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1 2013 What is the risk? Can we deliver? How many days?

2 2013 Actually, it is even worse: What… when… can we?

3 2013 It was known long ago… «To avoid disaster, all the teams working on a project should remain in contact with each other in as many ways as possible — e- mail, phone, meetings, memos etc.» 1975 – 1982 - 1995

4 2013 The solution? Project team builds Testing team knows the status = requirements The customer knows acceptance criteria Project sponsor knows business risks

5 2013 Status-showing bulb panel One bulb for each requirement shine red From the beginning, all lamps shine red: no requirement has been implemented, nothing has been verified

6 2013 Not all bulbs are the same Small lamps: less important requirements (lower business risk, lower risk consequences) Big lamps: higher business risks

7 2013 Risk probability Lamps on high posts denote high probability risks

8 2013 Evaluation significance Brighter lamps mean higher status significance (e.g. more thorough testing, higher test coverage needed)

9 2013 Bulb matrix Risk probability and required significance of risk estimations are omitted on this figure Time (releases)

10 2013 Bulb matrix and test design It makes basic (risk-based) test design decisions more visible, but does not solve them How much will given test cases decrease probability? With what significance?

11 2013 Bulb matrix and test execution Test execution order and prioritization Release planning Traditional test reporting hardly needed any longer Status visibility on all levels

12 2013 … and test completion criteria Test process gains emotional intelligence no more «are we ready?» questions Automatically to all levels Business criteria already build into requirement importance

13 2013 Benefits until now Risk-based testing de-mystified … connected to model-based testing … and requirements engineering … and risk management IT’S MUCH SIMPLER!

14 2013 The presenter Meet me as well at: (PL) Software Requirements Magazine: (PL) Gazeta testerów: (PL) Good Requirements conference (October 2013): (PL + ENG) Polish Association for Requirements Engineering

15 2013 More benefits Project management: Requirements → project tasks Requirements implementation → project estimation Requirements status → project monitoring Data for process improvement

16 2013 Tool support setools/tooltax/reqtrace_tools.html Some tools are expensive A cloud solution may be worth considering for pilot project: – You pay for what you use – Scalable

17 2013 For example, ReQtest

18 2013 ReQtest example Du får gärna använda vår ReQtest kostnadsfritt under CzechTest, Bogdan! Ulf Eriksson – Product Owner/Founder

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