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The Spirit of God The Spirit of God in the Old Testament Creative Powerful guide Principle of New Creation (Isaiah) Spirit of New Life (Ezekiel) The Spirit.

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1 The Spirit of God The Spirit of God in the Old Testament Creative Powerful guide Principle of New Creation (Isaiah) Spirit of New Life (Ezekiel) The Spirit of God in Jesus The Era of the Spirit (Acts) Experience of the Spirit in Paul Eucharist Ministries In Christ Risen in Christ The Spirit in John: the Paraclete Gods Creative Wisdom

2 The Spirit of God In the Old Testament Gen 1.2 The Spirit of God hovered over the waters – a life-giving spirit, a principle of divine action

3 A spirit of power to carry out Gods will Nm 11.25 Moses spirit given to elders to judge cases Nm 27.18 Moses spirit given to Joshua to lead Israel Jg 3.10 seizes on Judges to fight: Othniel, Gideon, Jephthah, Samson, Saul 2 Kg 2.9 Double share of Elijahs spirit given to Elisha Prophetic spirit of governance (to appoint kings), to reprove (Naboth & Jezebel), to bring back to the LORD (priests of Baal), to heal & give life (widows son)

4 The Spirit of the Lord in Isaiah Inspires prophets: 48.16 The LD, w his spirit, sends me. Excitement of Spirit of messianic era on whole people: The spirit will be poured on us the desert shall be fertile land (32.18) I will pour out my Spirit on all people, your sons and daughters, your young and old, even on slaves will I pour my Spirit (Joel 3.1) Messianic kg: On him rests the Spirit of the LORD (11) – wisdom, insight, counsel, power, knowledge, fear of LD My servant: I have endowed him with my Spirit (42.1) The Spirit of the LORD has anointed me he has sent me to bring good news to the poor (61.1) Ezek 36.27: I will put a new spirit in you…

5 Spirit of Life – Ezekiel 37 Life to Dead Bones= Restoration of Israel? Moral regeneration? Life after death?? Ps 104.29 You take back your spirit, they die. Ezekiel 47 – River from restored Temple

6 The messianic Spirit in Jesus Baptism Eschatological heaven-opening Apocalyptic Voice Quotes Isaiah 42.1 Descent of the Spirit (Luke removes John the Baptist to prison) Synagogue at Nazareth The Spirit-filled prophet, as Widow of Naim Death in Jerusalem Laments over Jerslm Preaching in Temple Ascension

7 Acts of the Apostles: Era of the Spirit begins [Lukes Infancy Stories, fulfilment of OT, full of Spirit: 1.15, 17, 35, 67, 80; 2.25] Pentecost: Festival of giving of Law (now to all world) Glossolalia reverses Babel (Lks s) Explained by Joels prophecy Spirit-filled Community Spirit fills ministers: Peter, martyrs, prayers, Stephen, Philip, Paul, Barnabas, Agabus Spirit directs Church: gentile Pentecost, Acts 15, Paul Competition v. evil spirits: Samaria, Cyprus, Ephesus

8 The experience of the Spirit in the Churches of Paul evidence Gifts of the Spirit Ga 3.1-3lists: 5.16-24 Life of the community 1 Cor 12 Co-heirs, con-form, con-gruent Adoption as sons: Abba Resurrection 1 Cor 15


10 Shop Workshop S T R E E T Column Triclinium Atrium Peristyle

11 The Spirit at Corinth Wisdom Knowledge faith healing miracles prophecy discernment tongues Apostles prophets teachers miracles healing guidance

12 Growth into Christ Adam archetype of sin Jesus archetype of life Dipped (=baptised) into Christs death concrucified Ga.19 conburied Rm 6.4 conknit Rm 6.5 coheirs Rm8.17 conform Rm8.29 conraised Rm 6.5 We are being transformed 2 Cor 3.18

13 Risen with Christ 1 Corinthians 15.42-44 Dont ask, What sort of body? Continuity: Figs bear figs, thistles bear thistles Analogy: Various sorts of flesh, brightness Transformation: Corruptible Incorruptible Contemptible Glorious Weak Strong Psyche Spirit Taken up into God after pattern of Christ Physical? But free from limitations of flesh

14 The Spirit in John Two Johannine Symbols Living Water: Samaritan Feast of Shelters Side of Christ Breath:on Mary and BD on disciples Paraclete Legal origin: trial scenes Leads into all truth Presence of Christ If you love me you will keep my commandments Another Paraclete will be with you for ever The world cannot accept him, but you know him I shall not leave you orphans The world will not longer see me, but you will see me You in me and I in you Whoever loves me will keep my commands

15 Wisdom Literature The Spirit of Wisdom Torah s Sira 24: I came forth from the mouth of the Most High. From eternity, in the beginning, he created me, and for eternity I shall remain. In Jerusalem he has given me rest. Prov 8.20: The LORD possessed me when his purpose first unfolded before the oldest of his works I was firmly set. I was by his side, a master craftsman, ever at play in his presence Delighting to be with the children of men. Wisdom 7.22 A breath of the power of God, pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty, reflection of the eternal light, untarnished mirror of Gods active power, image of his goodness

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