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Welcome and introductions

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1 Welcome and introductions
Tuesday 20th August 8am Brighton College | Al Ain

2 Brighton College | Al Ain
Format for the morning Welcome from the Head Master Introducing key staff The Staff Handbook and how induction will work Getting to know each other Staff well being- social and sporting clubs College campus visits and Junior/Senior School presentations- Logistics Brighton College | Al Ain

3 Brighton College | Al Ain
Head Master’s Welcome Vision Statement Our vision is to become the ‘first choice’ British curriculum school in Al Ain for children aged 3-18 and be internationally recognised as a leading British curriculum school in the Middle East. Our Mission We strive to turn out well-educated, tolerant and intellectually curious men and women who are ready to take a full, active and positive role in the life of Al Ain, the United Arab Emirates and of our world. We support children to achieve their very best by creating an ethos of excellence in all that we do through a traditional yet innovative curriculum and outstanding pastoral provision. Brighton College | Al Ain

4 Brighton College | Al Ain
Head Master’s Welcome Seeking excellence in all that we achieve The Brighton College Family Your colleagues The Leadership teams Opportunities A start up school……. Brighton College | Al Ain

5 Brighton College | Al Ain
Head Master’s Welcome Our Aims and Ethos We aim to create a family-orientated, tolerant and vibrant community, which will impart or provide: a love of learning for its own sake; a foundation of knowledge and body of skills with which to understand and question the world we live in and to prepare us, through an innovative approach to education, for the world we are likely to inhabit in the future; an awareness of, and appreciation of, the spiritual dimension in our lives; an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom – in particular, sport, music and the performing arts; a respect for difference in others and a recognition that the efforts and achievements of every individual in our community are valued equally. Brighton College | Al Ain

6 Brighton College | Al Ain
Key Staff The Junior School Leadership Team (JSLT) Rebecca Layton-Short, Head of Junior School Patsy Picken, Head of EYFS and Y1 Mike Picken, Head of Y2 Brendan Bolger, Head of Y3 Stephanie Hodgins, Head of Y4 Brighton College | Al Ain

7 Brighton College | Al Ain
Key Staff The Senior School Leadership Team (SSLT) David Tongue, Head of Senior School Maura Gibbons, Senior Teacher and Head of Expressive and Performing Arts Michael Seaton, Head of English Rachel McNulty, Head of Science and ICT Scott Moore, Head of Maths Brighton College | Al Ain

8 Brighton College | Al Ain
Key Staff The Administrative Leadership Team (ALT) Alan Kavanagh, Bursar and Business Manager Allison Hamilton, HR Manager Richard Simapili, Chief Accountant Annie Leggett, Admissions Manager Cherise Brown, Administration Manager Brighton College | Al Ain

9 Brighton College | Al Ain
Key Staff The College Leadership Team (CLT) Alun Yorath, Head Master Alan Kavanagh, Bursar and Business Manager David Tongue, Head of Senior School Rebecca Layton-Short, Head of Junior School Brighton College | Al Ain

10 Brighton College | Al Ain
The Staff Handbook Version 2 Will evolve rapidly Check for up to date information/lists Often you will need to look at Policies Pass comments/corrections to CLT Try to avoid lots of printing Click here Brighton College | Al Ain

11 How induction will work
Handouts and references The College website Laptops & addresses Printing Network and Internet Mobile Phone numbers Brighton College | Al Ain

12 Brighton College | Al Ain
Questions Brighton College | Al Ain

13 Brighton College | Al Ain
Staff well-being A happy staffroom makes for a successful school Common Room Committee Staff Social Activities Staff Sports teams and clubs Brighton College | Al Ain

14 Brighton College | Al Ain
Get to know you Find someone you have yet to speak with Introduce yourself and explain what you enjoy doing to relax; hobbies, sports etc…. Brighton College | Al Ain

15 Get to know you…and you…
With your new friend pair up with another pair Take it in turns to introduce your new friend to the other two people explaining what they enjoy to do etc… Brighton College | Al Ain

16 Brighton College | Al Ain
Fun Audit On the whiteboard…. No names Add your hobbies/sports etc… Check others- if they have already written it then just tick next to theirs What can Al Ain offer? In your group of four discuss what you know about Al Ain and the UAE Try to list as many activities you would like to do whilst working in the UAE- be ready to feedback. Brighton College | Al Ain

17 What can Al Ain/UAE offer?
Brighton College | Al Ain

18 Brighton College | Al Ain
Questions Brighton College | Al Ain

19 Plan for the rest of today…
Time Session Title Contents Attendance Leadership 10.00am – 12.00pm Tours of the College All JS Staff (incl. nominated administrative staff) HJS & Bursar 10:00am Senior School Logistics 1 Introduction (vision, leadership style etc.) Timing of the College day Teaching timetables Lunches Pupil Induction All SS Staff HSS 12.00pm Lunch Staff to bring their own lunch 1.00pm Brighton College International Introduction to Brighton College International Schools and the Brighton College Brand All members of staff (academic and administrative) IM 1.30pm – 4.00pm HSS & HM Junior School Logistics 1 HJS Brighton College | Al Ain

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