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Health for Hearts United Model To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk in African Americans.

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1 Health for Hearts United Model To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk in African Americans

2 Desired Outcomes: Increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, and calcium rich foods Increased habitual physical activity Decreased consumption of fat, sugar, and sodium Improved clinical outcomes (BMI, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, among others) Health for Hearts United Aim: Determine effectiveness of church-based intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in mid-life and older African Americans


4 We want not only to reduce disease burden but also promote healthy lifestyles for overall better health of the church members and the community

5 Reducing Cardiovascular Risk: Key Health Promotion Strategies Messaging RD Sessions & Clinical Education Sessions Health Programs* -Church Initiated -Standard Materials Clinics & Surveys *Health for Hearts United Model

6 Phase I Jan-June 2010-six months Phase II Knowledge/ Clinical Learning Physical Activity Stress Reduction July-Dec 2010-six months Phase III Jan-June 2011-six months Efficacy/Sustainability Other Risk Factors Motivate Recognize Awareness Building CVD Knowledge Healthy Diets Health for Hearts United Model Timeline Baseline 6 Months 18 Mo 24 Mo Data Collection Phases

7 Health Messaging

8 Development Process Identification/Formation of health ministries Health ministry meetings Needs assessments in each church Project trainings with health ministries Interactive planning between NIH staff & health ministries Gathering ideas Incorporating feedback Listening and observing

9 Phase I Kick-off Event: St. James AME Church Quincy, Florida February 28, 2010 Health Ministry promotes “St. James Stars” through kick- off during church service including: Speaker from Health Department Presentation on healthy eating Walking program announced Pastor sermon, “Healthy Hearts & Healthy Spirit” Healthy snacks served after church Health for Hearts United

10 St. James AME Church Signature Programs Walking Program Every Saturday at 8:00 AM at the Quincy Track Field Materials “Sounding Board of Praise” newsletter Church worship bulletin Church Food Healthy options for breakfast/brunch, monthly birthdays, church meals and snacks Health for Hearts United

11 Greater Mt Pleasant M.B. Church Tallahassee, FL Health for Hearts United Living Holy, Living Healthy Phase I Kick-off March 20, 2010 Speakers: Celeste Hart, M.D. Cyneetha Strong, M.D. Deacon Clyde Preston & Elder Marva Preston

12 Greater Mt. Pleasant M.B. Church Programs & Materials Gospel Aerobics January-June 2010 Fruit of the Spirit Rainbow Tea May 2010 Father’s Day Appreciation Breakfast June 2010 Voice Walk July 2010 Extreme Makeover August 2010 Pleasant News Health Articles Better Health Ministry Newsletter (4 issues)

13 Phase I Kick-off Event: Antioch M. B. Church, Quincy, Florida Healthy Living Kick-off, March 27, 2010 Event Purpose: To promote a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and participating in exercise Event Activities: Speakers, physical activities, games, food and door prizes Attendance: 30 adults and youth Health for Hearts United


15 Health Message Postcards Four culturally tailored postcards sent via regular mail during Phase I: What is CVD? Increasing fruits & vegetables Decreasing fat, sodium & salt Increasing calcium

16 Phase II: Knowledge/Clinical Learning Three key messages: Eat Better Move Around More Reduce Stress Standard content tailored to each church Educational Sessions/Speakers FAMU & FSU faculty Registered dietitian Personal trainers Health leaders from other churches Healthy soul food & physical activity demonstrations Health Check Report Card Supplement newsletters

17 Phase III: Efficacy/Sustainability Phase III Key Message: Take Charge of Your Health Educational Sessions/ Speakers: -Increase your knowledge -Know your resources -Get empowered Supplement newsletters Recognition event

18 Discussion & Next Steps Charge: Your Church Model to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Discussion: How can you use the information presented today? Next Steps June: Gather resources June-August: Develop plan to address charge October-November: Implement plans & culminating events

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