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What are the Steps to Connect Epson Printer to Laptop?

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1 What are the Steps to Connect Epson Printer to Laptop?

2 If you use an Epson printer and wants to connect your machine to your laptop in order to take out prints, then follow these given steps in this blog. You just need to follow these given steps and you’ll be able to connect your laptop to your machine. In case, you come across any problematic situation in following these steps then it’s better to make a call on Epson printer support number. Experts will help you in learning this process.

3 First, turn on your laptop and then make sure that cable of your print machine is not connected to it. Next, you have to insert the installation disc into its drive and the close its optical disk. A menu will automatically run, if it doesn’t, then you need to press the Windows key and “R” key altogether that will open “Run” dialog box. Then, you have to click “Browse” there and go to CD or DVD drive and then you have to double-click on its “Setup”. Next, you have to click “OK” to run its setup. After that, you need to click “Agree”, once you read the license term agreement. Directions to follow:

4 Now you have to connect your Epson print machine to your laptop when you see on-screen prompts to do so during this installation program. It depends on your print machine’s model, and then print machine may connect to your laptop’s parallel printer port or a USB port. Next, you have to click on “Print Test Page” to test the machine. You have to choose an additional software that you wish to install by following the on-screen directions. This only requires clicking “Next”.

5 Just follow the directions that you get on your screen to register your print machine if you want to do so. Once the installation process gets completed, you need to restart your laptop.

6 With these steps, you are able to connect your printer to your laptop, in case, you need any assistance in this regard then contact Epson Printer support team.Epson Printer support

7 Epson Printer Support Number Ireland +353-768887727 Also Read This Blog: Also, Read This Blog: What are the Steps to Follow Epson Printer Setup for Windows? Source

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