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IST Austria: Institute of Science and Technology Gerald Murauer November 18, 2011.

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1 IST Austria: Institute of Science and Technology Gerald Murauer November 18, 2011

2 The Eight Principles behind IST Austria (Harari, Kuebler, Markl)

3 Starting From Scratch: Trying to Build the Best of All Worlds

4 International Scientific Careers

5 The Spirit of IST Austria International Institution: Science, scientific support, Kindergarten, schools, etc. Objectives: 1. Performing world-class research. 2. Training world-class scientists. Scientific excellence and promise as only hiring criterion: No predefined professorial slots or research topics. Centralized admission of PhD students. No internal hierarchies and boundaries: No departments; single, multi-disciplinary PhD program. Few scientific support staff: professors supervising students. Sharing of space and other resources.

6 A New Institution IST created by Austrian law Campus opening (June) 1st lab building (Oct) Professors arriving 50 employees in July employees by the end of nd lab building

7 2011 Cell Bio Evol Bio Comp Sci Neuro Sci Research Portfolio 4 research areas seeded: 20 research groups

8 interacting research areas: research groups 4 research areas seeded: 20 research groups Cell Bio Evol Bio Comp Sci Evol Bio Cell Bio Comp Sci Physics Neuro Sci 6-8 profs Neuro Sci Math Research Portfolio -person before area -quality before speed

9 IST Austria – Research Clusters Computerscience Cell Biology - Biophysics Mathematical and Evolutionary Biology Neuroscience

10 Mathematical and Evolutionary Biology Nick Barton Jon Bollback Sylvia Cremer Caroline Uhler

11 Cell Biology - Biophysics Tobias BollenbachCalin Guet Michael Sixt Carl-Philipp HeisenbergHarald Janovjak Daria Siekhaus start: 2012

12 Neuroscience Jozsef Csicsvari Peter Jonas Gasper Tkacik Simon Hippenmeyer start: 2012 Ryuichi Shigemoto start:2013

13 Computer Science Krish Chatterjee Herbert Edelsbrunner Christoph Lampert Tom Henzinger Chris Wojtan Krzysztof Pietrzak Vladimir Kolmogorov

14 Scientific Service Units Franz Schäfer Computing & IT Ekaterina Papusheva Bioimaging Patrick Danowski E-Library Matthias Nowak Life Science Facilities Stefan Hipfinger Machine Shops Michael Schunn Pre-Clinical Facility

15 IST Scientists from 31 Nations* * per September 2011

16 IST Employees 2011 fulltime equivalent (November 1, 2011) Scientists96.5 Professors19 Postdocs36,5 PhD Students35 Student intern5 Staff Scientists1 Scientific Support36,75 Administration35 (+4 apprentices) TOTAL172,25

17 IST Austria Graduate School Biology, Computer Science, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas Application Deadline: January 15, 2012 Bachelor's or Master's degree required Program language: English Internationally competitive PhD salaries Campus Visit Day: November 26, 2011

18 First, unaffiliated phase: Courses; lab rotations; qualifying exam. 1 year for MS students; 1-2 years for BS students. Second, affiliated phase: Research; annual progress reviews; PhD thesis. 3-4 years. IST is committed to support scientific careers: Independence of students from projects. Thesis committee formed early to accompany student Our students success will be our success! IST Austria Graduate School

19 Public Funding – 290 million from Federal Government, thereof 195 million guaranteed (95 million from Federal Government conditioned on third-party funds) – 140 million from Lower Austria for construction Science Funding (ERC, FWF, HFSP): until 2011 about 20 million Euro – ERC Advanced Grants for Nick Barton, Tom Henzinger, Peter Jonas – ERC Starting Grants for Sylvia Cremer, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Jozsef Csicsvari, Michael Sixt Donations: currently 17 million Euro – Bertalanffy Foundation: 10 million – Voestalpine, Raiffeisen: 2 million each – OMV, Mondi: 1 million each Long-term: licensing of Intellectual Property The Budget

20 Research Grants * FUNDING AGENCYAMOUNT GRANTED ERC European Research Council FWF Austrian Science Fund DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft EC Framework Program NSF National Science Foundation HFSP Human Frontier Science Program Others TOTAL *Oct. 2011

21 IST Austria Donors Bertalanffy Foundation Laboratory Building Raiffeisen Lecture Hall voestalpine Administration Building Mondi Seminar Center

22 The Campus in 2016/2017

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