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College Information and Application Guide Class of 2014 Monmouth Regional High School 1.

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1 College Information and Application Guide Class of 2014 Monmouth Regional High School 1

2 Monmouth Regional High School Guidance Staff Director of Guidance/Health Services: Mrs. Gayle Fitzmaier 732-542 1170 x 1131 Counselors: Mrs. Danielle Callahan 732-542 1170 x 1215 Mr. Dan Rapcienski 732-542 1170 x 1178 Mrs. Amy Kelly 732-542 1170 x 1166 Mrs. Teresa DiMezza 732-542 1170 x 1129 Mrs. Sharon Wisdom 732-542 1170 x 1168 Administrative Assistants: Mrs. Francine Reinecke 732-542 1170 x 1101 Mrs. Barbara DeLage 732-542 1170 x 1131 2 Title IX Officer: Tony DeOrio and Maria ParryTitle II Officer: Andrew Teeple 504 Officer: Gayle Fitzmaier Affirmative Action: It is the policy of the Monmouth Regional High School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, physical handicap, or social or economic status in its educational program, activities or employment practices. All courses offered at MRHS are open to each and every student, except where academic prerequisites are noted.

3 Monmouth Regional High School Guidance Department * SENIORS *Class of 2014 For Your Information Graduation Requirements 4 years of English & Health/PE 3 years of Math 2 years U.S. History 1 year World History 3 years of Science 1 year of Practical Art 1 year of Visual/Performing Art 1 year of Foreign Language ½ year Financial Literacy Total Credits: 120 Pass the High School Proficiency Assessment Exam College Requirements (Most 4 year colleges) 4 units of English 4 units of Math (Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry) 2 units of Social Sciences 2 units of Laboratory Science 5 elective units in English & Social Studies Science, Math or Foreign Language (2 year minimum in one World Language) Total of 16 Carnegie Units 3

4 Register for SAT Go to Register for the October 5, 2013 test. Administered at MRHS Registration Deadline 9/ 6 /13 Late Registration Deadline 9/20/13 (extra fee). Register for the November 3, 2013 test. Deadline 10/3/13 MRHS CEEB Code 310296 Late Registration Deadline 10/18/13 (extra fee). Register for the December 7, 2013 test. Deadline 11/8/13 MRHS CEEB Code 310296 Late Registration Deadline 11/22/13 (extra fee). List your top four college codes when you register through for SAT You can send 4 free score reports when you register for the test. (you only have 9 days from the time you test to send the 4 reports free after that you will have to pay a fee for each report sent). 4

5 5 SAT Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline 5-Oct-136-Sep-1320-Sep-13 3-Nov-133-Oct-1318-Oct-13 7-Dec-138-Nov-1322-Nov-13 25-Jan-1427-Dec-1310-Jan-14 8-Mar-147-Feb-1421-Feb-14 3-May-144-Apr-1418-Apr-14 7-Jun-149-May-1423-May-14 * 10/5/2013ADMINISTERED@MRHS *5/3/2014ADMINISTERED@MRHS Fees SAT $51 Additional feesAdditional fees apply if you register late or make changes to your test type, center or date after registering. Late registration fee $27.50. Waitlist fee $45.00 (Charged only if you are admitted to test center on test day). Report fee $11.25. *Four reports are included free with every registration. This fee applies for more than four reports during registration, or any report made outside of the registration period. List your top four college codes when you register through for SAT test. You can send 4 free score reports when you register for the (you only have 9 days from the time you test to send the 4 reports free after that you will have to pay the $11.25 fee for each report sent). SAT TEST DATES

6 Go to Register for the February 8, 2014. Registration deadline January 10, 2014. Late registration deadline January 11 – 24, 2014 (extra fee) $23.00. ACT (No Writing) $36.50 Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register). ACT Plus WritingACT Plus Writing $52.50 Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register). The $16.00 Writing Test fee is refundable, on written request, if you are absent on test day or switch to the ACT (No Writing) before testing begins. Late registration (extra fee) $23.00 6 Test Date Registration Deadline(Late Fee Required) 21-Sep-1323-Aug-13 August 24–September 6, 2013 26-Oct-1327-Sep-13 September 28–October 11, 2013 14-Dec-138-Nov-13 November 9–22, 2013 8-Feb-1410-Jan-14 January 11–24, 2014 12-Apr-147-Mar-14 March 8–21, 2014 14-Jun-149-May-14 May 10–23, 2014 * FEB 8 2014ADMINISTERED @MRHS ACT TESTING DATES

7 SAT II Subject specific tests. Go to Register the same as the SATs. Check with the colleges/universities to which you are applying to find out if you need to take the SAT II and which ones you will need (you may take up to three subject tests in one administration.) 7

8 8 Subject Test5-Oct-132-Nov-137-Dec-1325-Jan-143-May-147-Jun-14 Literature + + + + + + Biology E/M + + + + + + Chemistry + + + + + + Physics + + + + + + U.S. History + + + + + + World History + + Mathematics Level 1 Mathematics Level 2 French + + + + + German + Spanish + + + + Modern Hebrew + Italian + Latin + + French w/ Listening + German w/Listening Spanish w/ Listening Chinese w/Listening Japanese w/ Listening + Korean w/ Listening + SAT SUBJECT TEST DATES Important Information About SAT Subject Tests You may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on a single test date. The Language with Listening tests are always given in the first hour of testing. Only one listening test can be taken per test date. Calculators may be used only on the Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 Subject Tests. You cannot take the SAT Subject Tests and the SAT on the same test date. You must indicate which SAT Subject Tests you plan to take when you register. However, you may change which test(s) you actually take on test day except for Language with Listening tests. Only one Biology test can be taken per test date. After the first 60 questions, you must choose either Biology – Ecological or Biology – Molecular; you cannot take both.

9 Save the Dates 2013-2014 Thursday, September 19, 2013 @7:00 PM PAC SENIOR COLLEGE PLANNING NIGHT Tuesday, September 24, 2013 @6:30 PM PAC BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT Thursday, October 24, 2013 (STUDENTS ONLY) MINI COLLEGE FAIR SENIORS PERIOD 2 Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @7:00 PM PAC FINANCIAL AID NIGHT Thursday, January 9, 2014 @7:00 PM PAC FAFSA PREPARATION NIGHT 9


11 National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA– Are you a student athlete? Register at the Please complete registration process. The transcript can be sent electronically if you complete the registration process in its entirety. Initial eligibility filed end of Junior year. SAT score report code-9999 to report your test scores to the NCAA through College Board. Division I or II only! * See your coach for details.* 11

12 College Search Talk to your school counselor and search in your Naviance account for the colleges and universities to apply to. Go to Click on Departments. Click on Guidance. Scroll down to Log in: Click on colleges, then Click on colleges I am applying to. (If you have trouble logging on please contact your counselor via e-mail or make an appointment in the Guidance office) Use the college search to narrow down your list of Colleges/Universities. 12

13 Common Application 13

14 *Attention Seniors* For your information The Common Application will update their system every year between July 15 th and July 30 th. All data that has been saved will be deleted. If you have created an account you will need to create it again. Please go to the and set up an account. *Please remember your log on and password. 14

15 Monmouth Regional High School College Application Procedures 15

16 Attention Seniors: Mrs. DiMezza, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Callahans students will submit their college application request to: Mrs. Reinecke Mr. Rapcienski and Mrs. Wisdoms students will submit their college application request to: Mrs. DeLage 16

17 College Application Procedures You must complete the following tasks to have your application processed: 1. Log on to your Naviance Family Connection Account. 2. Complete your brag sheets for letters of recommendations a. Go to the Documents library at the right of the screen. b. Click on Documents library. c. Click on Forms for recommendations. d. Click on Student brag sheet. Complete, save as PDF in your documents. If you have filled out a brag sheet manually and have the ability to scan to your documents you can follow the procedure to upload to your journal e. Click on About me, then click on journal, then click on add entry, f. Go to Type, choose Other, g. Go to Subject, type Student Brag Sheet h. Under Share With, only click box next to counselor. i. Click on Choose File (Find your document).j. Click on Attach k. Scroll down and Click on Add Journal Entry l. Repeat with Parent Brag Sheet 17

18 18 3.Build your resume a. Click on About Me tab b. Click on Resume, build and complete a resume c. Click on Customize your printable resume d. Click on Create a new print format e. Add your name f. Click on specific boxes to include each item you want listed g. Scroll down and Save and Close h. Click on Print and View 4. List Colleges that you are applying to a. Go to Colleges tab b. Under My Colleges, click on Colleges I am applying to. c. Add all colleges (+ add colleges to this list) to which you will be applying 5.Request Recommendations from Teachers a.Scroll down from above section to Requesting Teacher Recommendations b.Click on Add/Cancel Requests c.Select teacher (Please add a personal note to teacher and follow up in person). d.An email will then be sent automatically requesting a recommendation

19 19 6.Start Applying! We encourage you to use CommonApp if your school(s) of choice accept it. You can check the schools participation on the CommonApp website. If the school does not participate you will need to complete the application on the schools website. 7. Go to to create an account. (There are links to the left of your Family Connection page for your convenience) a. Sign on b. Complete FERPA Waiver and Authorization form c. Begin application d. When you have submitted your application go back to your Naviance Family Connection Account. Go to the Colleges Tab, then your college list. There will be a question Have you applied? Click on this question and choose Yes to I have applied via CommonApp. Then Update Applications. 8. Non- CommonApp Application: a. When complete, go back to your Naviance Family Connection Account. Go to the Colleges Tab, then your college list. There will be a question Have you applied? Click on this question and check that you have submitted your application. Scroll down to Format and choose either online or paper. Then Update Applications. 9. Please read through the application carefully and print out all supplemental forms if they are required. (Example: Teacher recommendation form, counselor or secondary report form etc) 10. Submit a completed Transcript Request Form for each of your applications. (available in the Guidance office)

20 20 Date submitted to counselor: ______________________________________ TRANSCRIPT REQUEST Received by and date: _____________________________ Counselor__________________________________________ PLEASE ATTACH $1.00 PER COLLEGE REQUEST If this is your first request, please allow 15 school days from date submitted for materials to be sent For subsequent requests, please allow 10 school days from date submitted for materials to be sent STUDENT NAME:__________________________________ TODAY'S DATE:________________________________________ I hereby request the Guidance Office to send a transcript of my high school records and other supporting documents to. ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ College Name and Address ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Please circle one from each line: I am applying: Common app (online) Common app (paper) School app (online) School app (paper) School app (online) School app (paper) I am applying: ED EA REG ROLL PRIORITY College deadline:___________________________________ Date you mailed/will mail your app:____________________ Teachers I asked to write recommendations: 1._________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guidance office use only: Sent on_______ /_______/________________ EXAMPLE PAGE ONLY TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM

21 The essay is the only part of the application process that allows you to creatively express yourself. Writing the College Essay View it as an opportunity The essay is one of the few things that you've got complete control over in the application process, especially by the time you're in your senior year. You've already earned most of your grades; you've already made most of your impressions on teachers; and chances are, you've already found a set of activities you're interested in continuing. So when you write the essay, view it as something more than just a page to fill up with writing. View it as a chance to tell the admissions committee about who you are as a person. What you say and how you say it will convey a great deal of information to the admissions committee reading your essay. For that reason, It is important that you write an essay that reveals your distinct personality. This is an opportunity for you to share who you are with those who are reading your application. In general,the more selective the school is, the more crucial the essay. 21

22 Tips for Writing a Great Essay Be yourself. If you are funny, write a funny essay; if you are serious, write a serious essay. Don't start reinventing yourself with the essay. Make it fun. If you're recounting an amusing and light- hearted anecdote from your childhood, it doesn't have to read like a Congressional Act make it fun! Tell us something different from what we'll read on your list of extracurricular activities or transcript. Take the time to go beyond the obvious. Think about what most students might write in response to the question and then try something a little different. Don't try to take on too much. Focus on one "most influential person," one event, or one activity. Tackling too much tends to make your essay too watered down or disjointed. 22

23 Essay Tips Continued Concentrate on topics of true significance to you. Don't be afraid to reveal yourself in your writing. We want to know who you are and how you think. Write thoughtfully and from your heart. It'll be clear who believes in what they are saying versus those who are simply saying what they think we want to hear. Essays should have a thesis that is clear to you and to the reader. Your thesis should indicate where you're going and what you're trying to communicate from the outset. Don't do a history report. Some background knowledge is okay, but do not re-hash what other authors have already said or written. Do not plagiarize ! 23

24 Essay Tips Continued Answer each school's essay individually. Recycled "utility essays" come across as impersonal and sanitized. The one exception is an essay written for and submitted to Common Application member schools. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Nothing says "last-minute essay" like an "are" instead of "our" or a "their" instead of "they're." Keep it short and to the point. Limit the number of people from whom you request feedback on your essay. Too much input creates an essay that sounds as though it has been written by a committee or results in writing that is absent your own voice. If it is school specific please ensure that the correct school is named. 24

25 Deadlines for Applications College & Scholarship All required materials must be submitted to the Guidance Office at least 15 business days before the college or university deadline. Please be thorough and check the deadline dates that the applications are due to the university or college. Please check all the deadline dates that your applications will be accepted in the Guidance office especially during Thanksgiving and Winter break. 25

26 Monmouth Regional High School Guidance Department College Application Deadlines Application must be submitted by: Date Due in GuidanceForUniversity Deadline October 11 th 2013forNovember 1 st 2013 October 25 th 2013forNovember 15 th 2013 November 8 th 2013forDecember 1 st 2013 November 25 th 2013forDecember 15 th 2013 December 6 th 2013forJanuary 1 st 2014 December 20 st 2013forJanuary 15 th 2014 January 10 th 2014forFebruary 1 st 2014 January 31 st 2014forFebruary 15 th 2014 February 14 th 2014forMarch 1 st 2014 26

27 Early Decision/Early Action *Do you know what this means? You must still give the Guidance office 15 business days before the application due date to process your application for early action or early decision. *See your counselor about this option! 27

28 Be Aware of Different Decision Types Early Action- Early action programs reduce your waiting time. But they do not require you to enroll if you are accepted. About 8 percent of colleges, mostly private colleges, offer early action. Early Decision- Binding! use for clear first choice, if you appear to be within the profile of accepted students and can afford not being notified regarding financial aid. Regular Decision- Decision from mid-March to mid- April. Rolling or Modified- Rolling-Decisions are made as completed applications are received and go to admissions committee. VIP Applications- are sent to you by the school. They are usually offering shorter notification time, no fee or less recommendations. 28

29 Mid –Year What do I do now? FAFSAMandatory!!! Go to to apply after January 1, 2014 – Must have (Parent & Student) tax info for 2013 to complete form. Go online prior to this date to obtain pin number. CSS Form – Some Universities require this financial form. 29

30 Scholarship Information * Check in Naviance ( Scholarship info will be updated as they come in to the off ice) * Go to Guidance on the MRHS web site * * * MRHS Local Scholarship Packet Meeting 4/8/2014 30

31 Monmouth Regional High School CEEB Code 310296 31

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