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What’s New in Cataloging 2009? Felicity Dykas Wayne Sanders Catalog Dept., University of Missouri MOBIUS Annual Conference June 3, 2009 (revised June 19,

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1 What’s New in Cataloging 2009? Felicity Dykas Wayne Sanders Catalog Dept., University of Missouri MOBIUS Annual Conference June 3, 2009 (revised June 19, 2009) presentations/WhatsNewCat2009.ppt

2 Practical - Apply today!

3 Revisions to AACR2 None in 2006- While there have been no revisions to AACR2 in the last few years, there have been many other developments in descriptive cataloging practices and standards.

4 E-books Provider-Neutral E-Monograph Record – Emphasizes recording only information applicable to all manifestations with the same content – Reduces redundancy – Qualifier “(Online)” not to be used in series or uniform titles – Approved by PCC Policy Committee April 29. 2009! – Simplified Metadata Application Profile (MAP) coming June 2009 – Implementation date July 17, 2009

5 Example (current practice) OCLC 259965025

6 Example (Provider Neutral Standard) OCLC 256043385

7 Abbreviated Level Cataloging ELvl 3 OCLC technical bulletin 256 (July 2008) “Elements chosen particularly to support accurate identification of materials for cataloging and discovery purposes and to support automated matching processes.”

8 Abbreviated Level Cataloging Use for original cataloging Required description fields: 010246490 020250856 $u 022260 028300 1xx/7xx (only one field is required) 245 $a, b, c, h

9 ELvl 3 Example

10 Rare Materials Cataloging Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (DCRM) – DCRM(B) Books pub. 2007 – in Cat. Desktop LC implementation decisions – DCRM(S) Serials pub. Nov. 2008 – in Cat. Desktop – DCRM (M) Music, (MSS) Manuscripts, (G) Graphics, (C) Cartographic Materials under development Standard Citations Forms … under revision DCRM Thesauri

11 Playaways, Blu-rays, & Streaming Media Guide to Cataloging Playaway Devices Based on AACR2r Chapters 6 and 9 (OLAC) Guide to Cataloging DVD and Blu-ray Discs Using AACR2r and MARC 21 (2008 update) (OLAC) – Also a pending MARBI proposal for a new value for Blu-ray format in 007 Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media (OLAC) Pending implementation of MARC in WorldCat: – 041 $j Language code of subtitles or captions

12 CONSER Standard Record Revised documentation – 11/4/2008 These are full level records New and revised LCRIs issued – Includes links to instructions and LCRIs

13 CONSER Standard Record Standard abbreviations and capitalization not required in designation and note fields: 362, 515, 5xx FF frequency, regularity, nature of contents and entire work, conference pub – not required Distinguishing uniform titles not required except for generic titles and consistency with monographic series Statement of Responsibility (245 $c) – not required Variant titles (246): In general use indicators 13 (other title)

14 CONSER Standard Record Date of publication (260 $c): not required Physical description (300): $a only required for non- tangible non-print formats; $b and $c not required Dates of publication (362): use unformatted. E.g., “Began …” Series (4xx): not required to add, search for, or create authority record. If added, use 8xx. Use 490 if no series added entry.

15 CONSER Standard Record Description based on note (500): always include unless a derived record Latest issue consulted (500): always include Prefer linking fields to notes and added entries: E.g., 776 $I Also Other physical forms (530/776): use 776 with $i. Do not use 530. Issuing bodies note (550): include access point, skip 550. Use $3 to indicate “applicable date.”

16 Serials Cataloging Changes in coding practice as of May 1, 2009 042: CONSER institutions will use the authentication code “pcc” instead of “lcd” and “lc” FF Cataloging Source (Srce): c = cooperative cataloging program, including CONSER. National libraries will continue to use blank Codes on existing records won’t be updated in-practice.pdf in-practice.pdf

17 Series MARC updates: – 440 Obsolete (Oct. 24, 2008) 490 1_ (redefined as series traced instead of series traced in different form) – $3 for specific volumes, issues, dates (MARC Oct. 2008, not in OCLC yet) 490 1_ $3 : $a Reference works – $x added to all 4xx/8xx fields (MARC Oct. 2008, not in OCLC yet) 830 _0 $3 v. 1-8 $a Collection Byzantine, $x 0223-3738.0223-3738

18 Series PCC decision – Series tracings and authority work optional for all members Provider-Neutral E-Monograph Record – “(Online)” series qualifier obsolete after July 17 th ! – Retrospective clean-up eventually – (BIBCO Mtg. Apr. 30, 2009) SERIES-L (

19 Classification SCM: Classification and Shelflisting Manual (2008) – Combines and updates the old Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification and Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting LC Class schedules: – New Draft of Subclasses KBS and KBT – Subclass G updated Geographic cutter numbers (Tables G1548-G9804) (3/2009) MeSH: ( – New class numbers added 4/2009 Dewey: – New ed. expected late 2010 or early 2011

20 Romanization Tables LC’s Policy & Standards Division posted drafts of new and revised romanization tables: Korean Romanization Table (replaces existing table) Persian Romanization Table (enhancement to the existing table) Persian in non-Arabic Scripts Romanization Table (supplement to Persian table) Judeo-Arabic Romanization Table (new table) (Arabic written in the Hebrew script)

21 GPO/FDLP cataloging (U.S. Government Printing Office / Federal Depository Library Program) Federal Depository Library Handbook (rev. May 2009) – Ch. 6.10 Cataloging overview – Ch. 6.11 Resources that assist with cataloging & processing – Ch. 6.12 Tips, practical advices, and lessons learned – Separate record cataloging for different physical formats

22 WorldCat Indexes - New Access Restrictions (rs: and rs=) – 506 ‡a ‡f Language of Cataloging Description (ll:) – 040 ‡b

23 WorldCat Indexes - Changes URL – 852 $u: Access Method (am: and am=) (only in institution records) Cartographic data – 034 $z and 506 $a, f: Keyword (kw:) Musical composition codes -047 $a: Musical Composition indexes (mc: and mc=). Codes from the IAML list of musical composition codes: Restrictions on access note (506 $a, f): now in Notes search (nt:) Other standard identifier (024 $z): Standard Number (sn: and sn=)

24 OCLC Expert Community Experiment “During the Experiment, participants will be able to correct, improve and upgrade all WorldCat master records, with the exception of PCC records (BIBCO and CONSER records). Library of Congress records that are not PCC records are included in the Experiment.” Began February 2009. Lasts six months htm htm

25 Useful Information

26 CatDesktop: New Resources – Authorities: Format and Indexes (OCLC) – Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media (OLAC) – CAT-DESKTOP discussion list archives – Cataloging Cheatsheets – CONSER Standard Record – Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Serials) – Differences Between, Changes Within: Guidelines on When to Create a New Record (ALA) – Glossary (National Agricultural Library) – Guide to Cataloging Playaway Devices (OLAC) – NextGenCat (Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries) – PCCList – RDA-L Revised resources: – Agricultural Thesaurus (National Agricultural Library), 2009 Edition – Descriptive Cataloging Manual, 2009 Update 1 – Glosario (National Agricultural Library), 2009 Edición – Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, 2008 Update 3-4 – MARC 21 Format for Authority Data, Update 9, October 2008 – MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, Update 9, October 2008 – MARC 21 Format for Classification Data, Update 9, October 2008 – MARC 21 Format for Community Information, Update 9, October 2008 – MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data, Update 9, October 2008 – Tesauro Agrícola (National Agricultural Library), 2009 Edición

27 GPO/FDLP cataloging GPO now using limited authority control GPO & others cataloging pre-1976 depository items Digitization of legacy collections Conversion of shelflist AskGPO – knowledge base

28 Integrating Resources CONSER Cataloging Manual, Module 35 and BIBCO Participants’ Manual, Appendix A – 2008 Revision – Integrating resource records will be added to the CONSER database To report changes to LC records –

29 Subject Cataloging Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings – 5 th ed. completed Feb. 2008 – Title change: Subject Headings Manual, 2009 Subject validation records from LC for subject heading strings – 35,000 records to date – Stopped mid-2008 due to software issue – Plan to continue once issue resolved

30 MARC21 for Bibliographic Data (In process, coming soon) Define videorecording format code in 007 – s = Blu-ray – Proposal no. 2008-09 - approved Enhance 502 (dissertation note) – 502 _ _ $b Ph. D. $c University of Louisville $d 1997. – Proposal no. 2008-05/4 - passed by MARBI 510 $u (citation/references) – Proposal no. 2009-05 – approved

31 LC Genre/Form Headings Projects Completed projects: – Moving image genres (Subject Headings Manual H1913) – Radio programs (Subject Headings Manual H1969.5) New projects (2008-2012): – Cartographic materials-- Music – Law-- Religion – Literature Disposition of LCSH Video Recording Headings in the New Genre/Form Environment (5/2009) – LC Policy and Standards Division has posted a paper:

32 More Genre/Form Headings Music Library Association's Bibliographic Control Committee Genre/Form Task Force – To work collaboratively with LC – Historical/BCC2008/BCC2008WGWRM1.pdf Historical/BCC2008/BCC2008WGWRM1.pdf RBMS thesauri – 2-year moratorium on new term proposals Jun. 9 th – ularies/index.shtml ularies/index.shtml – Combine 7 thesauri – Add to OCLC Terminologies Service Project –

33 Personal name headings Automated controlling of personal name headings in OCLC – Phase I (personal names with multiple elements) completed, Sep. 2008 25.5 million new personal name headings controlled – 040 $d OCLCG

34 New Database of Authority Records LC – new database of authority records – Primary goal: enable machines to programmatically access data at LC (download in various formats) – Also provides simple user access (web interface) – Will add: Thesaurus of Graphic Materials, the MARC 21 codes for geographic areas, languages, and relators, and preservation events.



37 xISSN Visual display of title history for serials. Includes title changes and different formats. Not available for all titles.





42 Broader Knowledge

43 Resource Description & Access (RDA) Dates (per LAC presentation in May 2009): – Content available: June 2009 – Testing begins: July/August 2009 – First release: 4 th quarter 2009 – Testing/preparation: 6-9 months 2010 – Implementation: 2010 “… scheduled to be released at the end of November 2009.“ ( Functional demo to be available soon (per 3/2009 JSC meeting summary)

44 RDA Links RDA – Testing – Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA – ALA ALCTS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) – Blog of the ALA representative to JSC, John Attig – _access_ala_rep_notes/ _access_ala_rep_notes/

45 BIBCO Task Group on BIBCO Standard Record Requirements – Charge: define a set of required elements for bibliographic records for monographs using a single encoding level. – Interim Report (Includes Metadata Application Profile (MAP)): MAP5_20Mar09.pdf MAP5_20Mar09.pdf

46 OLAC (Online Audio Visual Catalogers) Moving Image Work-Level Records Task Force (OLAC) –

47 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) (redesigned web site) Division of Bibliographic Control – Cataloguing Section – – Statement of International Cataloguing Principles Published in February 2009 15 pages Includes use of FRBR concepts and has a glossary international-cataloguing-principles

48 FRBR and Company FRBR (nothing very new) – Working Group on FRBR/CRM Dialogue. Charge: with the CIDOC CRM SIG, “prepare an object-oriented formulation of FRBR (FRBRoo) which is a compatible extension of the CRM conceptual reference model.” Draft issued: 1/2007 FRANAR (FR and Numbering of Authority Records) – March 2009: draft version of Functional Requirements for Authority Data was approved by the Standing Committees of the IFLA Cataloguing and Classification and Indexing Sections. FRSAR (Subject Authority Records) – No document produced so for. – User tasks: Find, Identify, Select, Explore

49 MARC 21 for Bibliographic Data New fields to replace and expand the GMD (245 $h) – One proposal: 336 _ _ moving image $2 rdamedia (Content type) 337 _ _ video $2 rdamedia (Media type) 338 _ _ video disc $2 rdacarrier (Carrier type) – Proposal no. 2008-05/3 – Deferred Metadata control note – 588 _ _ Title from web page (viewed on May, 29, 2008). – Proposal no. 2009-DP02 – Discussion paper

50 MARC MARC 21 – – Most recent changes in MARC format documents are shown in red MARC developments (includes proposals and discussions) MARC 21 Bib Data Elements not Implemented by OCLC – cords/notimplemented/default.htm cords/notimplemented/default.htm MARBI minutes (ALA) –

51 MARC and RDA (Discussions) – URI instead of actual values for controlled headings DP No. 2009-DP01/1 – Discussion paper Possible use: – 100 10 Berg, Elizabeth, $d 1953- – 100 10 $1 arn4102285 – Relationship designators in bib and authority records Authority record – 500 1 _ Mercantile, Karen. $e employee DP No. 2009: 01/2 – Discussion paper

52 MARC and RDA (Proposal) Identify work and expression records Authority record for work and expression – 011 _ _ $a work $2 rda – 100 1 _ $a Ondaate, Michael, $d 1943 - $t English patient – 011 _ _ $a expression $2 rda – 100 1 _ $a Ondaate, Michael, $d 1943 - $t English patient. $l French Bibliographic record for manifestation – 011 _ _ $a manifestation $2 rda – 100 1 _ $a Ondaate, Michael, $d 1943 – – 240 1 0 $a English patient. $l French – 245 13 $a Le patient anglais Proposal No. 2008-05/2 - Deferred

53 MARC 21 for Authority Data New elements in authority records to accommodate FRAD Dates (birth, death, start, end), places (birth, death, country, residence, other), address, language, activities (field of activity, affiliation, occupation), sex (including dates), family information (type, name of prominent member, hereditary title) Not expected to be implemented before 2011 Proposal no: 2009:01/1

54 Virtual International Authority File VIAF matches and links personal name authority files 9 million+ authorities Non-Latin references added 2008 Members: – LC, OCLC, German and French national libraries – National Library of Sweden added Dec. 2008 – New members added in 2009: Czech and Israeli national libraries Future: geographics, corporates, and uniform titles

55 Library of Congress LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (released Jan. 2008) – Survey of bibliographic landscape (R2) Presentation of findings at ALA annual 2009 – Hidden collections – Test of RDA

56 Library of Congress Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate (ABA) – Reorganized last Oct. – CPSO -> PSD (Policy and Standards Division)

57 Library of Congress Bibliographic Enrichment Activities Team (BEAT) – Part of ABA – Research and development projects ToC as part of records or separate files ECIP partners Casalini libri (Italy) provides shelf ready books for about 3,500 titles/year; working with Argentine book dealer for same service

58 Library of Congress Full/Core original FY2007: 211,805 FY2008: 208,321 Copy cataloging FY2007: 71,532 FY2008: 71,790 TOTAL FY2007: 331,218 Collection level FY2007: 3,434 FY2008: 3,895 Minimal level FY2007: 44,447 FY2008: 29,307 FY2008: 313,313

59 Library of Congress New name authority records – FY2007: 98,353 – FY2008: 91,016 New LC subject headings – FY2007: 9,206 – FY2008: 35,748 Includes subject-subdivision strings New LC classification numbers – FY007: 2,127 – FY2008: 1,818

60 Library of Congress LC uses III Electronic Resource Management System

61 OCLC and WorldCat

62 Connexion Enhancements & changes in OCLC Connexion (no future ones scheduled) Client: nt/enhancements/recent.htm Browser: wser/enhancements/recent.htm nt/enhancements/recent.htm wser/enhancements/recent.htm

63 WorldCat Holdings from Nat’l Libs OCLC continues to load records from national libraries E.g., National Library of Israel (788,000 records) Plans to load 25 million more records from national libraries in the coming year Interactive map showing national library participation: dmap/default.htm dmap/default.htm

64 Lots of recent updates – April 2009 enhancements ment357.htm ment357.htm WorldCat Identities – Summary pages for names in WorldCat – Personal and corporate names – – Links now available in


66 INCLUDES: Publication timeline Most widely held works about/by Elizabeth Berg Languages Alternative names

67 WorldCat Local WorldCat Local quickstart – Free with FirstSearch subscription – Record loads for vendor supplied records – Free reclamation – lt.htm lt.htm Web-scale, cooperative library management system – Delivery, circulation, acquisitions, license management –

68 OCLC Policies and Reports OCLC Record Use Policy – withdrawn – Was: Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC- Derived Records – Proposal now called: Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records OCLC Karen Calhoun research report, “Online Catalogs: What Users and Librarians Want”

69 OCLC Research Research Works – ault.htm ault.htm Example: Reference Extract – Web search experience that pulls results from sites used by libraries for inclusion of more credible resources –

70 ONIX Online Information eXchange – International standard of metadata for book industry product information. April 2009: Release of ONIX 3.0 – One way this information is being used: add publisher information to WorldCat: brief bibs and data enrichment.

71 SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System – “SKOS is an area of work developing specifications and standards to support the use of knowledge organization systems (KOS) such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading systems and taxonomies within the framework of the Semantic Web...” SKOS Primer – 3rd Working Draft, 17 March 2009

72 National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Z39.91 – 200x – Collection Description Specification in trial stages. Last modification, Sept. 2008 How to describe collections. A Metadata Application Profile (draft standards) Events E.g., Webinar on Data Movement and Management on March 18, 2009

73 Other Discovery Tools Open source developments to keep an eye on: – OLE (Open Library Environment) – eXtensible Catalog (University of Rochester) Suite of applications; two have been released – Single Business Discovery Project (Libraries Australia Advisory Committee) /single_business_discovery_project.pdf /single_business_discovery_project.pdf

74 Other Discovery Tools CONTENTdm 5: – Supports Unicode. Searching enhancements (uses search engine behind, faceted browsing, etc.), new reports module, nine integrated thesauri, improvements for handling EAD (Encoded Archival Description) – Free with FirstSearch subscription Three downloadable Project Clients for building digital collections (3) 10 GB of storage for up to 3,000 digital items. ment359.htm ment359.htm

75 Other Discovery Tools Summon – Serials Solutions product Museum Data Exchange Project – “OCLC releases software suite to help museums exchange data.” – They might share data with others such as ARTstor and OCLC, too – COBOAT: metadata publishing tool available under a fee- free license – OAICatMuseum 1.0: for metadata harvesting –

76 New Discovery Tools Nearby Washington University – AquaBrowser Springfield-Greene – Encore

77 ALA ALAconnect – Options to join or create communities of interest, network – Do not need to be a member of ALA ALCTS - Online training sessions – no cataloging ones yet g/webcourse/index.cfm g/webcourse/index.cfm

78 MOBIUS MCDAC task force on authority control Task force on MOBIUS catalog design to be appointed by Executive Committee New indexes being implemented in MOBIUS Catalog: publisher, ISSN, ISBN, genre, music number – Test out on staging server: MCAT (MOBIUS catalogers) Sign up via MCO help desk

79 MU School of Info Science and Learning Technologies Cataloging now an alternative required course – Students must take Cataloging or Management of Information

80 Questions? Felicity Dykas Wayne Sanders

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