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Cyber Security By: Pratik Gandhi.

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1 Cyber Security By: Pratik Gandhi

2 What is Cyber Security Cyber Security is the protection of information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks made through a computer.

3 Types of Problems Code Based-
Viruses- A type of code that requires you to perform an action. For example, opening an attachment . Trojans- A program that pretends to do one thing but does something else behind the scenes. Worms- Are similar to viruses but are self-replicating.

4 Hackers Hackers are the people who write the code for viruses, trojans, and worms. They exploit weaknesses in programs for their own personal gain.

5 Spyware Generally, spyware is also called “Ad-ware”. It is used by the advertising industry. Spyware can send you pop-up ads, redirect you to websites, monitor what websites you visit, or track what keys you type.

6 How does a Virus get on to a Computer
In most cases a Virus or similar infects a computer through the user opening an attachment. Other ways they may get on to your computer is by clicking on a pop up window or through downloaded software.

7 Protection Against Attacks
Anti-Virus- Programs that scan your computer for patterns of know viruses. Anti-Spyware- Similar to Anti-Virus programs Anti-Spyware is used to detect spyware (cookies, etc.).

8 Firewalls Firewalls shield a computer from malicious or unnecessary internet traffic, as they block data from certain locations. There are two types: hardware and software. Hardware Firewalls- Are actual physical devices that are positioned between a computer and a router. Software Firewalls- Do the same thing as a hardware based firewall.

9 Security is a big problem with . To protect yourself you should: Use a password that has upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Use an Anti-Virus program to scan attachments. Don’t open chain letters or spam.

10 QUIZ What is a Worm? A Virus that Self-Replicates.
A creature living in the computer. Does not exist.

11 Wrong!!!

12 Correct!!!

13 The End For more information see:

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