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U ser X perience D esign. User Experience Design is not just about designing good looking websites or interfaces.

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1 U ser X perience D esign

2 User Experience Design is not just about designing good looking websites or interfaces

3 Its about making it work for you

4 It’s about designing assets that can convert… Advocate Client Customer Prospect Suspect

5 …assets which build your brand image

6 … that makes the emotional connect

7 … that leave a lasting impression

8 …that can generate leads

9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 … that sell more

10 …that can build credibility & trust

11 It’s about designing Interfaces which are addictive

12 …which are a pleasure to use

13 … which can differentiate your product from the rest

14 User Experience Design is not just about attracting your visitors or uses It is about engaging, acquiring & retaining them

15 But you need User Experience Design to attract, engage, acquire and retain Pretty designs attract ATTRACTENGAGEACQUIRERETAIN

16 Today it’s not so much about the Wow factor

17 It is about the OOMPH factor

18 We call it Seductive design

19 Design that creates desire

20 And that’s NO easy task.

21 User Experience Design is a seamless blend of… !

22 Technology Engineering …and more Innovation Graphics Ideas Psychology Creativity Strategy

23 User Research Interaction Design Visual Design Communication Design Usability Engineering Functional Design Content Design Information Architecture Web Strategy Ideas/ innovation

24 Corporate & Brand Websites eCommerce websites/ Online businesses Web/ mobile application interfaces We design user experience for …

25 Corporate/ Brand Websites Content design Communication Design Visual & Graphic Design Branding & Identity Development CMS / Manual Web Communication Strategy Idea/ Conceptualization Information Architecture

26 eCommerce Websites/ Online Business Portals User Requirement Analysis Visual/ Graphic Design Development CMS / Manual Wire framing Information Architecture Interaction Design Understanding The idea, opportunity, business Usability Design

27 We have worked with small-garage-start-ups to Fortune 500’s And delivered over 250 projects


29 We have What it takes.

30 Best Practices Derived from sound aesthetic background and deep understanding of the web world. Avante garde strategy is built over a layer of practiced perfection. While we do follow established pipelines, we tend to branch out harmoniously as well.

31 Quality & Perfection Of our many things that makes us unique, one that stands out is our quality. Be it in ensuring pixel- perfection in our designs or aesthetics through usability and design, we outclass most design and UX firms.

32 Committed Commitment and hard work amounts for a great deal in our little world. We see a lot of brilliance accruing from it. We diligently stand by our practices, and never waver. Our dedication and honesty have done wonders with our relationships with our clients.

33 Knowledge Centric Our strength in design is backed by a thorough understanding of business and web strategy. We have burnt the midnight oil over the years to truly understand how the web can benefit your organization. Be it psychology, heuristics, interaction, or business; we have been reading up

34 Process Driven Conceiving and creating a Business Critical application requires a process driven approach to design. We define specific and transparent goals and deliverables, to keep our clients updated through the cycle. Our system is a well oiled machine, and the process the cog.

35 Right mix Our uniqueness stems from a magically blended and water-tight team. A perfect blend of creative vigour, strategic acumen, and technology savyness, topped with high levels of dedication and hard work. We are not just about design, but about 'Strategic Creative Solutions'

36 Track Record Above all, we are committed to our clients and inspired by their customers. We have and always will deliver above expectations, and our clients keep coming back for more. We have strived hard to maintain a proven track record, one with minimal blemishes and happy faces all along!

37 Transparent We are transparent and always open for a good discussion. Be it with our designer, our architect, or even our CEO; you can drop us a line or drop by to brainstorm on a concept, business niggle, or even your weekend plans over a cuppa chai!

38 Value for Money Forget the fact that you get the highest levels of quality, creativity and user experience at a surprisingly affordable cost; our service is a true Return on Investment. Invest in us and take home a golden egg or three. Your benefits are un surmountable!

39 At your Service Either we will find a way... or create one for you. Our clients depend on us to drive their online strategy, find solutions that advance their business goals and demonstrate return on investment by delivering value for their customers.

40 We needed a branding and communication plan for our suite of service offering.... one which would provide a unified theme as well as be in line with our business strategy. UXD responded very well to the challenge and helped us in not just with the strategy formulation but also with all communication needed to achieve this... Rajat Mohanty, CEO, Paladion

41 UX Design Labs work has been the driving factor in the success of the i-Nurture website, with on- time deliverables and excellent support in the areas of website design and development. We confidently recommend them as experts in their field.. Nikhil Kapoor, CEO, iNurture

42 UXD was able to take our business plan for setting up an Art Portal and weave a powerful web strategy right from branding, website and user interface design right thru to delivery of website... they have a passion to deliver value and provide an excellent sounding board for taking an exciting but diffuse idea and help shape it into reality. Joe Thomas, Founder, Kalaa Art space

43 Thank you for your time. For more please visit our website Or do get in touch with us on +91 80 41162511 /

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