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How to fix “OMCDetect” error while using OverDrive for Windows 8 and 7

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1 How to fix “OMCDetect” error while using OverDrive for Windows 8 and 7

2 The OMCDetect error is usually occurs due to an improper registration of DLL file. This file is one of the important file that OverDrive’s desktop app generally needs to work without any error. One could easily fix this error by the use of below mentioned solutions, both manual and automatic method is given which is quite skilled to get relieve of OMCDetect error and thus help in making OverDrive error free.  

3 Reinstallation of OverDrive for Windows
Many a time it has been seen that, due to some inappropriate installation of OverDrive this type of error may generally take place. In order to verify it, reinstallation process is required. To do this, user need to apply the below given steps carefully.

4 1. User just need to go to the Control Panel:
For Windows 8: User needs to navigate the Start screen and thus type Programs and features and then hit Enter. Windows 7 or Vista: Now he/she thus needs to click on the Start menu and then type Add or remove programs and then hit Enter. 2. From the list of installed application, users just need to uninstall OverDrive for Windows (or OverDrive Media Console).

5 3. After the completion of uninstallation process, he/she thus need to Restart PC.
4. Downloada fresh copy of this application and install OverDrive for Windows again. The above given solution is able to fix this issue, if this error still present then user did not need to worry. They can go with the below given steps. Try to register the OMCDetect.DLL in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows vista This solution may generally contain disabling of UAC (User Account Control) because occasionally UAC settings can hinder with how certain DLL files execute. And it is clear that damaged “OMCDetect.DLL” file doesn’t allow OverDrive for Windows to work properly.

6 To avoid disabling UAC you can skip steps from 1 to 4
1. User need to click on the Start. Then type msconfig and hit Enter. 2. User need to go to the Toolstab for modifying the UAC settings. For Windows 8: Open Start screen, type User Account Control. For Windows 7: Click on the modify UAC Settings, then open. For Windows Vista: Click on the Disable UAC, then Launch. 3. Windows 7 and 8: User thus needs to click and drag down the slider to Never notify and thus click OK. 4. After it, he/she thus need to click on the OK to save UAC setting. 5. Confirm that whether you have a “32-bit” or “64-bit” operating system. Windows Vista or 7: Click on the Start button-> right-click on Computer-> Click Properties. Then you can see it under “System” for your “System type.”

7 Windows 8: Click on the Start->type This PC-> Right-click This PC, then choose Properties. Verify under “System” for your “System type.” User need to open Start screen or Start menu, and type cmd. After that user need to right-click on exe, and then choose Run as administrator to open the command prompt. According to your operating system apply one of the below given commands. User need to type the command as it is given because commands are not case sensitive. For 64-bit systems, type cd C:\Program Files (x86)\OverDrive for Windows. Then hit Enter. For 32-bit systems, type cd C:\Program Files\OverDrive for Windows. Then hit Enter.

8 He/she need to type exe omcdetect.dll, and hit Enter key.
Now, user needs to click on OK in the “RegSvr32″ dialog window. Now, user could exit from the Window, type exit in the command prompt and hit Enter. Again try to opening OverDrive for Windows.

9 User can use OverDrive without any error, if the above mentioned given manual method is difficult to apply for the manual method. For normal user there is an automatic way to get rid of OMCDetect error. If users are unable to apply manual method then they should download  OMCDetect error repair tool. This software will allow you to fix this and any other error without need of doing anything manually; it is packed with lots of features. Through this way one can easily fix any types of Windows DLL and registry issue with ease. So user need to download this professional Windows repair tool and make their PC/laptop error free.

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