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Unit 4 IT Security.

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1 Unit 4 IT Security

2 Security issues that threaten systems
Viruses Virus threatens the system by attaching it self to a file when the file is opened the virus may be able to destroy most of your data in your computer and cause some errors. Virus can be sent by and social network as attachments. Spyware Spyware is a software which threatens another computer by monitoring its activity and getting your personal detail like credit cards and passwords. People can do this by asking for your personal detail. Spyware is a programme that secretly record of what you doing on your computer Spam Spam is a message that is sent to large number of people trough the internet in order to advertise or spread malware Most spam is commercial advertising spam costs the sender very little to send. spams targets individuals and thy are often used by people steeling web addresses and internet mailing lists.

3 Security precautions to protect systems
Viruses There are many ways to protect your self from viruses like downloading an antivirus software which protect you from entering harmful sites, also have your firewall turned on and your internet security set to high with pop up blocker enabled these things can decrease the chances of getting a virus.. It is always good to have your data backed up just in case some of your important data were to be lost…. Spyware A way to protect your self from spyware is by using an anti spyware software and making sure your fire wall is working properly. Also to prevent getting spyware into your computer check before you click don’t click on fake advertisements and scams also always read the licence agreements when installing something into your pc and make sure there's not any ticked boxes for changing your browser or downloading a software you don’t know with it Spam In order to prevent spam an spam filter can be used and also just not clicking on anything in the spam folder in your could be helpful too don’t click on commercial advertisements online

4 How to protect yourself
Firewalls Fire wall is like a filter it checks all data that’s coming out and in to your computer which helps it stop any malicious software's or sites getting into your computer system. Firewall is a part of the computer system and every computer has it . It can be turned on and of, it is very useful it filters everything you do online every web page you click on and every downloads also everything that comes in to your pc and out of your pc Passwords When choosing a password a person should use a complicated password so it would be harder for an attacker to get your personal details a secure password should contain letters numbers and symbols which makes it harder to gain access into an account Securing hardware Securing hardware is very important this is because it adds additional layer of security to your computer and specially data that are stored on your computer. Securing your hardware also gives you more confidence of how secure your pc is and makes you feel safe when visiting certain sites

5 Backing up data Why back up data? How to securely back up data
Backing up data is important if there's a lot of important data on your system they should be backed up just in case because you may not always be safe online and there are lot of threats out there that can corrupt your systems data and make your pc useless. Backing up data also costs you less money and provides greater security. How to securely back up data When having important files on your computer they should be backed up in order to make sure they wont be lost this can be done by getting a copy of pc data onto an external hard drive or cloud which is worth it as you will always have the data and never loose them.

6 Being Safe online How can we be safe online?
We can be safe online by using lot of different types of software's which protect against viruses malware spyware adware phishing and protect against lot of other threats….. Further more if you want to stay safe online in school you should not give your password or any personal details of your account to anyone this decreases the chances of someone else getting into your account. If someone ever got into your account and changed your password you can easily get it recovered by going to the school technician he will change your password into a simple one like “1234” and you will be able to change it later into more complex password. Recovering Data If you ever loose data you can get it back recovered by going to the technician and he will do find the backed up data for your work on your account and recover all your lost Data or the most recent work that you need.

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