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1 Universität Leipzig A Tradition of Crossing Boundaries Person..... Date..... Photos:/Art Design © Universität Leipzig.

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1 1 Universität Leipzig A Tradition of Crossing Boundaries Person..... Date..... Photos:/Art Design © Universität Leipzig

2 2 Campus on Augustusplatz at the start of the 20th century and the 21st Leipzig something new is evolving which at the same time clearly brings our own history to mind. (Prof. Dr. Frank Zöllner) A Tradition of Crossing Boundaries

3 3 The second oldest 1409: founding of Universität Leipzig by masters graduates and professors from Prague 600th anniversary year in 2009 with more than 30 events

4 4 The University today Study Classic complete university, 150 courses from African Studies to Zoology Course reform: change to bachelor/master Research six profile-enhancing research areas successful in the national and regional Excellence Initiative (BuildMoNa, LIFE) Campus Campus at Augustusplatz redesigned

5 5 Faculties Faculty of Theology Faculty of Law Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies Faculty of Philology Faculty of Education Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy Faculty of Economics and Management (incl. Civil engineering) Faculty of Sports Science Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology Faculty of Physics and Earth Science Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

6 6 Students, Finance, Personnel Students in the 2009/10 winter semester 28,333 students, of whom ten percent were from abroad Finances 2009 Higher education: 218,871 T Faculty of Medicine: 50,740 T External Funds: 98,615.7 T Personnel 2009 2,031 budget headings in higher education, of which 347 are lecturers 648 jobs in the Faculty of Medicine

7 7 Encouraging research – Six profile-enhancing research areas From Molecules and Nano-Objects to Multifunctional Materials and Processes Mathematics and its Applications in the Natural Sciences Molecular and Cellular Communication: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Biomedicine in Therapy and Diagnostics Brain, Cognition and Language Contested Orders Environmental Changes and Diseases

8 8 Regional cooperation in research Universität Leipzig Affiliated institutes Institutes of the Fraunhofer Society Max-Planck Institutes Leibniz Institutes Non-university research institutes

9 9 International – open to the whole world 2,800 international students (10%) from 131 countries 23 international courses 320 ERASMUS partners 80 agreements at university and faculty level worldwide Student mobility: 3rd place worldwide in ERASMUS outgoings in contact with 2,000 international alumni from more than 110 countries

10 10 Central facilities Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine Career Center Centre for Didactics in Higher Education German Literary Institute Leipzig Kustodie Research Academy Leipzig Language Centre Saxony Preparatory Courses Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine Leipzig University Archive University Library Leipzig University of Music University Computer Centre Centre for University Sport Centre for Advanced Study Centre for Teacher Training and Research into Schools Centre for Media and Communication

11 11 A university in the heart of the city City CentreLocations in Leipzig Sports City Centre, Economics and Management Medicine/ Natural Sciences Veterinary Medicine

12 12 Significant alumni from Universität Leipzig Wundt – Heisenberg – Ostwald – Hertz – Litt – Leibniz – Müntzer – Lessing – Goethe – Wagner – Nietzsche – Kästner... Today more than 150,000 alumni from Universität Leipzig live all over the world, including: Hans-Dietrich Genscher, 1946-1949, studied Law Angela Merkel, 1973-1978, studied Physics Maybrit Illner, 1984-1988, studied Journalism,1872,1021622,00.html

13 13 The University is one of the oldest of Leipzigs cultural institutions. The cultural life of the University is closely linked with the University Choir (founded 1926) and the Leipzig University Orchestra (founded 2003). Culture, Museums and Collections There are valuable exhibits by world-famous artists in the more than twenty University museums and collections.

14 14 Trading centre since 1165 – the mother of all trade fairs New potential in the automotive and supply industry, biotechnology, and media and life sciences Leipzig is the cradle of the 1989 Peaceful Revolution Diverse cultural and student life: 40,000 students among 500,000 inhabitants Very reasonable accommodation and good quality of life A flavour of Leipzig

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