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1 / 17 From Science to Business: The Softwarepark Hagenberg Bruno Buchberger, Founder and Head of Softwarepark Hagenberg

2 / 17 Softnet Conference Today In the center of interest of Softwarepark Hagenberg Welcome !

3 / 17 Facts Philosophy

4 / 17 In the Heart of Europe 25 km to Linz 170 km to Vienna 200 km to Munich 200 km to Prague

5 / 17 How it Started: Castle 1987 RISC 1989 Schloss Hagenberg

6 / 17 Today (2009) Schloss Hagenberg 1989

7 / 17 The Softwarepark in numbers 8research institutes 40companies 15 educational programs students 1.000employees, 400 of which from the region community tax p.a m² office space m²area for settlements 600residences for students in dormitory office building Meierhof

8 / 17 8 Research Institutions RISC - Research Institut for Symbolic Computation FAW - Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing FLLL - Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium Linz-Hagenberg RIPE - Research Institute for Pervasive Computing SCCH - Software Competence Center Hagenberg FH R&D GmbH, Research Center Hagenberg AGEZ - Austrian Grid Development Centre

9 / Educational Programs Johannes Kepler University Linz Computer Science / Technical Mathematics Diploma / PhD (international, english) University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Software / Systems / Media Bachelor / Master ISI – Hagenberg International Studies in Informatics Master for internationals students PhD for international studens Federal High School focus on communication University of Applied Sciences

10 / 17 University of Applied Sciences Campus Hagenberg Software Engineering Biomedical informatics Biomedical Informatics Software Engineering Information Engineering and Management Hardware-Software-Design Mobile Computing Security in Information Systems Embedded Systems Design Security in Information Systems Mediatechnology and Design Communication, Knowledge, Media Interactive Media Communication, Knowledge, Media BachelorMaster Mobile Computing Digital Arts

11 / Companies, pt. 1 Aberger Software GmbH ACF Advanced Computer Feasibility AMS Engineering GmbH APEX gaming technology GmbH Automobiltechnik Blau / MAGNA STEYR Fuel Systems Ges.m.b.H" BECKHOFF Automation GmbH bluesource - mobile solutions gmbh Buchberger Thinking Technologies GmbH CDE Commuications Data Engineering GmbH Diakoniewerk EDV-Werkstätte Hagenberg Mag. Heinrich Enengl ergonis software gmbh F-Line KG FAW Software Engineering GmbH FH OÖ Forschungs- & Entwicklungs GmbH GmbH Gleichmann Electronics Research (Austria) GmbH & Co KG Hagenberg Software GmbH DI (FH) Mario Holzer, Software Engineering Honeder - Bäckerei-Konditorei-Café YELLOW jotas Services GmbH Kreinecker Steuerberatung Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH office building IT-Center

12 / Companies, pt. 2 MESCON Schaumberger & Partner OEG Mistelberger Strada OEG Ninepoint Systems GmbH NEXPERTS GmbH Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH Pentadoc GmbH P und P Sozialforschung Pro-face Europe B.V. Raab Coaching – Strategie- & Vertriebsberatung RISC Software GmbH RK robotic KG Scheimzuber Harald, CAD-Systeme Simulation und Control Software Development GmbH SNS Saturn Networking Solutions Hager & Partner KEG Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH STIWA Fertigungstechnik Sticht GmbH Tiscover AG TISP Aufschließungs- und Betreibergesellschaft mbH ubitronix system solutions gmbh virtec informatik Ges.m.b.H Vorarlberger Verlagsanstalt GmbH Wesely - Visuelle Mediengestaltung WURM & Partner Unternehmensservice GmbH office building IT-Center

13 / 17 Further Expansion up to 2007: ~ 100 Mio. invested as ppp until 2012: further ~ 50 Mio. will be invested: –settlement of companies, research institutes, educational institutions –expansion of RISC –International incubator –seminar centre, hotel, sports facilities –EIT ?? –...

14 / 17 Facts Philosophy

15 / 17 Research Education Business Software Education Economy

16 / 17 Research Education Economy Software Education Economy Expanding Depth and Breadth Six synergies

17 / 17 Innovation Chain: from Basic Research to Business Example: Groebner Bases (BB) From very abstract to very concrete (business). (~ 1000 papers, ~ text books, ~ 3000 citations; implemented in all math software systems like Mathematica)

18 / 17 Abstract Problem (already in a very concrete form) Given: Find:

19 / 17 Application: Algebraic Biology 2007, RISC (S. Petrovic, …) Given: Find: x, y, z …. Probabilities at the nodes of the similarity tree.

20 / 17 Application: Software Reverse Engineering, RISC Given: Program Code Find: Specification Loop Invariants x, y, z …. values of program variables during execution.

21 / 17 Application: Breaking of Cryptographic Code 2003, Paris VI (JC Faugere), HFE Method Given: known input / output text examples Find secret code: … x, y, z …. bits of the secret code.

22 / 17 Application: Algebraic Oil Project, Shell, 2005, RISC 2009 Given: Find: position of valves for optimal flow x, y, z …. positions of valves.

23 / 17 Contact: Tel.: +43 (0)

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