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about us portfolio contact

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1 about us portfolio contact

2 e-mail:
Contact GANZ MODEL DESIGN Ltd. 30, Nikola Petkov Blvd. Sofia 1618, BULGARIA studio phone: principal phone : X

3 X About us Ganz Model Design
is a small company with an own studio and a permanent team of modelists, artists and engineers who love their work. We have knowledge and experience in design and production of special effects for cinema, TV, advertisement, interior, etc. We produce: animatronics and mechanics; dolls; puppets; figures; creature effects; prosthetics; maquettes ( including scale 1:1); scenery; props (according to the production’s needs) See some of our favorite projects X

4 About us Studio: We have at disposal materials and technology and we can create all that you need for your projects and ideas. The equipment, in conjunction with our experience, makes possible carrying out the whole process – from shaping in your own or our own design to molding, casting and making a final product, including paint work and ageing. For the purpose we use the following materials: plastic and mold materials (clay, plaster, plasticine, etc. silicone rubbers; cold curing plastics, including fiber glass; foam latex; foam urethane; rubber latex; wood, MDF, OSB, etc.; metal; We also use vacuum molding (ABS, LEXSAN, PVC) and some little tricks that we have discovered. See project list for 2004 X

5 Project list for 2004 »Presentable maquette January “Space Toon Galaxy” » Interior decisions January Internet club “Zonata” » SFX Costumes February “Grave Land” film production » Character (head and gloves) March Political Puppet Show – Experiment » Scenery April bTV – “Exam” TV game » Creatures and creature effects; props; May/June “Antibody” film production set design and dressing; special FX » Interior decisions June/July Café “Opera” » SFX props, body parts, mechanical props July/Oct. HALLMARK TV – “Icon” production with P. Swayzy » Retractable & rubber bayonets August “Submerged” - production with Steven Segal » Breakaway sheets and glasses August “Shadows Of Pale” film productin » Scenery, props and set-dressing Aug./Oct. BULGARIAN NATIONAL TV - “Patriarchy” production » Advertising displays September DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. X

6 Animatronic creatures

7 Animatronic creatures

8 Animatronic creatures

9 Animatronic creatures

10 Animatronic creatures

11 Animatronic creatures

12 Animatronic creatures

13 Animatronic creatures & Work on set

14 Puppets & Mold making X

15 Puppets & Mold making X

16 Puppets & Mold making X

17 Puppets & Mold making X

18 Puppets & Mold making X

19 Puppets & Mold making X

20 Puppet props X

21 Fake body parts X

22 Prosthetic fabrications

23 Miniatures X

24 Miniatures X

25 Miniatures X

26 Miniatures X

27 Miniatures X

28 Miniatures X

29 Miniatures X

30 Miniatures X

31 Maquettes X

32 Maquettes X

33 Scenery X

34 Maquettes X

35 Maquettes X

36 Costume X

37 Costume X

38 Props X

39 Props X

40 Models X

41 Models X

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