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“Expressing Opinions ”

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1 “Expressing Opinions ”
English 4 UNIT 1 AGREEMENT, DISAGREEMENT, AND PERSONAL FEELINGS “Expressing Opinions ” E.T.E. Karim Juárez Cortés. Idea Original y Diseño

2 Expressing Opinions

3 “Expressing Opinions, Agreement and Disagreement”
USE OF THE LANGUAGE  “Expressing Opinions, Agreement and Disagreement” Read the next phrases and expressions that we can use to express our opinions, and express our agreement or disagreement.

4 What do you think about my health, doctor?
Asking for opinions What do you think about my health, doctor? What do you think …? What about you (Mario, Peter, Susy, etc ) …? Do you think …? Do you agree with (that)? Do you think so …? What's your idea? What are your thoughts on all of this? How do you feel about that? Do you have anything to say about this? Do you agree? Wouldn't you say?

5 Examples: What do you think about public education in Mexico ?
What about you Susana? Do you think public education is good? Do you agree that education in Mexico should be totally free? How do you feel about the education that your children receive?

6 General Point of view It is thought that... Some people say that...
It is considered... It is generally accepted that...

7 I believe that people have to eat healthy food all the time.
Personal Point of View I believe that people have to eat healthy food all the time. In my experience… As far as I'm concerned… Speaking for myself… In my opinion… Personally, I think… I'd say that… I'd suggest that… I'd like to point out that… I believe that… What I mean is…

8 What do you think about smoking?
Examples: In my experience smoking is bad for our health, because my father used to smoke a lot and now he doesn’t have enough energy. In my opinion smoking should be prohibited. Personally, I think smoking can cause serious problems in our health.

9 Showing Agreement Of course. You're absolutely right. Yes, I agree.
I think so too. That's a good point. Exactly. I don't think so either. So do I. I'd go along with that. That's true. Neither do I. I agree with you entirely. That's just what I was thinking. I completely / absolutely agree with you. I totally agree with you. I simply must agree with that. I am of the same opinion. That’s exactly what I think. I couldn't agree more! That's absolutely true! Absolutely! I agree with your point. I'd go along with your point.

10 That's exactly my opinion.
Yes, definitely. I agree with ( Susana ) Yes, I think so Yes, maybe you are right. Yes, perhaps, however ... Well, yes, but ... Yes, in a way, however ... Hmm, possibly, but ... Yes, I agree up to a point, however ... Well, you have a point there, but ... No doubt about it. Me neither. There's something there, I suppose, however ... I guess your idea could be right, but ... Yes, I suppose so, however ... That's worth thinking about, but ... I agree with you 100 percent. That's so true. That's for sure. You're absolutely right. That's exactly how I feel. Exactly. I'm afraid I agree with James. I suppose so./I guess so. You have a point there.

11 Showing Disagreement That's different. I don't agree with you.
However… That's not entirely true. On the contrary… I'm sorry to disagree with you, but… Yes, but don't you think… That's not the same thing at all. I'm afraid I have to disagree. I'm not so sure about that. I must take issue with you on that. It's unjustifiable to say that... I’m sorry, but I disagree. I'm afraid, I can't agree with you. The problem is that... This is in complete contradiction to... With all due respect… I am of a different opinion because ... I cannot share this / that / the view. I cannot agree with this idea. What I object to is... I have my own thoughts about that.

12 I'm afraid your idea is wrong. I can't agree with your idea.
Well, it depends. I'm not so certain. Well, I don't know. Well, I'm not so sure about that. Hmm, I'm not sure your idea is right. I'm inclined to disagree with that idea. No, I don't think so. I’m sorry. I don’t agree … I’m not sure about that … No, definitely not. I disagree. I disagree with your idea. I'm afraid I don't agree. I'm afraid your idea is wrong. I can't agree with your idea. I couldn't accept that idea for a minute. You can't actually mean that. I wouldn't go along with your idea there. You can't be serious about that point. You must be joking. It's possible you are mistaken about that. I couldn't agree with you more.

13 Example: It is a good idea that students work and study at the same time! I'm not so sure about that, because they might be interested in money. I disagree with your idea, because they can get a scholarship to concentrate in the school and not to worry about money.

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