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The Challenges of Customer Service Part 2

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1 The Challenges of Customer Service Part 2
St Michael Catholic High School TFJ 4C

2 Brainstorm Without using names – Jot note What did the staff do that
3 difficult customers you have encountered OR 3 customers you have witnessed who have been difficult What did the staff do that Helped the situation? (name two things) Hurt the situation? (name two things) In your opinion, what would have helped to bring about a resolution with this difficult customer? List two strategies that you would use.

3 Barriers to Excellence
1. Laziness 2. Poor communication skills 3. Poor time management 4.Attitude 5. Moodiness 6. Lack of adequate training 7. Inability to handle stress 8. Insufficient authority 9. Serving customers on autopilot 10. Inadequate staffing.

4 Powers of Perception Perception: is the way that we see something based on our experience. Formed over time and based on how we have been treated, our values, priorities, prejudices, and sensitivity to others. Not necessarily based on rational ideas and may be influenced by momentary frustration and anger. Customers may not recall every detail, but they will retain an overall feeling about it.

5 Dealing with perceptions
try to deal with the customer as an individual Respect their time, circumstances, and priorities convey to the customer your appreciation Ask the customer if there is anything else ask the customer how you are doing Remember: you may not be able to erase customer’s negative perceptions, but you can demonstrate, through your actions, that their perceptions are not accurate.

6 Understanding Expectations:
Expectations are our personal vision of the result that will come from our experience. Influences: Can be positive or negative Expectations can be based on customer perceptions (you have one bad meal at a restaurant = bad perception)

7 Team Time List five expectation that you have of St. Michael Catholic high school Arrange them from most important to least important Share

8 Levels of Expectations
Primary Expectations: are the customers’ most basic requirements of an interaction. When dining at a restaurant, our primary expectations are to satisfy our hunger, to let someone else do the cooking, and to pay a reasonable price. Secondary Expectations: are expectations based on our previous experiences that are enhancements to our primary expectations. When dining, our secondary expectations are to have good service, to be treated with courtesy, and to receive good tasty food.

9 Exceeding Expectations
1. Become familiar with your customers (likes and dislikes) 2. Ask your customers what their expectations are. A sincere question may generate ideas. 3. Tell your customers what they can expect. Convey your commitment to them. 4. Live up to their expectations 5. Maintain consistency 6. Communicate with customers using the method they want to use (face to face, , phone, facebook, etc)

10 Key to Credibility Credibility is made up of the combination of our current knowledge, reputation, and professionalism. Credibility encourages trust! If we are working with our customers, they must trust us. Credibility determines success!

11 8 Tips for cultivating credibility
1. Practice Consistency 2. Keep your word 3. Develop your expertise 4. Become a teammate with your co-workers 5.Show your dedication to customers 6.Treat all of your customers and coworkers with the same high level of respect. 7. Apologize if you are wrong 8. remember that credibility is much harder to gain than it is to keep.

12 Importance of Values Values: A combination of our beliefs, perceptions, and ideas about the appropriate response to a situation. Individual Values are very personal - but you have to recognize that you are representing the organization/ company/ restaurant Your behaviours and philosophies illustrate the company and the person you are.

13 Ethics in Customer Service
Ethics: A set of principles that govern the conduct of an individual or a group. In an ethically challenging situation, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Is it legal 2. Is it fair? 3. How do you feel about it? 4. Would the court of public opinion find in my behaviour incorrect? 5. Am I fearful of what those I trust would say about my actions?

14 QUIZ 1. Laziness, poor communication skills, moodiness, inability to handle stress, and inadequate staff are all enhancements to customer service. T or F 2. The way we see something based on our experience is our perception. T or F 3. Expectations are always negative. T or F 4. Expectations are always based on our perceptions. T or F 5. The reputation of a company really is not important to perspective customers. T or F 6. Our personal credibility can be the one characteristic that determines our success as people and as customer service providers. T or F 7. Once credibility is lost, it is easy to regain. T or F 8. Ethics are a set of principles that govern the conduct of an individual or group. T or F 9. It is always popular to do the right thing and to have high ethical standards. T or F

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