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Partnership Update Spring 2013

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1 Partnership Update Spring 2013

2 Judging your department O The new SS guidance – lilac sheets. O The Hattie evidence diagnostic – yellow sheets

3 Progress O Of groups O Expected progress – only satisfactory O Progress of 4 levels… What data do you have about your students? Where do students need to be each year to make 4LP?

4 A*/A What worked? What didnt?

5 A*/A O Start early – the mid Y9 intervention O Fuel the history, they are often bored by GCSE O Separate and targeted revision sessions

6 What do the following have in common

7 Work Scrutiny O Feedback O Progress over time

8 Feedback- the magic bullet? O In analysis of data, an effect-size of 1.0 is typically associated with: O advancing learners' achievement by one year, or improving the rate of learning by 50% O a two grade leap in GCSE, e.g. from a C to an A grade. O An effect size of 1.0 is clearly enormous!

9 So what is Hatties fab feedback? O Feedback includes telling students what they have done well (positive reinforcement) O What they need to do to improve (corrective work, targets etc), O High quality feedback is always given against explicit criteria. O As well as feedback on the task Hattie believes that students can get feedback on the processes they have used to complete the task, and on their ability to self-regulate their own learning. All these have the capacity to increase achievement. O Feedback is used and this is checked. O Feedback is along the journey not at the end of the road. Feedback on the self' such as well done you are good at this' is not helpful. The feedback must be informative rather than evaluative. Praise is not mixed up with feedback.

10 A Level Reform O No more Jan modules O New specs for teaching from Sept 2015 designed by Russell Group O A/S freestanding qualification O A Level strengthened

11 BBC News O School history lessons should be overhauled and a British history qualification brought in for 16-year-olds, urges a group of MPs and peers.

12 The Times 30/12/12 O Revised history curriculum to focus on events in Britain The Jamaican-born nurse Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano, a freed slave, are set to be axed as the education secretary introduces a stronger emphasis on kings and conflict

13 Telegraph 9/12/13 O Will Gove's 'posh white blokes' history curriculum ignore women? O Michael Gove, the Education Minister, has caused controversy with his plans for a new history curriculum, which could mean the only women children learn anything about will be queens, writes Cathy Newman.

14 O Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in the completion.

15 Thomas Aquinas, A Students Prayer

16 Up and coming O The future training of history teachers. O The strengthening of the GCSE specs. O A Level change

17 For your diary O 14 th Feb. Free Holocaust Education course from IOE. (GR has details) O Your Outstanding KS3 Curriculum Conference. O HA in York O SHP in Leeds O County Durham Network – single meetings can be negotiated.

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