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A new way for investors and entrepreneurs to find each other Israel Startup Network.

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1 A new way for investors and entrepreneurs to find each other Israel Startup Network

2 The BC platform is the result of years of studying why it is so hard for entrepreneurs to find the right investors … and for investors to find good deal flow The solution is in the intersection of: Assessment tools for entrepreneurs Online repository of investment opportunities Investor tools for finding opportunities & investment partners

3 The BC Community is made up of: - Investors - Entrepreneurs - Advisors/Service Providers - Organizations (incl professional associations, incubators, academic institutions, etc.)

4 Building Communities of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Advisors, and Organizations Creation of new forms of wealth thru collaboration Enabling investors & entrepreneurs to find each other Helping entrepreneurs assess & improve their business design Helping investors find & assess opportunities, and find other investors with similar interests

5 BC provides: - standards-based assessment - social networking tools - web-based collaborative software (groupware) Designed to accelerate and improve: -the advisory process -business development -capital formation

6 -Tools for Investors to form and manage their own networks Result: Better deal flow, better deal-flow management, more opportunities for new relationships with other investors -Tools for Entrepreneurs to assess, improve, promote their startups Result: More exposure, more credibility, increased chances of funding and success

7 - A simple, standardized assessment of business design that creates a Benchmark Report that can be continuously revised Note: This survey and report are free of charge. - Enables comparison with companies that have achieved success - Result is high-level gap analysis, showing where business can be easily improved - Creates a process that helps find investors and reduces risk for them

8 After completing Benchmark Survey ---Fill out Business Profile with info about your company and investment sought Attach 3-5 page Exec Summary Submit this info to the Tech River group for potential feedback and advice Once completed, you will be able to access investors

9 Your Business Profile can then be submitted to BCs Open Deal Flow Note: Submission is free for a limited time, then monthly fee Local/Global Investors can access your info, review the opportunity, contact you directly

10 We are working with the founders of Business Catapult to create a group that will assist Israeli startups to find funding. Entrepreneurs: Submit you Business Profile to Tech River: Investors/Advisors: Join the TR group on BC: Please sign up for the Israel Startup Network to receive updates about this project.


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