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By: Myah I want to stop bullying.

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1 By: Myah I want to stop bullying.

2 Some ways how I can stop bullying is.
I could go to schools that have problems with bullying, and teach them how not to be bullies, and how to deal with it. I could also put hidden cameras in trees, up on the roof or even in cars to see who’s the bully and pull them back talk to them nicely and make them become nice. Last I could give teachers in elementary and higher grades and give them a chart and the person who got bullied or if the bully fesses up to it and right it down and see if the bullying gets better or not.

3 Here are some pictures of kids getting bullied
Here are some pictures of kids getting bullied. This is why I’m taking a stand to stop bulling.

4 Here are some more.

5 Bullies are. People who talk about you. People who hurt you.
People who laugh at you. People who act like your friend then be mean to you. People who make you suffer of embarrassment, pain, cuts, bruises and way more.

6 Do you get bullied here are some ways to make them stop.
You could tell them to stop. You could also ignore them think what you wanna think. If they say something mean say “ok cool” and they will think you don’t care. You could tell a adult, or a friend to help you. Walk away. Tell them “I don’t care what you think”, nicely. You could tell your mom or dad to help and call the teacher, and they will do something to help you.

7 The things you shouldn’t do if someone is bullying you.
Yell at them. Call them a mean name or bad word. Hit them. Spit on them. Lie Threaten them. Get everyone against her or him.

8 If your best friend or friend is your bully they must not be your best friend or friend. Here are some things you should do. Don’t hang out with them. Ignore them. You don’t have to like them but still be nice to them. Walk away if they are being mean. Find a nice friend in your class. Tell a adult if it gets to bad.

9 I do not know by bullies bully but I do have some ideas.
They are jealous. They take there anger out on you. They have the wrong role model. Were raised not as good as some people. They get blamed a lot. They get beaten.

10 Everyone should. Stomp out bullying! Some bullies have to idea how it feels to get bullied as bad as some kids in the world do.

11 All you have to be is…..

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