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How has US immigration policy changed over time?

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1 How has US immigration policy changed over time?

2 Do Now: a) Recall from map activity
Do Now: a) Recall from map activity. The Rio Grande is the border between what two countries? B) What are the dangers and rewards from crossing?

3 April 27, 2010 Do Now: Answer the power point question in your journal. Aim: How has US immigration policy changed over time? Agenda: Do Now/Share Interactive Slide Lecture Hands On Activity: Ellis Island IQ Test Sum it Up for $2.00 Hmwk #12: Complete your wiki page on immigration

4 Who immigrated to america in the first 100 years?
During Colonial times most immigrants were from England or Germany. Over half came as servants. In 1845 the Irish Potato Famine caused over 500,000 Irish people to come to NYC. 5 million Irish leave from 1845 – 1910, most to USA

5 How does this cartoon depict life in america compared to home in ireland?

6 what was the popular reaction to these new immigrants?
"In , railroad contractors in New York advertised for workers and promised good pay. When mostly Irish applied, the pay was lowered to fifty-five cents a day. When the workers protested, the military was called in to force the men to accept."

7 “WHEREAS, in the opinion of the Government of the United States the coming of Chinese laborers to this country endangers the good order…” – From the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 A Chinese Laundry in the 1800s Woo Hong Neok from Pennsylvania served for the Union Army in the Civil War What did Chinese immigrants contribute to the United States?

8 What did many Americans fear about the flood of immigrants?

9 When and Why did mass immigration start?
, 17 million immigrants entered our country through New York City Reasons: Religious freedom (esp. Jews in Eastern Europe) Escape sickness (Flu epidemic in Turkey) $ (Couldn't make a decent living)

10 Why was ellis island created?
Waiting for interviews The medical exam

11 What was the purpose of the interviews at ellis island?
Each passenger was inspected for contagious diseases Interviewed about their family, their job status, the amount of money they brought with them  Each person had to prove that they had at least $10

12 Who was not allowed by law to come to america?
1875 – No prostitutes or convicts can enter 1882 –Chinese barred from entering country, also bars lunatics 1885 – Contract Labor Law, Not allowed to bring in laborers with no skills from overseas 1903 – People with epilepsy, beggars, and polygamists barred 1905 – Angel Island opens in California to help regulate Chinese immigration People with physical or mental defects, TB, and children unaccompanied by a parent are barred 1917 – Literacy tests; all Asians barred

13 How did the Quota System of the 1920s show favoritism to certain nationalities?
Quota Act of 1921 limited immigrants to 3% of each nationality living in the US in 1910 This cut down immigration from countries like Italy, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Romania Describe the change in immigration from these areas of Europe before and after quotas were put in place. North-west Europ e = England, France, Sweden, Germany South-Eastern = Hungary, Romania, Poland

14 What does this cartoon reveal about attitudes toward immigration in the early 1900s?
The fruits say “artist,” “author,” “good citizen,” and “social worker.” His belt says “restrictions.”

15 Was the displaced persons act effective for its purpose?
1948 Displaced Persons Act allowed in 205,000 refugees from World War 2, aside from the quotas Designed to help those who were victims of the Nazi governments (Holocaust survivors, etc.) The law’s wording discriminated against Jews Jewish refugee and his daughter arrive from Europe at an emergency shelter in New York

16 Immigration act of 1952 – Was it fair?
Keeps the quota system with Northern and Western Europe getting 85% of all immigrants Gets rid of the rules against Asians, but keeps Asian immigration quotas very low Creates a preference with workers with a skill Tries to limit those coming from British colonies Caribbean immigrants’ luggage

17 Are “categories of preference” more fair or less fair than quotas?
1965 Hart-Celler Act got rid of quotas and created “categories of preference” based on family ties, critical skills, artistic excellence, and refugee status. Describe how the home countries of immigrants changed after the 1965 law.

18 Immigration in 2010: a controversy
America accepts more immigrants than any other country in the world Over 1 million people were naturalized (became citizens) last year Public opinion is sharply divided! 44% of Americans say immigration helps the country; 45% say immigration hurts the country

19 Top Ten Foreign Countries Among U.S. Immigrants
Country #/year 2000 2010 2010, % Mexico 175,900 7,841,000 9,600,000 23.7% China 50,900 1,391,000 1,900,000 4.7% Philippines 47,800 1,222,000 1,700,000 4.2% India 59,300 1,007,000 1,610,000 4.0% Vietnam 33,700 863,000 1,200,000 3.0% Cuba 14,800 952,000 1,100,000 2.7% El Salvador 33,500 765,000 Dominican Republic 24,900 692,000 941,000 2.3% Canada 24,200 678,000 920,000 Korea 17,900 701,000 880,000 2.2% Total Pop. Top 10 498,900 16,112,000 21,741,000 53.7% Total Foreign Born 940,000 31,100,000 40,500,000 100% Which areas of the world have the most representation in this chart?

20 Copyright 2003 Brian Fairington What does this cartoon reveal about attitudes towards immigration in 2010?

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