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ISAIAH 2 NEPHI 13-24. “Great are the words of Isaiah” 3 Nephi 23:1-3.

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1 ISAIAH 2 NEPHI 13-24

2 “Great are the words of Isaiah” 3 Nephi 23:1-3

3 Isaiah Scripture Study Skills  1 Nephi 19:23  2 Nephi 11:8

4 “Now I will read to you my own experiment. This is personal; it lets you look into my heart. Here is the instruction I followed. “I began to read in 2 Nephi 12 and thought, “The Lord is speaking to me and wants to tell me something. What is it He wants to tell me directly?” “I will make you this promise about reading the Book of Mormon: You will be drawn to it as you understand what the Lord has imbedded in it. Nephi, Mormon, and Moroni knew that, and those who put it together put in it messages for you... There are simple direct messages for them that will tell them how to change.” (Elder Henry B. Eyring, CES Symposium on the Book of Mormon – 17 August 1990 – BYU)




8 Go through 2 Nephi 13:16-24 and look for application (likening). Application? You gotta have your confidence from Christ. Where do you get your confidence? 2 NEPHI 12-13

9 President Joseph F. Smith said: “It is not for you to be led by the women of the world; it is for you to lead the... women of the world, in everything that is praise-worthy, everything that is God-like, everything that is uplifting and... purifying to the children of men” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith [1998], 184). 2 NEPHI 12-13

10 “I urge you not to look to contemporary culture for your role models and mentors. Please look to your faithful mothers for a pattern to follow. Model yourselves after them, not after celebrities whose standards are not the Lord’s standards and whose values may not reflect an eternal perspective. Look to your mother. Learn from her strengths, her courage, and her faithfulness. 2 NEPHI 12-13

11 “She may not be a whiz at texting; she may not even have a Facebook page. But when it comes to matters of the heart and the things of the Lord, she has a wealth of knowledge. As you approach the time for marriage and young motherhood, she will be your greatest source of wisdom. No other person can help you find happiness— in this life and forever.” (M. Russell Ballard, “Mothers and Daughters,” Ensign, May 2010, 18–21) 2 NEPHI 12-13


13 2 NEPHI 14

14  When have you felt the Lord’s protection or guidance in your home or at church?  When have you found spiritual relief or protection in the temple?  What kind of people will dwell in the homes and worship in the churches and temples described in 2 Nephi 14:5–6? 2 NEPHI 14-15 2 Nephi 14:4-6 includes Isaiah’s description of what will happen if the daughters of Zion humble themselves, repent, and turn to the Lord.


16 2 NEPHI 15:26

17 2 Nephi 15:26  What is the Lord going to “lift up”? President Joseph Fielding Smith: “That ensign [is] the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which was established for the last time, never again to be destroyed or given to other people. It was the greatest event the world has seen since the day that the Redeemer was lifted upon the cross and worked out the infinite and eternal atonement. It meant more to mankind than anything else that has occurred since that day” (Doctrines of Salvation, 3 vols. [1954–56], 3:254–55).

18 2 NEPHI 15:26 Ensign to the Nations (Part I 4:29)

19 PARTNERS  What blessings have come to you because of your membership in the church?  What is one truth about the gospel that you wish you could share with all the world? Why?

20 ENSIGN TO THE NATIONS Ensign to the Nations (Part II 6:05)


22 2 NEPHI 16:1-11

23 What do these things have in common?


25 2 NEPHI 17,19

26 Christmas Trivia Test:  Jesus was born on December 25 th  Jesus was born in Bethlehem or Nazareth  The first to see the Christ child were the wise men  There were three wise men  The Shepherds followed a star right to Jesus  Jesus’ first family vacation was to Egypt  What is your favorite title for Him? 2 NEPHI 17, 19

27 2 Nephi 17:14. Immanuel means “God with us.”. When have you seen the reality of the Lord as Immanuel, or “God with us,” in your life? In 2 Nephi 19:6-7. Which of these titles best describes how you feel about the Savior? Why? 2 NEPHI 17, 19


29 2 NEPHI 18

30 Read 2 Nephi 18:6–8 The “waters of Shiloah” symbolized for Isaiah the calming, steady, sustaining influence and power of God that needed to be part of the nation’s political life; Isaiah prophesied that the king of Assyria and the power of his invading army (represented by “the waters of the river, strong and many”) would conquer Syria and Israel. Read 2 Nephi 18:13. Where did the Lord counsel Judah to turn for help? 2 NEPHI 18

31  What are the dangers of putting your trust in worldly things?  When have you turned to the Lord for strength when you were initially tempted to turn to other sources? What did you learn from the experience?  Under King Hezekiah, the people of Judah were spared from destruction because they followed Isaiah’s counsel from the Lord. How can following modern prophets guard you against spiritual harm? 2 NEPHI 18



34 2 Nephi 18-19 Read 2 Nephi 18:6-8 and 2 Nephi 18:9–12, 14–15 and look for Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus Christ. Reference 2 Nephi 18:6 Christ would be rejected by most people at His first coming. 2 Nephi 18:7–8 At His Second Coming He will appear in power and glory. What we Learn about Jesus Christ from Isaiah 2 Nephi 18:9–12, 14–15 Those who oppose Him will fail, but those who are on His side will be protected. Isaiah Prophecies of Jesus Christ

35 2 Nephi 18-19 Read 2 Nephi 18:13, 16–17 and 2 Nephi 19:5 and look for Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus Christ. Reference 2 Nephi 18:13, 16–17 We can prepare for the Second Coming by obeying the scriptures and worshiping and waiting for the Lord. 2 Nephi 19:5 (see also 20:16– 18; 23:9) At the Second Coming the wicked will be destroyed by fire (see D&C 133:41 to learn about the source of the fire that will destroy the wicked).. What we Learn about Jesus Christ from Isaiah Isaiah Prophecies of Jesus Christ

36 2 Nephi 19, 21, 23 Read 2 Nephi 19:6-7, 2 Nephi 21:1–2 and look for Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus Christ. Reference 2 Nephi 19:6 Christ will control the governments of the world during the Millennium. People will recognize Him for who He is. 2 Nephi 19:7 His power and control will be limitless and last forever. What we Learn about Jesus Christ from Isaiah 2 Nephi 21:1–2 He will have the Spirit, wisdom, and might Isaiah Prophecies of Jesus Christ

37 Read 2 Nephi 21:3–5 and 2 Nephi 23:10, 13 and look for Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus Christ. Reference 2 Nephi 21:3–5 He will righteously judge the people. He will slay the wicked by the power of His word. 2 Nephi 23:10 The sun, moon, and stars will not shine at His coming. What we Learn about Jesus Christ from Isaiah 2 Nephi 19, 21, 23 2 Nephi 23:13 Earthquakes will accompany His return. Isaiah Prophecies of Jesus Christ



40  Satan is a spirit son of God who was once an angel "in authority in the presence of God" (2 Nephi 24:12-15)  In the premortal Council in Heaven, Lucifer rebelled against God.  He seeks that all become miserable like he is.  In Satan's rebellion against God, Satan "sought to destroy the agency of man" (Moses 4:3).  Satan persuaded "a third part of the hosts of heaven" to turn away from the Father (D&C 29:36).  Heavenly Father allows Satan and Satan's followers to tempt us as part of our experience in mortality (see 2 Nephi 2:11–14)  Individuals do not have to give in to Satan's temptations. Each person has the power to choose good over evil, and the Lord has promised to help all who seek Him through sincere prayer and faithfulness. 2 NEPHI 24: SATAN



43 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: “To all of you who think you are lost or without hope, or who think you have done too much that was too wrong for too long, to every one of you who worry that you are stranded somewhere on the wintry plains of life and have wrecked your handcart in the process, this conference calls out Jehovah’s unrelenting refrain, ‘[My] hand is stretched out still’ [see Isaiah 5:25; 9:17, 21]. ‘If they will repent and come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long’ [2 Nephi 28:32]. His mercy endureth forever and His hand is stretched out still. His is the pure love of Christ, the charity that never faileth, that compassion which endures even when all other strength disappears” (“Prophets in the Land Again,” Ensign, Nov. 2006, 106–7). 2 NEPHI 24:26-27

44 2 NEPHI 24 It’s never too late (Elder Holland)


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