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Rolling Flat Wire Rolling, Profile Wire Rolling, Ultra-Precision (UP) Rolling.

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1 Rolling Flat Wire Rolling, Profile Wire Rolling, Ultra-Precision (UP) Rolling

2 Rolling UP Mill / Ultra-Precision Flat Wire Mill for spring wire
Cold rolling Product tolerance < 0,0005 mm

3 Rolling Flat Wire Rolling Mill with integrated system for thermal treatment of wire Inline Annealing

4 Rolling Cold Rolling: Flat Wire Product Material Application
Flat spring Stainless steel Windshield wiper blades Magnet Wire Copper Winding of transformers, motors, generators PV-Ribbon Interconnection of Solar Cells Zipper Brass Flat wire for zippers

5 Rolling Profile Wire Rolling Mill
Cold forming of high strength materials

6 Rolling Cold Rolling: Profile Wire Product Material Application
Trolley wire Cu-alloys Overhead conductor for electrical trains Banana profile Stainless steel, precious metals Segments for watch wrist bands Filter profiles Stainless steel Use in paper & pulp centrifuges, oil exploration etc. Card Clothing High carbon steels Use in textile manufacturing Other applications: Piston ring profiles, general profiles for automotive & electronic industries, window profiles, wire rope profiles, eyeglass frame profiles, zipper Y-profiles, HSS for saw blades etc.

7 Rolling Strip Rolling, Strip Cladding, Cross Sectional Profiles

8 Rolling 4-HI Rolling Mill Cold rolling of strips and billets

9 Rolling Billet Rolling Mill, Roll size 280mm x 500mm Cold rolling

10 Rolling 4-HI Reversing Strip Mill Cold rolling of thin foil

11 Rolling 2-HI Strip Mill, roll size 450mm x 500mm

12 Rolling Cold Rolling: Strip Product Material Application
Shielding Tape Copper Shielding of Signal- and Power cables Bi-metall Cu-alloys with Ag-Ni inlay Bimetallic strip as contact material in electronic industry, for relays, switches etc. Coin Blanks Cu-alloy Gold, Silver Blanks for manufacturing of commemorative coins and precious metal coins Special materials Ni-Compound Basic material for high performance batteries in military applications

13 Rolling Reduction Rolling

14 Rolling Reduction Rolling 6 Station Mill Rolling from Ø 30 to Ø 7
Vmax = 240 m/min Reduction Rolling

15 Rolling Cold Rolling: Reduction Rolling Product Material Application
MI-cable Copper, CrNi steel Heat resistant cables, heating conductor elements Contactmaterial Silver-tin oxyde Contact material in electronic industry, very breakable, not possible to draw. Cold rolling with integrated annealing process FCW flux cored welding wire Low carbon steel tube, filled with flux powder and laser welded Flux cored welding wire for high quality joining applications, e.g. naval/submarine, Pipelines etc. Special materials Titanium Tantalum HSS Titanium bolts in aeronautics, Tantalum capacitors in cellphones, HSS saw blades Overhead conductor / Trolley Wire CuMg, CuAg For high speed trains; conductor for energy transfer and wire for suspension of trolley wire

16 Rolling Highlights: Wide range of different designs and applications available Modular design allows customized solutions Extreme precision by combination of state-of-the-art control systems with high precision mechanical design & manufacturing Hot & cold rolling applications integration of thermal treatment (inline annealing) with various heating technologies High forming speeds, up to 1000 m/min

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