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Oceanographer, Environmentalist, Director, Photographer.

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1 Oceanographer, Environmentalist, Director, Photographer

2 Life (1910 – 1997) Born in France, near Bordeaux in 1910, died in 1997 in Paris. As a kid, he was in poor health. He was very interested in mechanics.

3 School and Career He was a good student in a primary school, but not later on. His father sent him to a boarding school and then to a naval academy. He was an officer and the leader of a group for sea research.

4 School and Career At the age of 25, he had a car crash in which his both arms were injured. A doctor recommended him swimming as a therapy. He went to the Mediterannean and he borrowed a diving mask from a friend. So, he has seen the underwater world for the first time through a mask and he fallen in love with it.

5 War ages During World War II he served as an officer, but he also found time to deal with film and diving. In 1943, he designed the "water lungs “, diving equipment with which he could easily dive in up to 60 m.

6 And action... In addition to the diving equipment, Cousteau also designed an underwater camera and a film camera with which he could make his movies undisturbed.

7 Calypso In 1950 the Irish millionaire Guinness bought the ship Calypso and sold it to Cousteau for a frank per year. Calypso was equiped with the latest technology of its time. The boat had a large glass surface 3 m under water.

8 Calypso There was a helicopter and two submarines on the ship.

9 His research He was researching the underwater world for almost 60 years. Thanks to him, we have seen the underwater for the first time. He went where no man has gone before.

10 His research the Atlantic Ocean, the Red Sea, New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean, the ship wrecks in the Caribbean, the Amazon river

11 His research the Polar regions We got the first pictures of the polar ice below the water level thanks to him.

12 His research The Danube river Lake Baikal

13 His research The Mariana Trench in 1960

14 His research And many more... Always with his red cap.

15 Cousteau's Films He took over 120 documentaries from 1943 to his death. For the film ¨ The Silent World ¨, he won the Oscar in 1957.

16 Cousteau's legacy “Cousteau society for the protection of the oceans” since 1974 He is still popular and known today as well as an endless inspiration...

17 At the end... Ilets Pigeon (small islands) in Guadaloupe (the French Caribbean). At the depth of 15 m, he is waiting for us with the international divers’ signal... Cousteau’s family goes his way.

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