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壺算 (Water crock bargaining)

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2 壺算 (Water crock bargaining)

3 In this world there are 2 types of shoppers, there are good shoppers and some that are not. The main story begins.

4 Konchiwa! Is Tome san home? Konchiwa.
Who’s there? Oh! It’s you. What do you need? Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could come shopping with me. Shopping?... What are you buying?

5 Water crock – single size (10 gallons or 50 litters)
Water crock– double size (20 gallons or 100 litters)

6 I’m buying a new water crock, but my wife tells me I’m too dull to go alone. That I would buy something and forget to get change back.

7 So, she says I should ask you to go with me.
She says Tome san has a shrew personality and it would be wise to go shopping with him.. Can you go with me?

8 So your wife told you that I have what kind of personality?
She says I have a dull personality so I should go with you, because you have a shrew personality… and…. Well, she did tell me… that I shouldn’t say this in front of you…

9 I’m not going to get mad with everything you say to me…
I’m not going to get mad with everything you say to me…. And what type of water crock are you thinking about buying? Single size? or Double size? We been using a single size and it was a bit small so, I’m thinking of getting the double size this time.

10 Oh! I see.. since I’m free right now I’ll go with you.
Before we go, I need you to promise me one thing. When we go to the store I’m doing all the talking.

11 Just stand on the side.. promise me that and I’ll go with you…. Okay….
You see the stick over there? What are you going to do with the stick?

12 If we bring that with us it becomes a way to ask for a discount.
Today I’m going to show you how the shopping king works. I can’t go with you all the time…. Oh! So many stores.. I think we’ll go to this store.. Konchiwa!

13 Welcome to our store! And what are we looking for today?
Can we see your water crocks? Sure, it will be this way. The one in front is the single size and the ones in the back are the double size.

14 Oh. there are so many of them, in good condition…. And the single size
Oh! there are so many of them, in good condition…. And the single size? How much are they? You are clever to chose our store so the single size will be 3yen and 50sen.. not a sen more or less.

15 If I just randomly picked this store and if I was not that clever, how much would this crock be?
….. 3 yen 50 sen….

16 So the price doesn’t change… I don’t think it’s too pricey.. but..
well, I’ll let you know the real reason why I’m here… I’m here today because we’re buying a water crock for him.

17 I came with him because I’m the shopping king, and I know that 3 yen 50 sen is not that pricey but between you and me.. what do you say about knocking the 50 sen off?

18 I see.. Well we don’t make good profit off of the water crocks so I would say the price would still be set at 3 yen 50 sen.

19 Well, I do see where you’re coming from but
since we’ll come here for future purchases and we won’t go to any other stores what do you say about making it 3 yen?

20 I am pleased that you will be coming to us in the future
I am pleased that you will be coming to us in the future. Thank you very much…but the price will be at 3 yen 50 sen.

21 Fine.. well, how about this?
We’re not asking you to deliver the water crock to his house. We’ll carry it home… So can you take off the delivery fee of the 50 sen and make it 3 yen?

22 Oh my. You come up with the most interesting ideas
Oh my! You come up with the most interesting ideas. I see… and if that’s what the case is… it’ll be 3 yen 50 sen.

23 You are one hard headed guy. I’ll make you a deal.
I have friends, LOTS of friends and I’ll go to their houses and break all the water crocks. I’ll bring all those friends with me here and make them buy your water crocks…. So make it 3 yen.

24 I see, if you’re going that far, it’s my loss… I’ll make this water crock 3 yen, and I hope to see you in the near future.

25 Thank you much… Hey, go ahead and pay the guy…
What? You want a double size and not a single size? It’s okay. Remember! I told you not to say a word…No problems here… just pay the guy will you? …. We’ll take the water crock home ourselves can you tie it on the stick over there?

26 As you wish…. Kamedon. Kamedon
As you wish…. Kamedon! Kamedon!... Can you tie this water crock to that stick over there and make sure it’s on there tight so it doesn’t fall… Thank you so much for your purchase and hope to see you soon.

27 They both leave the store…
Tome san, wait a second. You didn’t listen to me at all! The water crock I wanted wasn’t a single size but a double size!

28 It’s okay…. As we carry a single size water crock, it’ll turn into a double size in no time.
Wait… so if the sun shines on the single size water crock, it gets bigger??!!

29 What are you talking about
What are you talking about?.... just turn left over there… and another left… and one more left… and one more left…. Turning left and another left… this takes us back to where we were! Wait, this is the store we just came from!

30 It’s okay, just go inside the store… Hey store owner!
Welcome to our store!... Oh! you’re the customer that was just here… did you forget something?’

31 No, we didn’t forget anything… Would you listen to my story, it’s a real stupid story…
This brainless guy here was mumbling to himself, that he didn’t want a single size water crock but a double size.. so we came back here as soon as we could.

32 Oh. I see, every one makes mistakes
Oh.. I see, every one makes mistakes.. Please come here and take a look at the double size water crocks. They are all lined up here. Sorry about that… and the double size.. how much would they be?

33 These are double in size, so the price would be double as well
These are double in size, so the price would be double as well. So the single sizes are 3 yen 50 sen, the double size would be 7 yen….’ We just paid 3 yen for the single size.. so double would be 6 yen….and 6 yen and 7 yen would make a 1 yen difference…..

34 Sir! You have a very deceitful way of shopping!
We didn’t mean it in a bad way… It just so happened to be like this!... But you just sold us a single size for 3 yen and now asking the double size for 7 yen. Don’t you feel bad?.. It should be okay to purchase the double size for 6 yen?

35 You amaze me! I lost this battle!
Yes, so 6 yen would be okay for the double size water crock.. But next time can you send a telegram 2 to 3 days ahead of time so I can be prepared? Yes, 6 yen would be okay for today….

36 About the single size we just bought… this guy’s house isn’t that big
About the single size we just bought… this guy’s house isn’t that big. They don’t need 2 water crocks. So, can you take back the single size crock? Oh! okay that should not be a problem. We just sold it to you so we can take it back.

37 And how much would you be able to take this single size back?
We just sold this one for 3 yen. You’ll take it back for the whole price? Thank you so much for everything. So, we just paid you 3 yen for the single size, right?

38 Yes, I have the money right here! I haven’t put it away yet.
So, you’re taking the single size back for 3 yen, and the 3 yen I just gave you, this would be 6 yen. It’s okay to take the double size crock then, right? Ah! So the 3 yen here and the 3 yen from the single size water crock… yes, you are correct.

39 Anything wrong? No, I was just thinking aloud. Everything should be okay… Kamedon! Kamedon! (The store switches the water crocks) Now! Thank you for your purchase and hope to see you soon.

40 (The two guys leave the store again.)
Oh my! It really happened! The single size turned into a double size! Now is not the time to be celebrating.. hurry up and go before he notices!

41 (The store owner comes running after them)
Excuse me! I’m sorry to ask this but please come back to the store…I don’t think the money has added correctly.

42 You were so slow that the store owner came after us
You were so slow that the store owner came after us! Don’t say a word when we go back! Oh! what’s the matter? I’m sorry but the money did not add up correctly.. But we just paid and everything was finalized!

43 I thought everything was okay but I’m thinking that it wasn’t the correct amount at the end
What are you talking about.. we gave you 3 yen right? Yes, I understand that part. I’ve sold you the double size for 6 yen.. So 3 yen is still missing.

44 But you agreed to take back the single size for 3 yen. Right?
Oh! that’s right! I was only thinking about the money on hand! So the 3 yen from the single size crock and the 3 yen paid… I’m sorry about this, my mistake.. please come again!

45 (The two leave the store again)
Oh my! That store owner is stupid! He’s never going to realize the mistake!! Hurry up before he comes after us again! (The store owner chases after the two guys and asks to come back to the store)

46 What is the problem! Every time we leave the store you chase us saying that the money doesn’t add up.. It feels like your accusing us of stealing money… So, what’s the problem now?!

47 It’s not about the money…
But when I see you guys leaving here happy… Something doesn’t feel right. Okay then, bring the abacus! Oh no! We don’t need an abacus for simple math. I have worked in this store for 18 years…

48 (Kamedon brings an abacus and the store owner starts to calculate.)
I got the abacus. Okay, so we gave you 3 yen before so enter 3 in.. Yes, that part is fine…

49 Since you’re taking back the single size water crock for 3 yen, enter 3 yen…
WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a second!! This part!... This is the part that holds the clue to solve this mystery.

50 You’re taking back the single size for 3 yen right? So, enter 3 yen…
WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a second!! Don’t say anything! Please leave me alone. (Store owner starts to mumble the calculation)

51 Hai. how can I help you. Hibachi. They are lined up over there
Hai!! can I help you? Hibachi? They are lined up over there.. Please take your time to look at them…. Okay, wait a minute… (Store owner goes back to calculating) Hai!! Prices for the Hibachi?

52 They already have prices on them.. please look at the tags…
wait, wait… 3 yen…okay until here… Hai!! What? Give you a discount on the Hibachi?.. No! From here on, this store does not offer any discounts or taking purchases back! And don’t talk to me now..Go to the store next door! They sell the same things as here…

53 Go HOME. Kamedon. Lock up all the doors
Go HOME!... Kamedon! Lock up all the doors!! I can’t do anything until this calculation is figured out!.. (Store owner goes back to calculating)

54 So how much is it going to be??
It becomes 6 yen… but something is bothering me!.. Kamedon! Bring me a bigger abacus! What are you talking about? So what are you going to do?

55 Is there anyway we can settle for this today… can you just take the single size crock home with you?
Like I’ve been saying… we don’t need a single size…

56 I’ll even return the 3 yen to you!

57 The End


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