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Special thanks to:. The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCMLD)

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1 Special thanks to:

2 The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCMLD)

3 Premise of SCMLD Leadership is a process, not a position Leadership is socially responsible; it impacts change on behalf of others Leadership is collaborative

4 Premise of SCMLD Leadership is inclusive and accessible to all people Leadership is values based Service is a powerful vehicle for leadership development

5 Goals Self-Knowledge Leadership Competence Positive Social Change

6 The Social Change Model

7 Definition of Leadership Definition of Leadership leadership = conviction in action Roberts, D. R. (2007). Deeper learning in leadership: Helping college students find the potential within. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

8 The 7 Cs of the Social Change Model

9 Consciousness of Self Consciousness of Self Self-Conscious MINDFULLNESS - Simultaneously act and observe ones actions in the present - feedback loop One who knows others is wise. One who knows oneself is enlightened. – Lao-Tzu

10 Awareness Test

11 Johari Window

12 Congruence Remember this? Consistency & Authenticity What I am is good enough if I can just be it. -Carl Rogers

13 Mean Girls Phone Scene

14 Questions to Ask How do we know what our values are? What are some ways that we act our values? What are some obstacles to acting in ways that are congruent with our values? How can we overcome these obstacles?

15 Commitment Investment of time and energy.

16 Collaboration Working together towards a common goal Multiplying effort while gaining perspectives It is about human relationships- valuing and relating to each other Cooperation v. Collaboration

17 Fedex Kinkos

18 Common Purpose Groups often have a hard time defining it, or individuals have trouble engaging others BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES allowing them to get over minor differences and disagreements to compromise Achieved through decision making and having a VISION

19 Controversy with Civility Resolving it helps achieve congruence Respect and Safety - Welcomes diverse opinions and points of view Controversy = disagreements with contrasting opinions, sharing views Conflict = negative; win vs lose Leadership Skills - Listening (deciphering), Asking the right questions

20 Obama Health Care Speech

21 Citizenship Active engagement in community Serving is a privilege Servant Leadership – Greenleaf 1970 ChanakyaChanakya wrote, in the 4th century B.C., in his book Arthashastra: Arthashastra the king [leader] shall consider as good, not what pleases himself but what pleases his subjects [followers] the king [leader] is a paid servant and enjoys the resources of the state together with the people.

22 Journaling as a tool for personal development Concrete Experience Reflective Observation Abstract Conceptualizati on Active Experimentati on

23 The Leadership Program Successfully Completing LP

24 Capstone Course – BA321LPaper – 3,750-5,000 word count Contemporary Leadership Issues Topic and books approved by LP staff Offered each Fall semester for juniors and seniors. Leadership Program (LP) Events 4 YR Track– 6 of 8 events Leadership Program (LP) Events 3 YR Track– 5 of 6events Leadership Development Activities (LDAs) Every student completes 4 categories per year, allowed to submit 10 per year Classes Community Service Organizations Lecture Series Book Reviews Conferences/Retreats Other (work study, job)

25 LP Events Sponsored by LP: 1 each semester/2 per year 1st Year Theme: Individual Fall Overnight Retreat/Spring Self-Leadership Seminar 2nd Year Theme: Organizational Fall Team Simulations/Spring Conflict Mediation Training 3rd Year Theme: Communal Fall Education /Spring Affordability 4th Year Theme: Global Fall Global Leadership Seminars/Spring Global Trip

26 LDAs LDAs Leadership Development Activities- At least 4 Different Categories /year Book Reviews Classes Community Service Conferences/Retreats Student Organizations Lecture Series (321 L Leadership Series) Other (jobs, internships, etc.) 321L Series 2012 Gary Kelly+Tony Sanchez+Lynn Utter+Ray Wilkins+Trisa Thompson



29 Visit our website: mccombs/

30 The Leadership Program Tracking Attendance & Participation

31 So…Im doing all of these cool things, but how do I keep track of it?

32 LP Tracker Purpose To certify your completion of the program requirements To be an exercise in reflection To collect for your portfolio those events which had significant impact on your leadership development Criteria Summary and reflection, well thought out and written Relate event to your leadership development and the Social Change Model Use integrity and good judgment YOU define your experience in the program All items in the Other category need prior approval

33 LP Tracker Step 1: Go to Tracker Site (find from current LP website)

34 You Can Update Your Contact Information Here!! Step 2: Record a new activity

35 LP Tracker Step 3: Record a new activity

36 LP Tracker Step 4: Choose Category, Social Change Code, & Rate Activity Step 5: Write a Thoughtful Reflection Choose 1 of the 7 Cs that most closely aligns with the activity Reflection Elements: What did you learn? How did you develop personally?

37 LP Tracker Submittal Period: Sept 1, 2012 – May 1, 2013 graduating seniors earlier LDA and LP Event Reflections are reviewed by LP Staff Approved – will show on portfolio and My Tracker page Denied – you will receive an email with feedback on how to improve the reflection. You MUST revise and resubmit the denied reflection for it to count.

38 Reflection Examples and Criteria Reflections will be Approved based on: Relation to C chosen Depth of thought Description of what you learned Length – at least 6 sentences Suggestions: Submit Reflection within one week of activity Discuss how you employed any of your 5 Strengths Complete as many LDAs as possible per year, this builds your portfolio! Reflections must be APPROVED by LP Staff to count toward completion !

39 LP Portfolio Document to record your leadership skills and growth Determined by your Leadership Development Activities and LP Events More LDAs you submit, the more information is listed on your portfolio Only approved reflections will show on the portfolio

40 Attendance and RSVP Excused Absences: Religious observance Illness Death in the family Case by case basis For all LP Events: Email Invitation Respond with Yes or No to Survey Station Must RSVP either way for every event Be mindful of deadline Repetitive cancellations, no-shows and/or unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the program!

41 Policies

42 Facebook

43 Let us know how we can help! Stephanie Hinojosa- Galvan Coordinator Jessica Khalaf Graduate Assistant 1 st Year Champion Jason Sick 2 nd Year Champion CeCe Ridder 3 rd & 4 th Year Champion Rachel Roberson Graduate Assistant 1 st Year Champion

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