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Listening with a Purpose The Art of Listening and Avoiding Groupthink Bianca Crockam.

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1 Listening with a Purpose The Art of Listening and Avoiding Groupthink Bianca Crockam

2 Goals of this PLC To help teachers learn how to listen effectively to administrators, colleagues, parents and students Knowing the difference between hearing and listening Know your voice-do not be swayed by the group

3 Why were these goals chosen? These goals were chosen so that teachers could: Reflect on their practice of listening Improve their listening Know when to not listen to the group

4 By the end of this PLC, teachers should be able to: Listen more effectively with purpose Understand that listening is a form of communication Know when not to listen to the group

5 The following activities will help us transfer this into the classroom: Activity #1: Divide into pairs. Think for a moment of a time when you really felt heard and understood. Consider these questions: 1.What did that person do that gave you that experience? 2.How was that person interacting with you?

6 Contd of Activity #1 Now identify the attending and responding skills that the listener used to make you feel that you were truly heard and list them on your paper. What did you learn? What did the person do to make you feel as though they were listening?

7 Activity #2 Team Excellence exercise 11-3, pg237 Answer the following questions, first individually, then as a group. 1.To operate as a team, what do we need? 2.What should we continue doing? 3.What should we start doing? 4.What should we stop doing?

8 Contd of Activity #2 5. How should we monitor our progress? 6. Actions to be taken, including who should do what and by when. * Assessments were taken from, Span Start and The Art of Leadership by Manning and Curtis

9 How can we listen effectively? Capitalize on thought speed- by applying spare thinking time to concentrate on what is being said: – Anticipate what the speaker is going to talk about based on what has already been said. – Mentally summarize – Weigh evidence – Take mental notes – Listen between the lines

10 Contd of listening effectively Listen for Ideas-focus on main ideas. Weigh one point against another, find the relationship between the two. Judge Content, Not Delivery- forget what the person looks like, listen to what they are saying. The saying, Dont judge a book by its cover. Does that ring a bell to any of you? Hold Your Fire- do not be an over-stimulated listener.

11 Contd of listening effectively - this person generally cuts you off before you are done speaking. To avoid this, you should withhold judgment until comprehension is complete. Resist distractions- a good listener will fight distractions by closing the door, turning off the radio, move closer to the person who is talking, or ask the person to speak louder

12 Groupthink How the group thinks Illusion of invulnerability -feeling of power Belief in the inherent morality of the group -rightness of the action Rationalization -downplay the course of action

13 Contd how the group thinks Stereotypes of out-groups -false stereotypes Self-censorship -the ability to express oneself Direct pressure -pressure to surface in many forms

14 Contd of how the group thinks Mindguards -a corollary entity may surface to protect the group Illusion of unanimity -the struggle has come to an end

15 Solution to Avoiding Groupthink The leader should assign the role of a critical evaluator The leader should adopt an impartial stance The leader should set up outside evaluators Have an agenda challenger Give it a second chance

16 How can success be measured? Success will be measured if teachers improve their relationships with administrators, parents and students by practicing listening techniques. Proof will be healthy relationships. Success will be measured if teachers are able to be a part of the group and have a voice that will increase the odds that the group with do what is best for the all and not just the group.

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