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1 People join brands and leave managers CIPD Research Insight – Employer branding, 2008 Classified - Internal use.

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1 1 People join brands and leave managers CIPD Research Insight – Employer branding, 2008 Classified - Internal use

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6 Non-alcoholic beverages Belgium: 15 brands Global: +500 brands Global: +500 Classified - Internal use

7 Coca-Cola Services (The Coca-Cola Company) Owner of the brands Responsible for marketing and production and selling of concentrate Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium and Soutirages Luxembourgeois Most important bottler worldwide of TCCC brands Produces, distributes and sells beverages Coca-Cola = company + bottlers Classified - Internal use

8 Adding value to the Belgian economy since 1927 Classified - Internal use

9 Important local employer Classified - Internal use

10 2020 Vision: be a great place to work Classified - Internal use

11 11 AttractMotivateRetainDevelopPerform Employer Brand European selection tools Career development toolkit Induction / on-boarding Development planning CCU Great Place to Work Critical Roles Reward Flexible benefits Performance Management People Development Forums Total Reward

12 Mainstreamed in our Coca-Cola Belux System Story Overarching storylineKey-Messages Our companies seek to achieve consistent profitable growthTurnover growth Profit growth By offering in the most efficient and effective economic way Transformations International collaboration Within the market of non-alcoholic beveragesActive segments Better for you a profitable portfolio of strong brands of the highest qualityMore than just Coca-Cola Innovative in everything we do Quality above all else That fit within a healthy lifestyleModeration and variation Self-regulating and responsible communication and information Exercise is fun Better for the planet Produced in an environmentally-conscious way Water stewardship: no water, no business Packaging: not waste but valuable resource Climate: grow the business, not the carbon Better for society And via strong, local anchorage Local employment Local Investments Through local partnerships Classified - Internal use

13 Local innovation by Belgian marketeers Classified - Internal use



16 Local investment 16Classified - Internal use

17 Grow the business, not the carbon Classified - Internal use


19 …not to forget: $ Classified - Internal use

20 Moving forward: Employer of Choice Define what it is like to work @ TCCC Articulate this externally Live it internally Become an Employer of Choice 20Classified - Internal use

21 Internal Research – The Reality Happy, motivated and passionate people Unique, optimistic and inspiring culture Flexible to my individual needs Intelligent, talented and high-performing people Innovative Proud (but need support for elevator conversations) Inconsistent people manager experience Scope for more structured career development Challenging franchise operating system Classified - Internal use21

22 External Research – The Perception Brand Coca-Cola is the ultimate attraction tool Perceptions of the employer brand are based on a candidate relationship with the consumer brand Need for more proactive dialogue with external talent Assumption that there is a lack of local autonomy Lack of NPD or innovation Requires more proactive CSR communications A job at Coca-Cola is a platform to greater things Ultimately perceived as an Employer of Choice Classified - Internal use22

23 Research: Perception v Reality Classified - Internal use23 Innovative Autonomy Flexibility Career Reputation Communication Employees Potential hires Head-hunters

24 Whats your secret formula? Passion is a differentiating factor, which is at the heart of our brands and our people. It is an individuals ability to translate their passion into action which defines success at TCCC Rationale Passion = Action Core idea So our Employer Value Proposition needs to make this compelling as both an attraction and a filtering (opt out) mechanism


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28 Classified - Internal use

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