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Strategic Teams Welcome to the SEAPC Strategic Teams workshop. This morning includes: 1.Dreams and Teams 2. Building the Team 3.Empowering Your Team 4.Multiplying.

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1 Strategic Teams Welcome to the SEAPC Strategic Teams workshop. This morning includes: 1.Dreams and Teams 2. Building the Team 3.Empowering Your Team 4.Multiplying Your Team 5.Conclusions

2 Dreams and Teams A Paradigm Shift

3 Why A Team Teams involve more people. Teams maximize leader potential. Teams provide multiple perspectives. Teams share praise and problems. Teams provide accountability. Teams can do more.

4 Steps in Team Building Look up to the Big picture. Size up the situation. Line up the needed resources. Call up the right players. Give up personal agendas. Step up to a higher level.

5 Start with Yourself Be secureFind a place of strength Know YourselfMan in the Mirror Trust Your LeaderSee his strengths See the Big PictureGods Plan for You Rely on experienceThere is nothing new

6 Who am I? Enthusiastic Beginner Excited about doing something but has little knowledge about how to proceed. Disillusioned Leader Reality Shock – The difference between what you expected and the reality of the situation. With knowledge, excitement and enthusiasm decrease.

7 Who am I? Capable but Cautious Performer: They know how to do a task, but they are nervous about doing it on their own. Self-reliant Achiever / Peak Performer With proper support an individual can eventually reach this stage and be able to perform a task independently.

8 What Type of Leadership Do I Need? BeginnerDirecting high direction / low support DisillusionedCoaching high direction / high support Cautious Supportive low direction / high support Peak PerformerDelegating low direction / low support

9 Building the Team Who are my core 4? NameTypeLeadership Need

10 Teams are built with relational lines. Trust = ( Selflessness x Time) Relationship brings joy. Duty Brings Stress.

11 Team Building Manipulation: The use of influence within a group to meet the leaders needs. Leadership: The discipline of exerting influence within a group to move the group toward goals of beneficial permanence that meet the groups real needs.

12 Building for Purpose New ChallengeCreative Team Changing ChallengeUnited Team Unpleasant ChallengeMotivated Team Diversified ChallengeComplementary Long Term ChallengeDetermined Team Everest Size ChallengeExperienced Team

13 Developing Team Members Add value to individuals and you multiply team effectiveness. Impart Spiritual life on a daily basis. Value added to cohesion stimulates synergism.

14 Team Building Get the right people on the bus. Determine the Challenge. Prepare the Leader. Train or recruit. Add value. See the Big picture.

15 Team Building Remove Ineffective Members Define Purpose Define Time Line Have regular review against goals Begin with smaller assignments and test at higher levels Create a convenient window

16 Team Building A Weak Link can destroy your team. Stronger members identify the link. Stronger members have to help. Stronger members begin to resent. Stronger members become less effective. Stronger members begin to question the leaders ability.

17 Team Building Facts you must accept. Not everyone will take the journey. Not everyone should take the journey. Not everyone can take the journey. a. Cannot keep the pace. b. Refuse to change or grow. c. Do not see the Big picture.

18 Team Building Not everyone can take the journey. d. Will not work on personal weaknesses. e. Will not work with the rest of the team. f. Can not fulfill the expectations of their area.

19 Team Building You are a catalyst within the team to move it ………….. 1.Increase the value of every member. 2.Increase individual commitment to shared values. 3.Remind us of the Big Picture. 4.Uplift other team members.

20 Team Building My team is: ______________________ Our purpose is: ________________________ _____________________________________

21 Strategic Teams Session Two Empowering Your Team

22 Sharing Accurate Information: Let people understand the current situation in clearer terms. Begins to build trust in the organization. Breaks down Information is Power structures and games.

23 Establishing Shared Values Purpose:What business are you in? Value:Operational Guidelines Image:Picture of the Future Goals:Who, what, where, when, etc. Roles:Who does what by when. Structures:How do you support what you do?

24 Empowering Your Team Four Questions You Must Ask 1.What is our ultimate purpose? 2.What am I to do to flow with that? 3.How is it stretching me? 4.How does my part affect the whole?

25 Empowering Your Team If a team does not reach its full potential, it is almost always because of a payment issue.

26 Empowering Your Team The Price must be Paid by Everyone Individuality>>>>>>>>Cohesion>>>>>>> Synergism

27 Empowering Your Team The price must be paid all the time. Trust = (Selflessness x Time) A moment of selfishness can undermine years of trust building relationship. Growth in A + Growth in B = Exponential growth in a synergistic relationship.

28 Empowering Your Team Team Synthesis (Cohesion) results in Exponential Growth in: Purpose: The business your in. Value:Clear Guidelines Image:A brighter or Big Picture future.

29 Empowering Your Team The price will constantly increase if the team wants to improve, change, or keep increasing its corporate value.

30 Empowering Your Team The Price Will Never Decrease. 1.Sacrifice me for we. 2.Time commitment increases. 3.Personal Development Increases. 4.Selflessness increases. Trust = (Selflessness x Time)

31 Empowering Your Team The Will and Testament of an Empowered Team Willing to make financial sacrifices for the team. Willing to keep growing for the sake of the team. Willing to make difficult decisions for the sake of the team. Willing to empower others

32 Empowering Your Team Price – Value- Cost Relationship Cost is the measure of the difference between Price and Perceived Value. Consider the cost of your purpose. Consider the cost of your values. Consider the cost of serving your team. Consider the costs others pay for you.

33 Empowering Your Team I will empower my team by: 1.Sharing accurate information. 2.Establishing Shared Values. 3.Providing a platform for their success. 4.Paying the price to add value to each team member.

34 Empowering Your Team Leadership acts as the server in a network.

35 Strategic Teams Multiplying Your Team

36 Multiplication of the team is the result of the multiplication of individual values, and of the multiplication of shares values. When your team has determined their shared values, invest in these values and you will see the team multiply.

37 Multiplying Your Team Jesus was the great Team Builder: 4, 12, 120, 500, countless multitude John 17:1-9 "Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. 2 For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. 3 Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. 4 I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. 5 And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began. 6 "I have revealed you to those whom you gave me out of the world. They were yours; you gave them to me and they have obeyed your word. 7 Now they know that everything you have given me comes from you. 8 For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me. 9 I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours.

38 Multiplying Your Team V2.Authoritys Purpose V3.Authoritys Values V4.Authoritys Glory V6.Roles Defined V7.Value Imparted V8.Words Communicate Value V9.Continuing Relationship

39 Multiplying Your Team Shared Values Define the Team Even if the members of a team dont share common experience, or have personal relationships, they can possess a cohesiveness that empowers the team to reach goals of beneficial permanence.

40 Multiplying Your Team Determining Team Values 1.Articulate Values: These will probably be a statement of life values. 2.Compare values with practices. 3.Teach the values. Once agreed, teach clearly, reactively, and continually. 4.Practice the values. 5.Institutionalize the Values 6.Publicly Praise the Values: What gets rewarded gets done.

41 Multiplying Your Team Communication is the Life Blood of any Organization. You empower your team by sharing accurate information and by establishing common values through dialogue. Your structures are developed through values communication/

42 Multiplying Your Team Leader to Teammate Communictaion 1.Be consistent 2.Be clear 3.Be courteous 4.Speak through action 5.Add value with your communication

43 Multiplying Your Team Teammates to Leader Be direct 1.Be honest 2.Show respect, but do not patronize. 3.Treat your servants well. An empowering leader is there for you.

44 Multiplying Your Team Communication among teammates 1.Be supportive 2.Stay current 3.Be open and vulnerable 4.Direct conversation to common values 5.Add value through words

45 Multiplying Your Team Communication of team to public 1.Receptive to input 2.Responsive in a timely fashion 3.Realistic 4.Maintain shared values at all times 5.Add vlue to others through your words

46 Multiplying Your Team Finding Your Edge or Uniqueness 1.What do you do better than others? 2.What is your purpose? 3.What is your passion? 4.For what value are you willing to pay any price?

47 Multiplying Your Team Finding Your Edge: Personnel Determines Team Potential Vision Determines Team Direction Devotion Determines Team Preparation Leadership Determines Team Success Add value to your team by developing team members and recruiting new talent.

48 Multiplying Your Team Finding Your Edge Leaders Transfer Ownership Leaders Create an Environment for Success Leaders Coach Leaders Learn and Teach Add value to yourself to add value to others.

49 Multiplying Your Team The Multiplying Leader Gives all He has to the Disciple. Tell me and I know Show me and I learn Include me and I own it forever.

50 Six Steps in Empowerment

51 Strategic Teams My Team Is: ____________________ ______________________

52 Strategic Teams Our Purpose is: __________________________________ ___________________________________

53 Strategic Teams Our Common Values Are _____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________

54 Strategic Teams We add value to each other by: ___________________________________

55 Strategic Teams My Leadership Position Is: __________________________________

56 Strategic Teams My Preferred Leadership Style is: ____________________________________

57 Strategic Teams Workshop Thank you for attending the Strategic Teams Workshop. It has been our joy to be with you. If you would like information concerning other seminars by SEAPC, please contact us at SEAPC@Hotmail.Com

58 Your Presenter Today Your Presenter Today has been Mark Geppert President of South East Asia Prayer Center Author of Attack Lambs BRIDGES Stepping Stones

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