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IST Austria: Institute of Science and Technology

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1 IST Austria: Institute of Science and Technology
Gerald Murauer November 18, 2011

2 The Eight Principles behind IST Austria
(Harari, Kuebler, Markl) 2

3 Starting From Scratch: Trying to Build the Best of All Worlds

4 International Scientific Careers

5 The Spirit of IST Austria
International Institution: Science, scientific support, Kindergarten, schools, etc. Objectives: 1. Performing world-class research Training world-class scientists. Scientific excellence and promise as only hiring criterion: No predefined professorial slots or research topics Centralized admission of PhD students. No internal hierarchies and boundaries: No departments; single, multi-disciplinary PhD program Few scientific support staff: professors supervising students Sharing of space and other resources.

6 A New Institution IST created by Austrian law Campus opening (June) 1st lab building (Oct) 2nd lab building Professors arriving 50 employees in July 2010 200 employees by the end of 2011

7 2011 Research Portfolio 4 research areas seeded: 20 research groups
Evol Bio Comp Sci Cell Bio Neuro Sci 4 research areas seeded: 20 research groups

8 Research Portfolio 2011 2016 -person before area quality before speed Evol Bio Cell Bio Evol Bio Comp Sci Comp Sci Physics Cell Bio Neuro Sci Neuro Sci 6-8 profs Math 4 research areas seeded: 20 research groups 6-8 interacting research areas: research groups

9 IST Austria – Research Clusters
Mathematical and Evolutionary Biology Computerscience Cell Biology - Biophysics Neuroscience

10 Mathematical and Evolutionary Biology
Nick Barton Jon Bollback Sylvia Cremer Caroline Uhler

11 Cell Biology - Biophysics
Tobias Bollenbach Calin Guet Carl-Philipp Heisenberg Harald Janovjak Daria Siekhaus Michael Sixt start: 2012

12 Neuroscience Ryuichi Shigemoto Simon Hippenmeyer Jozsef Csicsvari
start:2013 Simon Hippenmeyer start: 2012 Jozsef Csicsvari Peter Jonas Gasper Tkacik

13 Computer Science Krish Chatterjee Herbert Edelsbrunner Tom Henzinger
Christoph Lampert Chris Wojtan Krzysztof Pietrzak Vladimir Kolmogorov

14 Scientific Service Units
Ekaterina Papusheva Bioimaging Patrick Danowski E-Library Franz Schäfer Computing & IT Matthias Nowak Life Science Facilities Stefan Hipfinger Machine Shops Michael Schunn Pre-Clinical Facility

15 IST Scientists from 31 Nations*
* per September 2011

16 fulltime equivalent (November 1, 2011)
IST Employees 2011 fulltime equivalent (November 1, 2011) Scientists 96.5 Professors 19 Postdocs 36,5 PhD Students 35 Student intern 5 Staff Scientists 1 Scientific Support 36,75 Administration 35 (+4 apprentices) TOTAL 172,25

17 IST Austria Graduate School
Biology, Computer Science, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas Application Deadline: January 15, 2012 Bachelor's or Master's degree required Program language: English Internationally competitive PhD salaries Campus Visit Day: November 26, 2011

18 IST Austria Graduate School
First, unaffiliated phase: Courses; lab rotations; qualifying exam year for MS students; 1-2 years for BS students. Second, affiliated phase: Research; annual progress reviews; PhD thesis years. IST is committed to support scientific careers: Independence of students from projects Thesis committee formed early to accompany student Our students’ success will be our success!

19 The Budget 2007-2016 Public Funding
290 million from Federal Government, thereof 195 million guaranteed (95 million from Federal Government conditioned on third-party funds) 140 million from Lower Austria for construction Science Funding (ERC, FWF, HFSP): until 2011 about 20 million Euro ERC Advanced Grants for Nick Barton, Tom Henzinger, Peter Jonas ERC Starting Grants for Sylvia Cremer, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Jozsef Csicsvari, Michael Sixt Donations: currently 17 million Euro Bertalanffy Foundation: 10 million Voestalpine, Raiffeisen: 2 million each OMV, Mondi: 1 million each Long-term: licensing of Intellectual Property 19

ERC European Research Council FWF Austrian Science Fund DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft EC Framework Program 7 NSF National Science Foundation HFSP Human Frontier Science Program Others TOTAL *Oct. 2011

21 IST Austria Donors Mondi Seminar Center Bertalanffy Foundation
Laboratory Building voestalpine Administration Building Raiffeisen Lecture Hall 21

22 The Campus in 2016/2017

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