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Tips to Replace the Boot Drive on a PC using Norton Ghost.

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1 Tips to Replace the Boot Drive on a PC using Norton Ghost

2 To copy for cut everything on your present hard drive to transfer at another hard drive without losing anything, including the OS, there is Norton Ghost available. Some of the sparred disks are there with a bootable CD so that the data can get copied easily from an old disk to a new one. Do the following procedure to replace the boot drive on a computer by using Norton Ghost. Also, you can avail help from Norton Antivirus Number where experts are available for quick support.

3 Here you need to insert the disk titled Norton Ghost. This will give you the skill to create a bootable floppy disk to run ghost on Ensure that the jumper setting for the current hard drive is set to Master After this, you need to insert the floppy disk into your floppy drive and turn off the computer device Once you complete this, then turn on the computer, and if you already have your computer's boot priority set to floppy before HDD then you're fine Norton Ghost will spontaneously get started, ask to make the connected drives ghost drives. Then you will have the choice to copy from disk to disk, or partition to partition

4 According to the size of each drive, you will require selecting the option. Once the selection is done, you will see a warning about the destination drive that being written over, click “OK” After the process is finished, you should choose quit from the menu, remove the diskette, and turn off your computer. Here normally unplug both hard drives and switch the jumper on the new hard drive from slave to master You will now end up to boot right into Windows with all of your data complete, programs installed After this, you will get onscreen instruction, simply follow them

5 Moreover, to have any kind of support or guidance related to Norton antivirus, you better call on our toll-free Norton Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number -1-800-589-0948 that is accessible 24/7 for Norton’s customers. Here you will have support under the supervision of trained and skilled technicians.

6 Visit Us http://www.nortonantivirussupportnu Call Now Toll Free: 1-800-589-0948 CONTACT DETAILS

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