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Conjunctions ! Konjunctionen !

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1 Conjunctions ! Konjunctionen !
By Nina & Lani

2 What is a conjunction? Zum Beispiel I want to swim but it is too cold.
A conjunction is a word (or sometimes two) that joins the two main clauses of a sentence. Zum Beispiel I want to swim but it is too cold. In this case ‘but’ is the conjunction. Ich will schwimmen, aber es ist zu kalt.

3 Coordinating Conjunctions
Coordinating conjunctions link two main clauses and don’t change the word order. There are five conjunctions und – and aber – but oder – or sondern – but (on the contrary) denn – for (in the sense of because)

4 Examples Lani will play tennis and Nina will play soccer.
Lani wird tennis spielen und Nina wird Fuβball spielen. I want to swim but it is to cold. Ich will schwimmen, aber es ist zu kalt. We will walk to the shop or we will ride our bikes Wir gehen zu Fuβ zum Geshäft, oder wir fahren mit den Fahrräde. They have not done their homework but they have gone to the movies. Sie haben nicht Hausaufgaben gemacht, sondern sie haben ins Kino gegangen. Kate is not at school for she is sick Kate ist in der Schule nicht, denn sie ist krank.

5 Subordinating Conjunctions
Subordinate conjunctions combine a subordinate clause with the main clause to form a sentence. Subordinate Conjunctions always make the verb go to the end of the sentence. When using subordinating conjunctions with the present perfect tense or modal verbs, the auxiliary verb or the modal verb goes to the end of the sentence, after the other verb. Conjugate verbs as per usual. Zum Beispiel I can‘t come because my car is not working. Ich kann nicht, weil mein Auto kaputt ist. I think that Molly and Milly are very stupid. Ich denke, dass Molly and Milly sehr doof sind. NOTE – Always use a comma immediately before the conjunction.

6 More Subordinating Conjunctions
als – when (use when taking about a single action in the past. wenn – when (use with present tense, referring to future tense) als ob – as if bevor - before bis - until da – as, since (in the sense of because) damit – in order to, so that dass - that je...desto – the... the The more I look at the page, the more confused I get. nachdem - after ob – if, whether obwohl - although während - while weil - because

7 Examples Nina wants to the park when she has finished her homework. Nina will zur Grünanlage gehen, wenn sie ihre Hausaufgaben fertiggestellt hat. Although Lani is tired, she is dancing. Lani tanzt, obwohl sie müde ist. I don’t know whether it is raining. Ich weiβ nicht, ob es regnet. Nina is sleeping while Lani is working. Nina schlaft, während Lani arbeitet.

8 Das Ende !

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