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Why Norton Removal Tool?

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1 Why Norton Removal Tool?

2 Let's us quickly understand what Norton' Removal Tool is and why it is used before jumping to download and reinstall.

3 Continue…. Removal tool is a program which removes the other antivirus software from your computer system like Norton’s Internet Security, Antivirus, 360 and System Works Removal Tool varies on which program you have and the mentioned is meant for those using Norton Security. They can also use the other programs such as Norton’s Antivirus and Internet Security.

4 When you can use this program:
In the above lines, it was still not clear why it unloads the other Norton programs. Well, Removal Tool is created to discard or delete damaged programs or the failed installations. It doesn't have any impact on any other products or the downloads.

5 Continue…. After finding any error, it downloads and run the program to let the reinstallation of the product to complete through Norton Management.

6 How to download and run the Removal Tool:
Save the file to Windows Desktop after downloading the program. For accessing the program double-click on the Norton removal icon on your Windows desktop. Now follow the instructions displayed on screen. And then restart the system.

7 Note: You might have to restart the system several times and have to again follow the steps in order to complete the removal process. Make sure to create a backup those databases before proceeding if you are using ACT! or WinFax.

8 If you are running Removal Tool on Mac-
Go to Applications> Symantec Solutions folder and double click to open Symantec Uninstaller. In Uninstall Symantec Products window select the application which you want to remove. Select uninstall and approve the program to be removed. For that an admin account password is required. Restart the computer after closing all opened windows.

9 Norton Support Canada at 1-844-888-3870 just a call away to resolve your queries
While accessing the antivirus if you are facing any issue then get in touch with our technicians at Norton Customer Support Number for fixing every error. You can also contact us via live chat or . We are available 24/7 at your service.

10 For more info visit our website
Original Source: For more info visit our website THANK YOU!

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