations in over 130 countries.

24 iEARN-USA 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 450 New York, NY 10115 212 870-2693 Twitter: @iearnusa

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