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VCC3 Proposal Organisation of the tasks Sophie David, Jean-Luc Minel 28 th -29 th August 2012, Dublin.

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1 VCC3 Proposal Organisation of the tasks Sophie David, Jean-Luc Minel 28 th -29 th August 2012, Dublin

2 Plan of the presentation Some remaining problems after Utrecht Proposal –Positive motivations –Tasks Discussion

3 Some remaining problems after Utrecht: Curation This task covers both a task concerning curation and another possible task concerning long-term preservation. No reference to disciplinary dimensions (the curation process for archaeology and literature is not very likely the same one)

4 Some remaining problems after Utrecht: Digital repository support In our current description, it is linked to the curation task (including long-term preservation aspects). It is rather difficult to understand why it is a specific task: not a broad perimeter compared to other tasks. It is also strongly linked to VCC1. More specifications are required.

5 Some remaining problems after Utrecht: Enrich digital scholar contents The description only mentions enrichment through metadata from scientific lists of reference, which is too restrictive. Enrichment can consist of: –linking primary sources to publications –linking a reference in a footnote to the publication –adding metadata –adding categorical information –adding lemmatisation information –adding information through annotation systems (including collaborative ones) –etc.

6 Some remaining problems after Utrecht: In a nutshell… The general picture of the VCC3: not sufficiently clear. The description and denomination of the tasks are still too heterogeneous: –Different perimeters (ex.: curation versus digital repository support); –At least, one task is missing: digital publications –Task denominations focus on the types of objects (reference data registries), on the types of digital activities (curation, enrichment), on the type of deliverables (support, guidelines to good practices).

7 Proposal: Positive motivations An organisational mode which takes explicitly the whole research cycle into account 1.Conceptualisation of the research cycle in A&H is explicitly cited and discussed in PP Dariah reports: Unsworth 2000, Palmer 2009 5 activities have been first identified: Searching, Collecting, Reading, Writing, and Collaborating, and then confronted to the processes involved in DH 5 processes have been retained: Search and discovery, Gather, Analyse and experiment, Publish and disseminate, Store and archive

8 Proposal: Positive motivations 2.The beginning of the VCC3 description: The scholarly content management VCC will deal with the various stages of the scholarly content life cycle, from creation, curation, and dissemination, through to the pooling of scholarly digital resources and results for reuse […] 3.Homogeneous task denominations, based on scientific research 4.Easier to add new (sub)tasks 5.Easier for DH actors to understand an organisational mode based on the research cycle.

9 Proposal: General points The VCC3 could comprise 6 tasks: 1.Coordination and Management 2.Best practices and open access 3.Digitization ?? (cf. ~ gather) 4.Analysis and experimentation (cf. analyse and experiment) 5.Publishing and dissemination (cf. publish and disseminate) 6.Storage and long-term preservation (cf. store and archive)

10 Discussion To take the research cycle into account for the organisation of the work To agree on the list of the tasks, the name of the tasks, the possible subtasks For each task, to specify: –Responsibilities Description –Stakeholders Organisation of the working group(s) –List of deliverables/services (inventory, reference documentation, guidelines, helpdesk(s), others?) To specify our strategic targets To specify how tools, platforms, and services are Dariah- compatible and/or labelled by Dariah and/or validated by the VCC1: –Single-sign-on compatible. Be open source coded. Have standardized and interoperable formats. Others? For the first year, for the following years…

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