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London Sights Read the information and tick the correct answer:

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1 London Sights Read the information and tick the correct answer:

2 Admiral Nelson defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar. To remember this historical event Lord Nelson‘s Column was put up in the middle of a famous London square, next to two fountains.

3 Where can you find Nelson‘s Column? On Piccadilly Circus On Trafalgar Square

4 What do you know about Trafalgar Square? There is a statue of Queen Elizabeth II in the centre. There are two beautiful fountains next to Lord Nelson‘s Column.

5 The Houses of Parliament were opened in 1852. There are two Houses: The House of Commons, where laws are made, and the House of Lords.

6 What do the Houses of Parliament consist of ? Three Houses: the House of Lords the House of Commons the House of Windsor Two Houses: the House of Lords the House of Commons

7 Where are laws made? In the House of Lords In the House of Commons

8 The clocktower is 106 m high. Big Ben is the bell inside the tower. It weighs 14 tons and is named after Sir Benjamin Hall.

9 What is called Big Ben? The famous clocktower of the Houses of Parliament The bell in the clocktower of the Houses of Parliament

10 Tower Bridge is the famous bridge across the River Thames near the Tower of London. It can be raised so that big ships can pass. There is a permanent footpath above.

11 The most famous bridge in London is called Tower Bridge because it has got lots of towers it is situated near the Tower of London it goes across the River of Tower

12 Tower Bridge is a draw bridge a suspension bridge

13 The River Thames runs through London. In former times London was an important harbour for all kinds of ships.

14 The River Thames is the famous river that runs through Cambridge Paris London

15 What‘s the name of the river that runs through the capital of the United Kingdom? The Nile The Danube The Thames The Mississippi

16 St. Paul‘s Cathedral was built after the great fire in 1666. There are Whispering and Golden Gallery in it. The architect was Sir Christopher Wren.

17 When was St: Paul‘s Cathedral built? After a great fire After a great earthquake After a great flood

18 Who built St. Paul‘s Cathedral? Sir Elton John Sir Richard Attenborough Sir Christopher Wren

19 London Underground was the first underground railway system in the world. Nowadays it is about 400 km long and there are 11 tube lines.

20 How do Londoners call their underground? The tunnel The tumbler The tube The tub

21 London Underground is the oldest underground raillway system in the world. the most up-to-date underground railway system in the world.

22 The Tower of London was built in the Middle Ages. First it was a castle, then it was a prison, today it is a museum where the Crown Jewels are kept. The guards of the Tower are called Beefeaters.

23 What are the guards of the Tower called? The Beefeaters The Porkeaters The Lambeaters

24 What is the Tower of London today? A prison A museum A castle

25 Oxford Street is a famous shopping mall. It is famous for its trendy shops. You can buy fashionable clothes there.

26 Oxford Street is a well-known street where you can find the London Stock Exchange shopping street where you can find trendy shops.

27 Westminster Abbey is a famous church in London. It is one of the oldest buildings in London. Royal weddings and coronations take place there.

28 What takes place in Westminster Abbey? Coronations and weddings Pop and rock concerts

29 Buckingham Palace is the home of the Queen. It has more than 600 rooms and 400 people work there. The Royal flag flies on top, when the Queen is at home.

30 What is Buckingham Palace? The place, where laws are made A famous museum of modern art The home of the Royal Family

31 The head of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations is Queen Elizabeth II. Her Royal Majesty is married to Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. Her oldest son is Prince Charles, Duke of Wales.

32 Who reigns the United Kingdom? Prince Phillip Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth II

33 That‘s the end! You have done the quiz perfectly!

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