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Welcome To the Evening for new S1 Thursday 23rd June 2011.

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1 Welcome To the Evening for new S1 Thursday 23rd June 2011

2 Order of Evening Introduction and Information - Mr Sutherland and Mrs Howie Ties / Lockers – Mrs Macaskill Partnership with Parents – Mrs Rodger The pupil experience – Mrs Neri and Eilidh McSherry A final word – Mr Sutherland

3 Aim High! Respect Relationships Responsibility and Resilience underpin the life of our school.

4 Every child in our school will achieve their full potential. Our school is a community where children will feel happy, healthy, safe and valued and will develop into active and responsible citizens.

5 School Aims: Our Pupils are at the centre of all our activities and are fully involved in the life of the school experience a progressive learning environment which is optimistic and motivational have opportunities to achieve and to have these achievements recognised and celebrated

6 School Aims: Our Pupils strive constantly to improve treat everyone with respect, concern and tolerance and are treated that way themselves take pride in our community become independent lifelong learners

7 Transfer arrangements Visits by Guidance and Support for Pupils Curricular links Cluster Activities Induction Days Part of ongoing programme of education

8 Class groupings 180 pupils maximum (173 in August) 6 register classes 9 practical sets Classes are mixed ability (set in mathematics) All classes follow a common course Classes contain pupils from different Primaries and family groupings are used

9 Guidance 1 Providing care for the individual –pastoral care –course guidance –careers guidance –social education –target setting and tracking of progress

10 Guidance 2 All pupils assigned to a House All members of family usually in same House Four Houses –Craig –Fidra –Glen –Law

11 Guidance 3 Registration teachers Guidance Staff

12 Support for Pupils Knowledge of pupils needs Appropriate curriculum In-class support Extraction Support Bases Senior Pupil support –paired reading –in-class support –buddying / mentoring –Support Bases

13 The School Day 6 periods of 60 minutes each Single periods School day starts at 8.39 am sharp 15 minute interval Lunch from 1.00 pm until 1.50 pm School closes 3.50 pm (and 12 noon on Friday)

14 Catering Our canteen Cashless Catering Smartcards – used in canteen and library Cards need to be charged up in August

15 Homework Parental Support Role of Pupils Diaries/planners Various types and many forms –projects –revision of class work –homework exercises –increasing use made of school website –grid for parents on website from August

16 Assessment and Reporting Levels of attainment to reflect Curriculum for Excellence Settling in sweep- September Open Afternoon for S1 parents – Friday 30th September Consultation Evenings – Thursday 19 th / Tuesday 24 th April Full report – June

17 Curriculum for Excellence A huge and very important area Could take up an evening in its own right Will hold an evening on Curriculum for Excellence for S1 parents in the autumn!

18 Pupil Dress 1 Positive identity with school Security Place of work Parental support

19 Pupil Dress 2 White shirt/school tie Black school trousers/skirts White polo shirt (S1/2) Black sweatshirt (S1/2) Black footwear Group and individual photographs Wednesday 24 th August

20 Our Core Beliefs Aim High in everything Gain the maximum experience from school through the four Rs –Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, Resilience Educate mind, body and spirit Working together: staff, pupils and parents


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