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About 4,500,000 years ago (b.C.) Archangel Michael, with his team of angels of the Blue Flame and many beings of the Realm of Light, with the blessing.

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2 About 4,500,000 years ago (b.C.) Archangel Michael, with his team of angels of the Blue Flame and many beings of the Realm of Light, with the blessing of Father- Mother-God, escorted towards this planet many Souls that would become the seed of the Lemurian Race.

3 The new Souls incarnated on this planet came originally from the Land of Mu, of the Universe of Dahl. At that point, the Earth expressed everywhere so much perfection, abundance and beauty dificult to imagine today. Finally, other races from Sirius, Alpha Centauri and Pleiades, and from other planets, came to join these Seed Souls so together they could evolve also.

4 Lemuria, as a Mother Land, became the basis of an Illumined Civilization on this Planet.

5 At that time, on Earth did not exist any expression of fifth dimension and they lived mainly in their vibratory bodies of Light of the fifth dimension, with a capacity to reduce their vibrations to experience, in other bodies, denser vibrational levels, returning to their bodies of Light when they wanted it.

6 The Lemurian Era extended approximately from 4,500,000 (b.C.) to nearly 12,000 years ago.

7 The territory belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included the lands that currently are in the Pacific Ocean known as Hawaii, Easter Islands, Fiji and from Australia to New Zealand. The continent included also lands of the Indico Ocean and Madagascar. The East coast of Lemuria extended to California and part of the British Columbia in Canada.

8 25,000 yeas ago Atlantis and Lemuria were two of the most evolved civilizations of that time but they fought one against the other because of their ideologies.

9 They had different ideas about which would the appropriate direction for the continuity of the other civilizations on this planet. The Lemurians sustained that the other less evolved civilizations should continue their evolution at their own pace, in accordance with their own understandings and chosen paths. But at the same time, the Atlantians thought that the less evolved cultures should be controlled by the two most evolved civilizations that they both represented.

10 This discord caused a series of thermonuclear wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. When the wars ended it can be said that there were no winners. Roughly, as many other civilizations, they fell definitively to a fouth dimensional level and, later, completely to the third dimension.

11 Atlantis and Lemuria became victims of their own aggressions and the lands of both continent infuriated by those wars.

12 People were then informed, through their priests, that in less than 15,000 years their continents would be destroyed.

13 Thus, in order to obtain permission to contruct a city that would become a part of the subterranean network of Agharta, the Lemurians had to get approval by many organisms such as the Galactic Confederation of the planets that have already learned their lesson through years of wars and aggression.

14 With the permission granted, the Lemurians built a city named Telos with the purpose of housing approximately 200,000 people. But when the continent was destroyed, which happened a little before it was predicted, many people could not arrive to the city of Telos on time. When the cataclysm happened scarcely 25,000 people would arrive to the interior of the mountain saving their lives.

15 It is known that the Beloved Mother Land disappeared in a night. It is told by Master Himalaya, through Geraldine Innocenti (the twin flame of El Morya), that the majority of the priests remained faithful to the Light of their sacred call. As captains of a ship near to sink, they remained in their posts resolute to wait for the end, singing and praying while the waters came and drowned them.

16 But before Lemuria sank, some priests and priestesses, knowing that would return to their home, offered themselves also as volunteers to give their support to the process, radiating their force and courage to the continent while they disappeared with it.

17 The truth is that that help was offered to counteract the fear that always accompanies all cataclysmic activity. These affectionate benefactors, with the radiation of their sacrifice, surrounded, literally, the auras of the persons with the mantle of Peace, allowing therefore the creation of a vehicle that freed them of fear, so that the etheric bodies were not so severely marked.

18 Many members of the priestly class formed small strategic groups in several locations, and prayed and sang as the water level arose. The melody they sang was the same that is presently known as: Auld Lang Syne.

19 Through the singing and sacrifice of these priests that chose to be together in groups singing till the end, much fear was mitigated, keeping a certain level of harmony and, in this way, the damage and trauma for the souls that perished were enormously diminished.

20 The idea of offering this support was to avoid that the damage of all the horrible experiences would not leave a scarce and a deep trauma in the etheric body and in the cellular memory of the people since it would take several lives to heal them.

21 The priests and musicians that accompanied them sang and prayed until the coming of the water waves reached a level up to their mouths, but they remained like this until the moment they dissapeared. During the night, when the masses slept covered by a starry night, all ended. The beloved Mother Land was submerged under the Pacific Ocean. None of the priests abandoned their post nor showed any evidence of fear. Lemuria dissapeared with dignity!

22 Auld Lang Syne was the last song dedicated to Lemuria.

23 This night we ask you to sing this song again as a part of our presentation. The people of Earth obtain again this song through the Irish people. We are those ancient acquaintances meeting again. Those of us belonging to the third dimensional Realm are gathered now, in consciousness, as friends and members of the family of Lemuria.

24 Install very deep in your hearts, my friends, this following affirmation. Before the total sinking of Lemuria, it was prophesied that, one day, in the somehow distant future, many of us would gather in groups and would sing this song again knowing, with all certainty, that the Victory of Earth was guaranteed.

25 And almost with tears in his eyes Adama makes us know that many in this room tonight were among those valient souls that sacrificed their lives for the collective benefit. Lets applaud that courage of yesteryear and celebrate now our reunion, and let us continue the great Lemurian mission of assistance to humanity of all the planet, towards the path of their glorious Ascension.

26 A New Day, a New World, is about to be born. Lets learn how the lessons of Love of the New Lemuria, the new found paradise, are about to manifest once again.

27 We are here tonight to co-create together a very important cleansing and healing for the planet and for all of us too. We are going to call this the first cleansing of the ancient painful Lemurian records that are as remnants in the hearts and souls of the majority of people.

28 The time of our separation is about to end and we are relinking now heart with heart of an ever growing number of you, daily.

29 We remain now in silence during a brief moment as within us we establish our intention of remaining with our records clean and healed. Let us anchor ourselves deeply in our hearts.

30 After making the cleansing and healing of your records, remain in silence and from your heart ask your Higher Self permission to bestow cleansing and healing to all humanity, that she may, at this moment, have her own records clean.

31 We create a New Lemuria in the 5 th Dimension, a paradise of wonders and magic. All what you dreamed of is here and much more. When the moment arrives, together with you, we extend Lemuria to the dimension of the surface of this planet. We will teach all of you what we know and all what we have learned in these 12,000 years to the people of the surface.

32 I am Adama, and together with my Lemurian friends, jointly, we applaud this pacific victory.

33 Creations: Hedi Music: Ennya -The Gladiator James Taylor Auld Lang Syne Em unidade eu sou Esharian Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus Website (

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