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The Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz)

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1 The Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz)
One of the 16 Federal States (Bundesländer) in Germany Motto: „Wir machen‘s einfach“ „We simply do it“ (People are known as straight forward)

2 The Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz)
More characteristics: Area: 99, km² Population: 3,997 mio. Capital city: Mainz Five mountainous regions: Westerwald (north) Eifel (west) Hunsrück (middle) Taunus (east) Pfälzerwald (south)

3 Points of interest Biggest cities Longest rivers Highest mountains
Mainz (200,000) Ludwigshafen (164,000) Coblenz (106,000) Trier (105,000) Kaiserslautern (99,000) Rhine Moselle Saar Lahn Nahe Erbeskopf (816m) An den zwei Steinen (766m) Kahlheid (766m) Steingerüttel (757m) Sandkopf (756m)

4 Points of interest „Laacher See“ Geyser of cold water „Loreley“
(lake in a vulcanic crater, 3.3 km²) Geyser of cold water (located in Andernach; the biggest in the world) „Loreley“ (narrowest part of Rhine river & venue of rock festivals) „Deutsches Eck“ (monument in Coblenz where the Moselle flows into the Rhine)

5 Most important buildings
Porta Nigra (= the black gate; Trier) Speyerer Dom (Cathedral) Mainzer Dom (Cathedral) Abtei Maria Laach (Benedictine Abbey) Marksburg (Castle near Braubach) Festung Ehrenbreitstein (fortress in Coblenz)

6 Industries & Winegrowing
BASF (Ludwigshafen) Boehringer (Ingelheim) Daimler factory (Wörth) Opel factory (Kaiserslautern) Bitburger beer brewery Gerolsteiner mineral well (Coblenz) The Rhine and the Moselle are areas most famous for winegrowing Four mountains are UNESCO World Heritage Bremmer Calmont (steepest vineyard in Europe)

7 Diez Rhine-Lahn-District Area: 12.41 km² Elevation: 110m
Population: 10,600 31 kms east of Coblenz Between the Westerwald (north) and Taunus (south)

8 Castle Grafenschloss Castle in the historical part of Diez
Located above the mouth of the river Aar into the Lahn river Hosts a regional museum Accommodates a very popular youth hostel

9 Castle Schloss Oranienstein
Near the recreation area Hain (forest) and the historical part of the town Accommodates barracks of the German armed forces Mansion of the Dutch royal family Open to the public as a museum

10 Leisure time activities in Diez
Baggersee (public swimming lake) Oranienbad (public swimming bath) Ice rink Hain (forest) Vorderwald (forest) Playground „Am Wirt“ Playgrounds on the banks of the river Lahn

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