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Building LIP support system in Aizkraukle district communities 17.02.2012., Āris Ādlers, Aizkraukle.

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1 Building LIP support system in Aizkraukle district communities 17.02.2012., Āris Ādlers, Aizkraukle

2 Team Āris Ādlers, LLF competences, (Project Manager) Valdis Kudiņš, Latvian Rural Forum (Analyst) Inga Bērziņa, Intra Consulting (Rural Development expert) Alda Paura, Aizkraukle Partnership (Event coordinator)

3 Data analysis Description of the obtained (also cultivation) amount of food production’s raw materials and structure in Aizkraukle region Partnership; Description of the existing processed amount of food raw materials and enterprises in Aizkraukle region Partnership that carry out the work; Description of the commerce structure of produced food in the region of Aizkraukle Partnership;

4 Interviews Representatives from municipalities; Producers; Market owners; Rural development consultants; Consumers/Society

5 3 focus groups Focus group for farmers; Focus group for potential food producers Focus group for small food producers; Focus group for big food producers and representatives from municipalities;

6 Territory overview (1) Wide range of food producers in Aizkraukle region Partnership (from individual to large- scale enterprises) The produced food is various and can form certain food “basket”. A specific choice of products is rarely encountered in food market; Big influence of not official product exchange in local market

7 Territory overview (2) As a market the territory of Aizkraukle region Partnership can be divided in two parts: – The right shore of Daugava (region of Skrīveri, Koknese, Aizkraukle, Pļaviņas) where the food processing and producing is developed fairly good, markets of food products are developed but the potential is not fully used; – The left shore of Daugava (regions of Nereta, Jaunjelgava un Vecumnieki) where the potential is limited but not fully acknowledged.

8 Creating the vision There are many diverse food producers in the Aizkraukle region Partnership who in correspondence with local principles are producing various food products and according to the local population’s and inhabitants of Latvia buying ability are selling the products in various markets in the regions of Aizkraukle, Rīga and Jēkabpils, and share a common marketing strategy.

9 Further Steps (1) 1) Create and held a discussion about sustainable food production and commerce principles; 2) Work out a balanced food basket’s creation and support principles for Aizkraukle region Partnership; 3) Create support power for the products assortment diversity according to the buying ability of Aizraukle and other regions in Latvia;

10 Further Steps (2) 4) Development of the local food product sale creating a common local food market and promoting the evolution of short delivery chain in Aizkraukle region Partnership; 5) Develop a strategy for recognizing the produced food’s basket and attract resources to fulfil the strategy; 6) Create a mechanism that encourages local food producers to associate themselves with Partnership’s territory and local population;

11 Further Steps (3) 7) Create a motivation programme for commencing and diversifying the food producing according to food’s basket making principles in Aizkraukle region Partnership; 8) Identifying the ways of linking the local food products with tourism, culture heritage, history, new traditions and services in Aizkraukle region Partnership 9) Develop suggestions for amends in the Law that hinder to realize the conception and objectives.

12 Searching of local identity

13 Local people „green”, environmental and health friendly resident. positive, open-minded, hospitable, good-hearted and active, always saving, a little modest and with small buying ability in spite of his/her own competiveness, intellectual, education, willing to work is also a typical consumer being choosy, demanding and bicker respects and values traditions, usually conservative, cautious and does not look for new solutions loyalty, stability and pride made the region’s population a bit timid Resident of Aizkraukle region Partnership is ready for cooperation, innovations, the use of nature resources and wishes for attention

14 Criteria for LIP (What people think) Easy to use, various volumes and information about usage Includes information about product and producer Healthy, biological Recognized and approved Should have the chance to taste The farm is open to comunity The local family and workforce are involved in producing Local resources Results from cooperation unique (for an experiment)

15 remarks produces autonomous but understands the meaning of cooperation desires are connected with satisfying the consumer (complicated solutions) not using the strong points must keep in mind if the organic, healthy and non- profit food can be turned into a commercial one The wish to have a connection between consumer and buyer can be explained with people hospitality and friendliness exchange of goods occurs outside the formal economy

16 Local Food Festival Quality control dilemma

17 Creating local brand (Almost 100 ideas from people) One common symbol; One common slogan; Different names for each territory products: -Neretas dārgumi (For Nereta) -Kokneses leģendas (For Koknese) -Skrīveru delikateses (For Skrīveri) -Votu zemes gardumi (For Valle and Kurmene (Part of VecumniekI)) -Pļaviņu fīčas (For Plavinas) -Jaunjelgavas grozs (For jaunjelgava) -Aizkraukles ķocis (For Aizkraukle)

18 -This was a result of outsiders point of view; -Can local people accept that? -Are local people able to use their pottential of cooperation? -Are local people ready to find their own solutions and work for it?

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