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IWC Red Sea Event 2004.

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1 IWC Red Sea Event 2004

2 The reception in Zurich at the airport.

3 A SWISS-VIP-Charter will bring us to Hurghada.

4 Georges Kern at the press conference.

5 Francine Cousteau at the press conference

6 Introduction of the Crew bei at the press conference.

7 Prof. Jean Jaubert at the press conference

8 Pius Brida of IWC at the press conference.

9 Pius Brida explains Christian Pfeifer-Belli the new watches.

10 A close look at the watches.

11 Colleagues from Italy take a look at the new Aquatimer watches.

12 Georges Kern and Gisbert Brunner.

13 Georges Kern, Francine Cousteau and Prof. Jean Jaubert.

14 Francine Cousteau and Roland Ott from IWC.

15 Prof. Jean Jaubert

16 Departure with the rubber dinghy to the Alcyone.

17 Arrival of the colleagues at the Alcyone.

18 Visit of the Alcyone after the press conference.

19 The conning tower of the Alcyone.

20 Captain Patrice Quesnel explains „his“ ship.

21 Into the communication room of the Alcyone.

22 Gisbert Brunner, Captain Patrice Quesnel, Alexander Linz and Gerd Clausen on board of the Alcyone.

23 The cocktail before the dinner in the hotel

24 Departure for diving. On the left the ship for the divers, on the right the one for snorklers.

25 Peter Braun and one of the diving guides of Euro Divers.

26 Georges Kern at his first introducting diving.

27 Claude Wesley (left) and Roch Pescadere (right) with a colleague.

28 Happy atmosphere during the diving trip

29 The diving ships.

30 Arrival of the Cousteau divers at the diving boat of Euro Divers close to the „Panorama reef“.

31 The Alcyone drives besides us to the Panorama reef.

32 AL, the moderator of the German Forum, testing a new AT at the „Panorama reef“ in the Red Sea.

33 Diving with the new Aquatimer from IWC, what could be better?

34 Georges Kern and Francine Cousteau at the farewell event.

35 Roberto Rinaldi, the underwater photographer from the expedition to the Red Sea.

36 Pius Brida answers questions of the colleagues.

37 Georges Kern presents Francine Cousteau a limitied Aquatimer.

38 An evening together with our hosts in a traditional Egyptain atmosphere

39 The Egyptain show was impressive…

40 The show was perfect, the applause was more than justified…

41 Goodbye, see you soon at the Red Sea...

42 Texts A.Linz Pictures IWC A.Linz Graphic T.Pecha

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