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Nora’s Chicks WebQuest. Meet the Author Nora’s Chicks is written by Newberry Award winner, Patricia MacLachlan. Ms. Maclachlan has written over fifty.

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1 Nora’s Chicks WebQuest

2 Meet the Author Nora’s Chicks is written by Newberry Award winner, Patricia MacLachlan. Ms. Maclachlan has written over fifty books, one of her books was even made into a movie! Read here to find out more about this

3 Introduction Have you ever thought about what it would be like to move to another country? Not just visit, but move there FOREVER? What would that feel like? Exciting? Nervous? Scary? Have you ever considered what would change about your life? Would anything stay the same? What would you have to give up? Would you gain anything new?

4 Introduction Cont. In this WebQuest you will be participating in some activities that will help you to better understand the story about Nora. This is a girl from the country of Russia, that moves to the United States to live. By having a better understanding of the story you will see how moving to a new country is sometimes a struggle.

5 Content Areas & Objectives Content Areas 4 th Grade Reading Objectives Students will use the WebQuest to better understand the story as well recognize the struggles of moving to a new country.

6 Here are the Directions 1.You will be completing this WebQuest with a partner. You are to chose FOUR of the six tasks to complete. 2. One student will be the reader and supply manager. The second person will be the correspondent and announcer. 3.Reader- This person will be in charge of reading the WebQuest out loud. Supply Manager this person will be in charge of printing out enough materials for both people.

7 Directions Cont. 4. Correspondent-This person is in charge of writing information down. Announcer-This person is in charge of presenting information to the class or asking the teacher (me) for help.

8 Task One: Nora’s Chicks?: What does that mean? Task 1: Pre-reading Activity. For the first task please click here to print off one copy of the pre-reading brainstorming activity. here Together with your partner I want you to brainstorm what the book is possibly about. Do not open or look through the book yet. Try to make as many guesses or inferences as you can based on the front cover. Good Luck!

9 Task Two Nora’s Chicks? I get it now. But I am still confused on some things? Task 2: Take turns reading the book to one another. After each person reads the book write down words you don’t the know meanings of. After both partners read the book you will have a combined list of words. Click here to print off a vocabulary Next using the context clues in the book decide what the best definition of the words are. Draw a picture or symbol illustrating the meaning of each word as well. If you get stuck click here for an online dictionary to

10 Task Three: Put Yourself in Nora’s Shoes Task 3: Nora is from the country of Russia. She and her family immigrated to the United States. Nora only took three personal items with her when she moved (besides her clothing). Click here to see a map of where Russia is located. See if you can find which color on the map represents Russia. When you and your partner figure it out raise your hand and have the announcer let me

11 Task Three Cont. Pretend that you are moving to Russia, and you are only allowed to bring three items. What would you bring? Print two copies of the following Venn Diagram here. Use the diagram to record what Nora took with her and what you would take if you had to move too. here Compare your items to Nora’s. Are they the same? Different? What are some possible explanations for the similarities or differences? The announcer will need to be ready to share findings with the class.

12 Task Four: What’s the main problem? Task 4. Nora, the main character, is battling some type of internal conflict within the story; meaning she is having trouble feeling happy that she is living in a different country. Understanding conflict within a story can help you understand it. Print out this chart to see if you and your partner can come up with the different ways Nora is battling an internal conflict.this Next, think about a certain internal conflict you have struggled with. On the chart include examples of your individual internal conflicts. The Announcer will need to be ready to report to the class.

13 Task Five: I get it now! Task 5. To make sure you fully understand the story, I want you to complete a story map. Click here for the story map template. Print it out and fill in the blanks. Remember that a story map will include all the story The announcer needs to be ready to report the finding to the class.

14 Task Six: What about the chicks? Task 6: In the book, Nora took care of the chicks, which gave her something personal that she became responsible for. I want you to think about a time when you had to take care of an animal. Consider the following questions What were some of the responsibilities you had to do in order take care of the animal? How did it feel knowing that the animal was dependent on you? Print out the following reflection sheet here and write about a time in which you, like Nora, had to take care of an

15 Conclusion & Extension I hope you have enjoyed the WebQuest about Nora’s Chicks. Remember the reason why we complete task is to better understand the story as well as see how hard it can be moving to another county. Take a minute and fill out this evaluation form, check yourself on each of the tasks you performed. I will collect these and write my score beside yours.this evaluation Here are some more books about different cultures. Check them out! I Lost My Tooth in Africa I Lost My Tooth in Africa by: Penda Diakite. Illustrated by: Baba Wague Diakite Everybody Bakes Bread Everybody Bakes Bread by: Norah Dooley. Illustrated by: Peter J. Thorton Pecan Pie Baby Pecan Pie Baby by: Jacqueline Woodson. Illustrated by: Sophie Blackall The Firekeeper’s Son The Firekeeper’s Son by: Linda Sue Park. Illustrations by: Julie Downing

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