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<month year> doc.: IEEE <030158r0> July 2003

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1 <month year> doc.: IEEE <030158r0> July 2003 Project: IEEE P Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) Submission Title: [15.4-interest-group-closing-report ] Date Submitted: [7 March 2003] Source: [Larry Taylor] Company [Staccato Communications], [Jason Ellis] Company [General Atomics] Address [5893 Oberlin Dr., San Diego, CA, USA] Voice:[(858) ], FAX: [(858) 642 Address [10240 Flanders Ct., San Diego, CA, USA] Voice:[(858) ], FAX: [(858) 457 Re: [UWB Interest Group for ] Abstract: [Closing Plenary Report on IEEE IG4a] Purpose: [To inform the WG on progress in the Alt PHY interest group for 15.4.] Notice: This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release: The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA) <author>, <company>

2 Alt PHY Interest Group Activities
July 2003 Alt PHY Interest Group Activities Interest group started in November 02 Reflector membership stable but still growing Current count 160 members Presentation sessions at Ft. Lauderdale Mtg 100+ attendees Tutorial at Dallas (1) Mtg. 200+ attendees Motion to form SG defeated with request to identify more 15.4 differentiating applications Informal Call for Applications issued 14 respondents SFO Meeting Monday Evening - Application presentation, 70+ attendees Motion to move to Study Group 62 For, 20 Against, 14 Abstentions Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

3 Informal Call for Applications
July 2003 Informal Call for Applications 14 Respondents See IEEE /266 Identified a range of application areas Safety (Public/Military) Smart buildings Item locating/tracking RTLS Inventory/transportation Networking Respondents from industry, retail, public services, communications and semiconductor manufacturers Address cost, technical feasibility as well as markets Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

4 15.4 Enhancement Focus Precision Location is key enhancement
July 2003 15.4 Enhancement Focus Precision Location is key enhancement Wide range of value adding applications identified Enhancement of other capabilities Scalable data rate High aggregate capacity Range Power consumption Cost Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

5 Table of Contributors Patrick Houghton Aetherwire & Location 4-12
July 2003 Table of Contributors Source Affiliation(s) Pages Patrick Houghton Aetherwire & Location Jason Ellis General Atomics Lajuane Brooks LB&A Consulting John Lampe Nanotron Technologies Uri Kareev Pulsicom In Hwan Kim Samsung Electronics Ted Kwon Samsung / CUNY Mark Bowles Staccato Communications Philippe Rouzet ST Microelectronics Oren Eliezer InfoRange Kai Siwiak TimeDerivative / Q-Track Peter Batty Ubisense Limited Serdar Yurdakul Wisair Richard Nowakowski City of Chicago- OEMC R&D 81-88 Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

6 Summary Confirmed interest level to start Study Group
July 2003 Summary Confirmed interest level to start Study Group Identified many enhanced applications Restate commitment of leadership slate Chair: Larry Taylor (Staccato) Vice Chair: Jason Ellis (General Atomics) Technical Editor: Philippe Rouzet (ST Microelectronics) Secretary: TBD (TBD) Owing to the intensity of the 15.3a down selection debate, the working sessions were postponed Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

7 Motion to the Working Group
July 2003 Motion to the Working Group Move to create a Study Group for the purpose of generating an amendment PAR & 5C for an alternate PHY for For 62 Against 20 Abstain 14 Motion carried Larry Taylor (Staccato), Jason Ellis (GA)

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