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A Guide to Rough Times From the developers perspective By Janet Hassall.

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1 A Guide to Rough Times From the developers perspective By Janet Hassall

2 Review Decisions Is the site at people.htm ready and adequate to go live with a redirection from the old site URL? people.htm Should it remain as part of the CPFT site? Should we segment the ages within it? Should it retain its present form? How do we get more user involvement? What is the marketing plan?

3 Background to GTRT The original main text for the Guide was collated & written by Pam Timbrell & funded by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust before 2007. Local variations were supported by the Ormiston Trust, Parents First and Hunts.Mind The original leaflet was then developed into a web site at and a separate steering group took over

4 Recent Background In 2011 it became clear that the Guide needed updating and CPFT was happy to take back the task of maintaining the site and creating a more contemporary and extensive version including multi-media and social media links. Work on this started in spring 2012 alongside the development of a new web site for CPFT generally.

5 Design Approach To include and update the original information as appropriate To retain the graphical identity of the original guide as far as possible To make it more attractive to young people by including multi-media and social links To extend the topics covered To make it as rich as possible a source of information about the topics addressed To make the information more accessible through methods such as tagging and personalisation

6 Some pages from the GTRT leaflet

7 Samples from the GTRT old website

8 Examples of GTRT graphics

9 GTRT graphics imported to new site

10 Examples of media

11 And examples of social media links

12 Who is GTRT aimed at? The original leaflets were aimed at teenagers, their parents, carers, friends and family The new site is currently aimed primarily at teenagers but others may find it useful, and we hope to extend the site for others audiences

13 Some of the other sites we looked at

14 Design Philosophy Non judgmental, straight talking information with a touch of humour now and again No-holds barred subjects Encourage self-help and decision making Linking information internally throughout to offer related topics Drawing together as many external sources as possible both national and especially local

15 Some local services SHAC - Sexual Health Advice Centre Options Pregnancy Advisory Centre Peterborough

16 The A C I D Process- logical steps for self help A - being aware that there is a problem or something wrong C - becoming concerned about it I - investigating it and finding out more about what it is and what can be done about it D - deciding what action to take, if any.

17 Examples of inspiring sites we found

18 Should we segment by age within teens? For A typical 13 year old is very different from a typical 18 year old in terms of mental, physical and emotional development Under 16s have a different legal status Against Different children mature at different rates and it is not clear when a particular child will need specific information Under 16s may not be influenced by their legal status Childline, for example, do not segment by age

19 Under-age teens needing help 15 years old and pregnant with twins This 15 year old thought that she had just put on a bit of extra weight but she has found out she is pregnant with twins. I had unprotected sex with a guy who was older than me This 13 year old girl had unprotected sex with an older guy, and is now late for her period. Care Confidential, Teenage pregnancy stories 15 years old and pregnant with twins I had unprotected sex with a guy who was older than me Children aged 12 being treated for drink problems in London (London Evening Standard, 06 Sept 2012) I was born a girl etc though since the age of 9 or 10 years old now 16 I have been a Tom boy/ Tom girl. Basically I feel trapped in the wrong body I feel like and want to be a boy, Misscrazy2990 02 November 2012 at 04:59 on Childline Message board last tuesday i found out that my mate charlie comited suicide i havent had much time to take it in but i feel so angry and i didnt no why he did it but all i know is that he is in a better place x SHRUBBERS 26 Oct 2012 11:26 Winstons Wish message board

20 List of topics Is there something wrong with me? Life is not worth living Worried about someone else? Being disabled or ill Looking after someone else Boys don't cry? It's different for girls Sexual health, pregnancy Sexual identity - straight, gay, not sure? Being unsafe or in danger Being abused Domestic violence and abuse Rape and sexual assault Bullying Bad habits and addictions Alcohol and drinking Smoking Drugs and substance abuse Gambling Eating disorders Self-harm Being a bully Gangs Criminal behaviour Someone close has died Other circumstances Left home or run away Where you live Parents arguing, separating or divorcing In care Discrimination Family background In education Problems with work Money troubles On the wrong side of the law Feeling lonely or isolated Bored or want more out of life? Want to be useful?

21 A fruitless search….. You are here : HELP! Home> Search results Home Translate Print Email Search results Search results : Search results No results for that search criteria

22 Cover your tracks

23 How and where to get online

24 Online and mobile safety

25 Isnt it all a bit negative? Its meant to be about rough times It offers advice for ways to prevent or minimise rough times It encourages concern for others It promotes the need for taking care of mental and physical health It also deals with getting more out of life

26 Some causes of rough times

27 Things which might be difficult to bring up Boys don't cry? It's just not true, and being silent isn't being strong. BULLYING Self harm Pregnancy and abortion What is an STI and how can you tell if you have one Confused about your sexual identity Being abused Eating disorders RAPE Alcohol Being a bully Gambling Life is not worth living

28 Examples of new site images

29 Get more to life Youth clubs and fun stuff Achieve your potential Give something back Boost your self esteem Feel better in your body Relax and recharge

30 Future Target Audience Younger children (pre-teens) Young adults over 18 Parents and other concerned adults Teachers and educators Content will be adapted and extended appropriately for these different audiences.

31 Where is it going from here? 30,000 senior school pupils will get a card telling them about it The potential for use within schools The potential for user involvement in participation and development The future creation of separate GTRT for parents etc. and its adaptation for younger children and young adults.

32 Should it be on a mental health web site? For All the issues addressed are relevant to mental health and well-being To separate it out perpetuates stigma against mental health Against The target audience may be reluctant to visit a mental health web-site because of stigma Separate branding may make it more attractive and memorable

33 How can we keep this up? Continued funding Regular maintenance including review of external links and content Regular identification and inclusion of new material Improved targeting at specific user needs Maintaining a high public profile for the site

34 Why should it matter? It has unique and valuable features It adds to what is already out there We believe our target audience needs it Because we care

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